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Hello From Portland

Hello from a beautiful Portland! I have been kind of busy since I arrived here AND my Mac laptop decided
to quit responding so I have to try to fix that highly annoying issue when I have some time. I don't like writing on here from my phone.....I'm not ignoring the blog but I've been busy plus there is the technical glitch.
Anyhow, the weather is warm and sunny. It rained a bit yesterday but I did bring an umbrella with me so I came prepared, now I have covered the mandatory when traveling weather report.....
I started off today with Chhaya and a walk in the park.

I love the trees here, everything is so lush and healthy.

Then I met up with my friend that I used to work at the Bush Company (in Anchorage) with, she lives here in Portland.....lucky her!

I had a delicious strawberry/rhubarb pie. I think I might need to go back for some more of that tomorrow.

And I am working tonight. Me and Mandy worked at one of the many strip clubs in Portland last night. We might try a different club tonight or go back to the same. Yes, I have pictures (of course) and a description but that will be a whole different entry. ;-)


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Annette on : of my favorites along with blackberries :-) Chhaya looks so happy I know how much it means to have her with you on this adventure!

Tatiana on :

Isn't rhubarb so yummy? :-)
Chhaya is happy when we do something fun.....besides that I thinks she is over traveling.....poor baby.

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