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Conversation with God

While walking around the playa I came across a phone booth where you could talk to God!
Of course I had to try. I didn't expect to hear a voice on the other end after picking up the receiver. God told me to ask him something. He even knew what I was wearing......! Of course! God sees everything after all. A few seconds of silence and then I said, "Thank You for everything God". Then I choked up because I was overwhelmed with emotion and so happy and grateful that I was having that experience. God thanked me too. I went back two days later to tell God the same thing again. And I really, really meant it.

I do talk about being grateful a lot in my blog. Because that is how I feel. I am grateful for my life, most of the time. I know I have it better than many who struggle daily to find food and shelter. Or live under difficult circumstances. Therefore I am grateful for things like the water coming out with a simple turn of a knob, that I have a vehicle, clothes on my back, that I get to eat every day.....and get to do things that enrich my soul. There are so many things to be grateful for! I think it is important to try to make the world a better place if you have the means to do so. To share the good with others. I do not run around and constantly try to make other people's lives better but I do try to do something meaningful and good once in a while. I am a firm believer in altruism.

I was a bit worried upon arrival at Burning Man that I was going to be bored.
What was I going to fill my days with? Well, when you drive through the entrance you get a book, What Where When .

In it there are tons of things to do listed, it says what, where and when and you pick and choose. There are salsa dancing classes, yoga, button making classes, Thai boxing, tea ceremonies, open mic for radical self expression, classes on sexuality, couples work shops, movies playing, authors speaking, vine tastings, Psilocybin discussions, tarot card readings, healings done by shamans and chakra alignments, comedy improv classes..... there are hundreds of different things listed in the book. It's like being in the most AMAZING school you could ever attend, all that stuff at your fingertips!
I did spend hours at night dancing, because I am a DANCETRONAUT (new word I picked up at Burning Man). The art is endless and biking around taking everything in and snapping pictures is a neverending fun task. But I did go to a Terence McKenna movie screening by Ken Adams. I am fascinated with Terence McKenna, such an interesting person that contributed a lot. He is the author of Food of the Gods . You should read about him! He died way too early. I also went to a discussion held by Daniel Pinchbeck, he wrote a couple of books that I have and love, Breaking Open the Head is one, get it and read it! I also went to a tea ceremony. And other stuff.

So no, I was not bored at all. In fact I can't wait to go back for MORE. I want to immerse myself even more next time. The best and most interesting school I have ever attended! I loved these mushrooms! :-)


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Paul on :

What do you conclude from the lack of response from the other side when you talked with God?

Tatiana on :

But God DID respond! We talked.....! He even knew what I was wearing.
Sigh.....I am against organized religion, so much bad stuff comes with that but I am spiritual and right now in my life, I cannot accept that you die and that's it. I believe/think/speculate/hope that you die and then.....something else happens, something GOOD.

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