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Dark thoughts

Tatiana has not contributed much to her blog lately. She always have much to say, many things on her mind, bursting with opinions but sometimes the mood is not there to write things down.
Lately Tatiana has been feeling somewhat down, thinking about her life, the mistakes she made, the consequences, why she is where she is, where she is going, how to deal with life when it is not going right, just difficult thoughts that are not always the easiest to deal with and process.
So Tatianas inspiration to writing blogs has not really been there.
It's just a little too much right now. Tatiana might pack up and go to Las Vegas for a while. Something she rather not deal with, the packing, the traveling, it is just annoying. But she needs to figure out what to do with her place in Las Vegas, the place that unfortunately is more of a headache than something positive. And then she will need to return to Alaska, because working in the clubs in Vegas seems like a no good solution.
Her town home in Vegas was supposed to be a positive addition to her life but with the housing situation looking very bleak still, this purchase is one of the worst things Tatiana ever did for herself. She was hoping for liberation within reach when she got it, instead it is a prison with no end in sight.
Christmas, birthday and New Years around the corner, these events usually bring out many thoughts and emotions in Tatiana and people in general she suspects.
This year there are too many overwhelming events and feelings taking place, Tatiana doesn't know where to start. She wants to remember all her friends and people that have showed her kindness and animals in need and people in need. But this time she just doesn't know if she can do it.
But tomorrow is a new day, the only way to go is forward - even when it is hard. Life is not waiting. Tatiana must deal with her stuff, no one else will, we all have much to deal with. Hopefully next blog will be a little more cheerful.
Hope you are all doing well. Many hugs, T.


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