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Evening at Imperial Spa

Tatiana woke up around 10 am today. The first couple of hours or so were spent in bed on the phone with family and friends.
Then there was a trip to Whole Foods for some fresh pasta with ricotta cheese, a coffee and a cream cheese pastry.
After that some time spent with Chhaya walking and running in the park. Beautiful outside.
Then Tatiana decided to spend the remaining of her birthday at the spa. At Imperial Spa, a Korean style spa, here in town. Tatiana has been wanting to go for a long time. She even had a 50% off entry fee coupon! Thrifty Tatiana! Tatiana Tornado!!!
So the spa is located a little East of Las Vegas Blv. on Sahara, very interesting part of town indeed.
Tatiana decided to get a 30 minute body scrub. You pay the entry fee, usually $ 20, but half off for Tatiana because she flashed the receptionist.
Included in that......lots of stuff......a warm jacuzzi, hot jacuzzi, cold dip, dry salt sauna, wet salt sauna, herbal steam room, dry sauna, red clay room, red clay ball room, jade room, some boring exercise machines, all the towels and showers you want and lounge areas and Korean tv!
It was absolutely WONDERFUL! Large and clean. There is a women's only area. There were lot's of Russians and Asians there. Lots of different hair styles down there. One lady was giving her bushy VAGINE a good scrubbing in the shower. Some were washing each others backs. Brushing teeth. Sitting in jacuzzis.
Tatiana's body scrub became delayed by hours, the lady that was going to scrub Tatiana became sick, so Tatiana had to wait for CoCo.
Finally it was Tatiana's turn. CoCo was an older, robust Asian lady, dressed in see through matching black bra and panties. She told Tatiana to lay down, naked, on a massage table. Face down. Proceeded to pour a few buckets of warm water over her and started to scrub down Tatiana's body with some rough mittens that she wore on her hands. Tatiana exfoliates her skin on a regular basis but this was a very thorough and intense exfoliation. Military style. And no room for shyness.
CoCo spread apart Tatiana's legs and went to town with those mittens. Covered basically every inch beside a few.......
Face down, face up, turn to both sides. Then CoCo rinsed Tatiana off and soaped her up all over with a pink puff. And then she rubbed Tatiana's soapy body all over with her bare hands, face up. VERY NICE!!!!!
During this, Tatiana's thoughts drifted to her Mom, her close friends, her Mom's dog Widget and apple pie........and that CoCo had full view of Tatiana's everything. Kind of funny.
After this, CoCo undid Tatiana's hair that was tied up in a bun and washed it, conditioned it and gave Tatiana a rough scalp massage. Tatiana felt very alive. A little neck massage. CoCo also washed Tatiana's face.
Then she leaned over Tatiana and asked if it was good. Tatiana looked up at CoCo with a content smile and said, "this was my first time". CoCo smiled motherly, smacked Tatiana on the butt and told her to sit up.
Tatiana felt like one of those young boys that visit a brothel for the first time to lose their virginity.......
Then CoCo smacked Tatiana in the back a few times, told her to rinse of in the shower and wrapped Tatiana in two towels. And told her to come back, but next time for a scrub and a massage. CoCo -what a great lady!
Tatiana went in all the jacuzzis and ventured upstairs in the co ed area, dressed in the spa uniform, pink shorts and a shirt for ladies. She tried all the different rooms. The clay ball room was amazing and so was the red clay room and the jade room. Warm, relaxing, deeply grounding.
Then Tatiana found a scale, she had not weighed herself in a while. 133 lbs. Tatiana thought she was a little heavier, by a few pounds. The scale was probably altered, not by Tatiana though.
This place is great! Tatiana highly recommends it. She even managed to take some pictures, she was sneaking around with her camera like a lurking perv.
This is something that's really good to do, for like a birthday or New Years, it's like getting a fresh start. Purging.
Then Tatiana went home. To Chhaya and warm apple pie with ice cream.

"Pollution of the pool prohibited.
(e.g. urination, blowing nose, spitting etc.)"


Empty salt bucket

Feet buried in warm red clay balls

Happy Tatiana in red clay room


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Wonderhussy on :

This sounds AMAZING!!! I can't believe I've never's literally 5 minutes from my house! I need that exfoliation BADLY.....

Tatiana on :

Just go! It's GREAT! The exfoliation is VERY thorough.....I was raw afterwards.

mandy on :

Nice. I want all that.

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