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April Shoot

Last April Barry took me to the Wheel Of Misfortune somewhere on the outskirts of Las Vegas. His wife Bonnie dropped us off and picked us up. I cannot believe it's been OVER a year now since we did this! Unreal!
This was a mid day April shoot in the desert and the sun was hot, bright and unforgiving. The location is quite AMAZING, I mean just being there walking around and taking it all in is an experience in itself. The sun was blasting my face in the most unflattering way most of the time and it was super windy too that day and my hair was all over the place. But here are a few of the pics.

Photographer Barry Gallegos.


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Nico on :

Love these especially the one on aware!

Tatiana on :

I love the blue color of the letters.

Cindy on :

Oh I love these!! What a fabulous location and with , of course, a fabulous model! Thank you for sharing these. Maybe I will find this place one day and check it out our for myself, but if I never do, at least I got so see some amazing photos of this gem of a location.

Tatiana on : should definitely go there and check it out! It is SO worth it!
Before the place gets demolished (I heard it will but don't take my word for it).
The pics from our Mount Charleston shoot will be up here soon.
Thank You Cindy!!!

Cindy on :

I must go check it out then before it is destroyed! I will have to wait for a cool day know how hot it gets in the Las Vegas summers!

I love our Mt Charleston images. So many favorites of mine...and of course your sweet doggie made the day even more pleasant.

Tatiana on :

I think a good time to go to the Wheel Of Misfortune is either right around sun rise or sun down, the light will be the best there then.

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