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Stars In Bend

So I am working at Stars in Bend, the only strip club in the area. It is way different than the club I tried in Portland, every club is different. So if you go to one club and see something amazing.....or on the other end of the spectrum, something awful - do not think that all clubs are like that. The same goes for dancers of course, if you have one or a few horrible encounters with dancers, do not assume that all of us are like that. I am not anything like THAT for example..... "THAT" being all that negative stuff connected with dancers aka strippers.

What, no croth stomping at Stars?! I was so disappointed when I found that out.....crotch stomping is my specialty. ;-)

I wore my new bra last night, as usual Victoria's Secret. It has a small pink bow in the middle and and some small rhinestones all over the cups.


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