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My visit to Portland has been a failure work wise. The dancing situation here is very complicated but more about that in another entry. I thought for sure that Saturday night would mean work for me but oh no......instead me and Mandy ended up at some Bingo Hall (!!!) with all the other party people aka fogbones of Portland. The bingo game was hosted by a group of white boys that spoke like thugs and thought me and Mandy were very interesting, especially after I sauntered in and offered to swing around one of the pole looking beams in the place for some guaranteed tips. It was a full house in there and Mandy was convinced we would win something for sure and she made me spread out some stuff on the table for luck. But just like the clubs in this town, no luck for us.....and by 1 am I was falling asleep at the table while holding my orange dabber. That bingo game went on forever. Bingo can pay off though, one lady won $400 and another lucky one took home $1000. We only came out of pocket for the game. Yeay!

Although work has been a weird experience here I have fully enjoyed my stay and I am planning on returning for more. Next time I will be prepared about work so it will be better for sure.
I've explored coffee shops......

We had Turkish coffee and delicious food on Stark at a place called Ya Hala.

And I even went to the opening of a night club......

Portland is my kind of place!


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Annette on :

I am sorry work isn't good there....what is work like in Seattle? I love The Walking Dead you should try's the human element that makes it good the zombies are just a nuisance. I watched Johnny Knoxvilles " Bad Grandpa" on Hulu ... I needed to is so bad it's funny. I can't believe you played bingo :-)

Tatiana on :

YES, I was bingoing away my Saturday night with all the other party people in Portland......Mandy forced me.
I am curious about the clubs in Seattle so I might go there and I think I will go back to Portland and give it another try......

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