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Looked Miserable

So I had a pedi today. The ladies that were working in the nail salon at Boca Park Summerlin, I counted five of them, all looked so miserable that I almost blurted out, "Are you trafficked"?
I mean, is it really that awful to work in a nail salon in Summerlin close to Sambalatte?
You can take latte breaks all day long! I don't think that I am that bad of a client, my feet are pretty nice, I always bring my own nail polish, I usually tip $10 and I don't want to make small talk.
I did enjoy the massage chair I sat in, it did a good job kneading my backside. But seriously those ladies in there need to cheer up a bit. WTF already!

At one of the clubs in Portland I got a brief lesson in sex trafficking, there was even an awareness class in Portland and it was suggested to me that I should attend it but the class happened after I was scheduled to leave and continue down to Vegas so I could not go. I did attend a sex trafficking awareness seminar here in Vegas a few years ago, very interesting. Have I ever seen any sex trafficking at work? No. I'm sure it happens though, I've heard stories. I have seen pimps in the clubs but it's been a while since I saw that. Of course I am very much against sex trafficking and pimping.

This evening I went to my new fave movie theatre, Regal Downtown Summerlin 5.
Super comfortable with king size reclining chairs, you can bring a blanket and take a nap. You can also buy food, desserts and alcoholic beverages there to be enjoyed during the movie. I saw Sicario . It was OK, not bad, good acting.

But I need to sleep now, I am supposed to be up early and look somewhat awake and pretty.
I have a photo shoot scheduled, I'm glad that at least my toes look pretty.


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