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The other day Tatiana was saying that she feels like she doesn't have any real friends here in Anchorage. What she meant was that she misses the way she would socialize with her friends in Las Vegas or even in Sweden. In a totally different way. Here she meets up occasionally with one or a couple of girlfriends for lunch, maybe dinner and once in a while a hike or a movie.
In Vegas she would spend hours with her friends, not always necessary doing a whole lot besides spending time together. Talking. Eating. Reading. Walking. Planning a trip, going somewhere. Discussing stuff, even arguing at times. Going out dancing. It was just on a totally different level than here, more in depth.
Here it is nice, very on the surface, nothing too deep. Nobody seems to want to take the initiative to make plans to do stuff. Tatiana is not used to that, whereas.....she feels lonely. Of course, she is happy over the friends she has made here, they are very nice but it is not the level of friendship that she is used to or that she craves. Maybe the friends here are too busy with their lives? Tatiana is missing her friends so much that she cries sometimes.
Friends are the family we choose for ourselves.
Tatiana wonders how much longer she will be in Alaska.......actually she is hoping for not much has been nice, especially in the Summer time, love the never ending daylight, sooooo gorgeous but on many levels Tatiana is over it. You should never say never but Tatiana is thinking not too much longer......

On another note, Tatiana is feeling much better today. And yes, that is her bed and her teddy bears on the pictures. One of those teddies Tatiana had since she was like five years old, his name is MISIU.
The girlier and cuter, the better. Why grow up when you can be young forever?


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