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Tea & Winter Solstice

I started my day with some tea and cookies and Townshend's Tea Company - so yummy and relaxing. It is my time to just slowly start my day, I read, think, plan my day, plot evil stuff (lol), write sometimes and relax.

My plan was to go and pay for some layaway Christmas gifts at Walmart today....Tyler Perry did that and I thought it was such a great idea and wanted to do it as well. Tyler spent about what POTUS gets in his yearly presidential salary. I can't match that amount but thought I would shell out about $150. Well.....guess my surprise when the lady working behind the customer service counter told me that the layaways had to be paid for and picked up by December 10. What? I think that is weird. What if you would want to get your kids some Christmas gifts and wait until about the second week in December, put the stuff on layaway with the intention to pay for and pick it up right in time for Christmas Eve? No, I guess that is not a possibility at Walmart, you have to do it before December 10. Whatever! I was annoyed. Now I am thinking I will give away some food and maybe some well needed items to a couple of homeless people in Portland instead. There are a LOT of homeless in Portland.

Winter Solstice today! And Capricorn season has begun. I am a Capricorn. Best sign in the zodiac..... ;-)


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