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Art Cars

At Burning Man there were several sk art cars driving around. It is basically a very large motor vehicle that looks super cool with all kinds of lights on it, some blast fire, some have disco balls etc etc and most have a loud sound system blasting music. There are usually people dancing on the art cars, or waving at the crowd gathering around the art cars as they make their way around the playa. An art car is basically a mobile club. Here are a few of the art cars that I took pics of.

According to an article in the BRC Weekly (BRC stands for Black Rock City) called "Are you hot enough to get on my art car?" some say that the art cars are in favor of only letting hot girls on for a ride, in playa lingo also known as "sparkle ponies." Therefore ignoring the first of Burning Man's 10 principles, Radical Inclusion. A sparkle pony is a "hot" chick at Burning Man, usually wearing a skimpy outfit paired with platform boots with furry boot covers, according to the latest playa fashion. A lot of sparkle ponies also sport the fake dread extensions. To me that look is something that was kind of cool at EDC when held in LA (when EDC was still good) maybe five years ago but whatever.....Even girls from small towns across the US have the need to be considered cool and hot once in a while you know and they can by becoming a sparkle pony for a week. Since the majority of the art cars are funded, built and operated by men, they also decide who gets to ride on their art car. And many men like girls, preferably nearly naked girls and also girls that are willing to do them favors in exchange for a ride on their cool art car. In the article it says that you basically had to give somebody a bj to be able to get on some art car called the Purple Palace. LOL! Really?!
Did I try to get on an art car? Not at all. It didn't seem that appealing to me. Some of them looked amazing, therefore I took pictures of them but I rather dance somewhere close to a speaker with lots of room to move than in a cramped space. Neither do I have any urges to try to look cool or have to prove to others that I am indeed hot enough to get on some art car or inside any club for that matter. I already know that I am bad ass in every possible way. I do not need or want any guy's nod of approval. As far as bjs go.....I have never in my life used sexual favors to get anything. And not willing to start now. I do not know whether getting on the Purple Palace required giving somebody a bj or not, I am just telling you what's stated in the article. The BRC Weekly is a very entertaining read. And Sarah, the girl I shared camp with wrote an article in the there called "Hypocritical Tits". Yeay!


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Annette on :

OMG ......thank you for continuing to share your Burning Man Experiance!!!!!! Those are cool car's. I have some friend's that have been but they never shared what you have. I have many friend's ......somewhat eclectic. My friend's who have been are what I call my Circus friend's and they are a little wild and crazy. I would be afraid to go with them :-) you make it seem like a wonderful journey.

Tatiana on :

And I still have some more to share.....!
Your friends didn't tell you any interesting things about Burning Man? Or show pics? The "Circus Friends" sound fun! You should go with them, next year!

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