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Me and Chhaya have arrived in Portland, Oregon. It's beautiful here! The bridge over the Columbia river and the river itself.....WOW, gorgeous!

The first thing we did was to locate a park, we ended up at Delta park. The trees were amazing. Sunshine and warm too. I feel lucky and happy.

Then after plenty of confusion I located the motel. I got lost trying to find it. I managed to drive from Kenai to Portland without getting lost or confused, then when finally in Portland I get lost. How funny is that? After I found my new home (in the ghetto, seriously) I hauled my stuff into my room and then headed straight for IKEA.

When I spotted the Swedish flag I almost cried. I miss Sweden! I signed up for an IKEA card and ordered some vegetable balls and got a side order of meatballs for Chhaya.
Some Princess cake too. I'm going back for more tomorrow. And when you sign up for the IKEA card you get all the coffee and tea you want FOR FREE!

Later in the evening I picked up Mandy at the airport, YEAY! I am laying in bed now and I have to say that I am exhausted. I have so many bruises that it looks like I have been in a traffic accident or in a bad fight. Moving is not easy on the body. I need to sleep and tomorrow I will be ready for Portland! I'm excited!


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Annette on :

Is this your new home? I loved going to IKEA in MPLS :-)

Brian on :

That's my home town! Are you moving there?

Tatiana on :

I'm only in Portland for a few days to see this place. Been wanting to for a while so no I'm not actually moving to Portland at this point.

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