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I am very very homesick today.....not feeling that great at all. I know that going somewhere on vacation is way different than actually living there because I was complaining and being bored with everyday life when I lived in Stockholm too. That's normal I think, especially when you are in the midst of winter. But NOTHING.....NOTHING is as boring as Kenai. At least for me. I'm sure Kenai is a perfectly fine place for a lot of people but not for me. I'm not going to expand on the Kenai is a boring place topic any more this time around. I am homesick and that's that. I miss my friends and actually DOING stuff because there are plenty of things to do in Stockholm and I also miss walking around in City. I put some new stuff from Sweden in the kitchen window......

What else can I write about? O yeah, I had to get a new passport while I was in Sweden. Therefore I had to get measured.....I was curious to see if I had shrunk since the last time but I I'm the same.

And I was also curios to see what I weighed in actual kilos. There is an old scale at the gym here in Kenai, the kind where you have to move the little weight around to balance it out.....
I don't know how to use that stuff and I don't know what I weigh in pounds I stepped on my brothers scale and it said 61.9 kilos. Now I know.

Well.....I'm going to start my day now. I have a few things on my to do list.


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Mandy on :

Did you gain weight from all that fika? Or maybe not since you were so active. I love those horses.

Tatiana on :

You know.....I'm not sure if I gained any weight or not since I waited about ten days or so to step on that scale.
But I don't think I did. And if I did it wasn't much due to being so active. If anything I can feel myself gaining weight for every day I sit around in Kenai.
When I lived in Sweden I would weigh in between 57 - 60 kilos.....mostly like 58/59. 60 was a lot for me.

Annette on :

I understand....I am always homesick :-( I am putting together a package to send your way. A way to say thank you for my daily dose of a Tatiana :-)

Kay on :

From your entries you seemed happier in Sweden. Why do you choose Kenai? Being homesick is a terrible feeling. I enjoy reading your blog. I hope you can feel better soon.

Tatiana on :

Yes....being homesick feels terrible. Like an ache in the heart and the soul.
Why Kenai? I guess I'm going to have to write about that one of these days......
"I enjoy reading your blog." Thanks Kay!

Mumintrollet on :

When was the last time you went back to Sweden?
I dont remember that you mention in your blog that you've been back even once since 2006.

When I've been away from Sweden it's been for much shorter times , half a year at most but even then when I came back it felt very special for a couple of weeks.
Then it went back to normal.

Ask your Swedish friends to visit you in Kenai , It's special to them.

Tatiana on :

My friends can come and visit anytime they want, they know this. Some of them have kids and a job that does not allow them to travel. Only when they have semester (vacation) and even then Kenai AK is not high up on the vacation list of places they want to travel to. Understandable.
I haven't been home to Sweden prior to this last visit in a long time.
Yes, I am aware of that things are special at first and then things go back to "normal" that's how it is. My normal in Sweden is rather fun though.....because of my family and my friends.

Jeff on :

I agree, Kenai does not seem like the place for you.  I never did hear the story of how you ended up there.  Maybe this will brighten your day. I saw this and it made me think of you…

Tatiana on :

Talk about making a statement with those shoes! Sold out too.

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