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I am very very homesick today.....not feeling that great at all. I know that going somewhere on vacation is way different than actually living there because I was complaining and being bored with everyday life when I lived in Stockholm too. That's normal I think, especially when you are in the midst of winter. But NOTHING.....NOTHING is as boring as Kenai. At least for me. I'm sure Kenai is a perfectly fine place for a lot of people but not for me. I'm not going to expand on the Kenai is a boring place topic any more this time around. I am homesick and that's that. I miss my friends and actually DOING stuff because there are plenty of things to do in Stockholm and I also miss walking around in City. I put some new stuff from Sweden in the kitchen window......

What else can I write about? O yeah, I had to get a new passport while I was in Sweden. Therefore I had to get measured.....I was curious to see if I had shrunk since the last time but I I'm the same.

And I was also curios to see what I weighed in actual kilos. There is an old scale at the gym here in Kenai, the kind where you have to move the little weight around to balance it out.....
I don't know how to use that stuff and I don't know what I weigh in pounds I stepped on my brothers scale and it said 61.9 kilos. Now I know.

Well.....I'm going to start my day now. I have a few things on my to do list.


Today's very important question at Kaladi was whether you prefer blondes or brunettes.....hmmmmm.....I do not have a preference so I put a dollar in each jar. My number one girl is still Rihanna. I met up with Daisee at Kaladi, we sat there and talked for a while, then I did some errands and came home. I worked last night but I forgot my selfie machine (phone) in the car so no pics from last night. By 1 am I was so tired I could barely keep my eyes open, I am still on Stockholm time. By 3 30 am I finally left after asking several times if I could leave already due to me being tired, there were plenty of girls and nobody spending any money when I left, so it's not like I left at a bad time. My other question (to no one in particular, so do not feel obligated to preach a sermon to me like somebody already did a few times.....spare me that, thanks) or should I say thought is.....if dancers are so called independent contractors or self employed like most clubs like to refer us as, meaning we do not get an hourly salary from the club we work at, no form of insurance, no 401k etc etc, then we should be able to arrive to work and leave whenever we want, right? Or are dancers employees? There should be no fines implemented on dancers for "being late" or a NO when we want to leave the club for whatever reason. This is why girls are now suing clubs all over the country and actually winning the lawsuits, not because some judge is feeling sorry for the dancers, simply because the clubs (club owners) are breaking the law. Just a small observation. Girls are talking. I guess they are fed up with being treated as disposable doormats with no rights. And rightfully so.
YAWN.....again, I'm tired. Taking Chhaya out now.

Oh.....and if you want to read a bit more about dancers and whether they are considered employees of a club or independent contractors, I found a recent article. That might shed some light on the constant dilemma.

Summer Time

Ooooooh today we have a beautiful summer time day here. I just got back home from a walk with Chhaya, she is panting because it's hot outside.
I am trying to decide if I should work or not. When it's nice out like it is right now, going into work feels like torture almost......I might go for a run right now and see how I feel about work after that.


As a child I grew up with ABBA, Pippi Långstrump, Bamse, Fem myror är fler än fyra elefanter, Trazan och Banarne, Vi på Saltkråkan, Pojken med guldbyxorna and also Mumintrollen.
I love Pippi, she is my heroine. So on my trip to Sweden I got some Pippi stuff that I will show later but also for the first time some Mumintrollen stuff.....or Mumin like you can also say. Mumintrollen is about a troll family created by Tove Jansson. I remember thinking that Mumintrollen were kind of sad and a bit scary to watch when I was little, there was a character called Mårran and I was scared of her. Besides that Swedish children's TV when I was growing up was great and very pedagogic and educational, I learned a lot from watching Fem myror är fler än fyra elefanter and Pippi Långstrump is a wonderful role model for girls I think. When I arrived to Sweden from Poland as a child I spoke no Swedish and I got teased a lot and from that I became shy and very insecure. I was the only foreign born child in first grade and that was not fun I quickly learned. In second grade we moved from Tumba to Handen and I got to know new friends like Carmen that I am still friends with today. I quickly learned Swedish from reading a lot and in the end I got mostly high grades on everything that had to do with writing and reading Swedish. And later I studies other languages like most kids in Sweden do. School went on and I grew out of being insecure, thank goodness. Now I feel super confident and strong.
Well, here is my Mumin stuff. A tray that I will keep on the kitchen counter so I can put car keys and sun glasses on it. Some postcards, coasters and Mumin on key chains. I think I will attach those to one of my purses.

Pretty Food

I must be bored since this will be my third blog entry of the day. It's impossible to walk through the forest I found out this afternoon due to the large amounts of starving mosquitoes that are waiting to attack. Poor Chhaya had at least 20 attached to her when she came out of the forest, I had a towel with me on our walk and swatted her with it. She loves it when I swat her with the towel and jumps around and acts all crazy. I noticed that they are especially fond of her butt. When I look under her tail there are several of mosquitoes there sucking blood. Again, very GROSS.
This is today's pretty food plate. Salad. It was yummy. I am now full and tired. Don't know if I will make it to work tonight, I am still jetlagged. What should I do instead? Another load of laundry perhaps? The fun life in Kenai is back in full swing. Yeay....! Not.

That is my new table cloth from Sweden with Midsommar motif and a hot plate holder made from juniper wood, also from Sweden that I will use to put candles on because it is too pretty to hide under a pot. And a super cute rock shaped like a heart that Mandy sent me. The fun coincidence here is that I have a rock shaped like a heart that I was going to send her.
She beat me to it.

At The Office

I'm back at the office, Coffee Roasters that is. The two baristas that work here must be two of the prettiest girls in town, I like both of them.
Anyhow, I am still not back to normal. It will take a couple of days to get back into the rhythm of things. But life has slowed down significantly, from going non stop, doing stuff and being around my family and my friends every day, I am now back to solitude and Chhaya. I'm not complaining, I love Chhaya of course. And my house (gorgeous). If it wasn't so complicated to bring dogs into Sweden (the long quarantine and the long time it takes to travel there) I would probably be in Sweden at least three or four months out of the year. It would be good for me and my family, plus I would be able to spend time with people the way I am accustomed to. I could have a lot of "friends" here too, if I liked to socialize by getting drunk, acting stupid, talking shit and being fake. And since that is not who I am, things are the way they are. But at least I have REAL friends, you know the kind that are hard to find. It's easy to rack up acquaintances, having the gift of real friendship is something totally different.
I checked the mail yesterday......besides bills I got something from Mandy. Too bad she lives in Michigan because I think I would enjoy her company. Not only did she send me something really cute, she also spent time drawing on the envelope, full of details. She even drew a dog on it, I'm guessing it's Chhaya. I keep certain things forever and I am going to keep this envelope. Thank You Mandy! ❤
Well, I want to go to the gym and I have to take Chhaya on a long walk today......the mosquitoes are plenty this year. Again. Last year it was so bad the stores were sold out of mosquito repellant and they were talking about the annoying little blood suckers on TV and in the local newspapers, it seems like it's just as bad this year. And I am not exagerrating they swarm you as soon as you step outside. I already got bit a few times since I have been back. And every time Chhaya comes back inside from going out to pee I have to swat her with a towel to get all the blood suckers off her. Gross!

OK......I am getting serious Sweden withdrawals right now, have to fight back the tears.
Jag saknar alla så mycket!!!!


Hi! It's 5 20 am, I have been up for about an hour. I woke up when Chhaya snuggled up body to body with me in bed. Now she is sleeping, letting out the occasional quiet snore. My baby! ❤
I am jetlagged and my bedroom is a mess full of suitcases that need to be emptied with the contents hung up and put away, dirty laundry in piles that need to be washed, the insides from Chhaya's toys that she played with earlier all over the place, empty shopping bags and plastic bags (I put anything liquid and lotion inside a plastic bag when I travel, I have learned from previous spillages and I put all my shoes in plastic bags before I put them inside the suitcase also). This mess will all be taken care of today, the suitcases will be put away, my clothes hung in my closet and I can slowly resume my life here in Kenai. I am kind of hungry, Coffee Roasters opens at 6 am, I don't know if maybe I should get there early today or try to go back to sleep. Work might be on the schedule tonight. I have not worn fake lashes in about three weeks, my real lashes got a break too.
Or maybe I should go downstairs into the kitchen and chop up some veggies and make myself a nice Greek salad for breakfast? I'll talk to ya'll later, until then.....have a nice Friday!

Back In The US

Well.....I'm back in the US now. Not quite in Kenai yet though....I have a four hour long wait for the first airplane to leave to Kenai from until then I'm going to wait here at the airport. Yeay! More like sigh.....but whatever, I can handle it.
Four airplanes total between Stockholm and Kenai....the longest one is the one across the Atlantic and the shortest is across the bay to Kenai......that only takes 20 minutes. I'm very tired, slightly delirious, a bit sad and feel a bit weird too. It's not fun to leave family and friends.....My friend Carmen that took me to the airport asked me where I feel home is, Sweden or the US? And I can't answer that, I'm torn. But I do know that I have to go to Sweden more often.
I made sure I had some reading material for the first flight and Carmen got me some stuff that she knows that I last bite of prinsesstårta for a while. Tack Carmen!

Goodbye Sweden.....until next time! I do love Sweden.

And good morning Alaska!

Evening Fika

I dragged my brother into City for some late evening fika......why sit at home when you can do stuff, right? Went to Gamla Stan (Old Town) and sat down at Kaffekoppen.

My fika.

Then we walked by another cafe and had to stop and get a chokladboll each.

While slowly walking back to the train I took pictures of stuff and myself.

Now I am full and tired, my eyes are closing down.....I think I need a quick shower and then it's bed time!

Rosendals Trädgård

Today I met up with Monika outside NK, we hopped on the tram that took us out to Djurgården where we went to Rosendals Trädgård. Again, Djurgården is absolutely fantastically beautiful, lush green trees and I want to live there. Rosendals Trädgård is a place where you can sit down and really be happy and grateful that you are alive and able to experience a day in paradise that is to be found in the middle of Stockholm. Trädgård means garden and the place is full of flowers, plants and large green lawns where you can stroll around.

But first we needed food. We both had the delicious tomato soup and freshly baked (right there) bread......YUMMMMMMM......really....YUM!

Kardemumma and kanelbullar.

You can eat this, although it looks too pretty to eat - art.

We found a labyrinth.

While we were sitting on a bench under a tree, the cutest squirrel ever came up really close and said HI, probably looking for a treat......

Another book about trolls and other creatures that live in the Nordic forest that I want.

ABBA. I LOVE ABBA! When I was little, I would pretend to be one of the ABBA girls, I know I'm not the only girl growing up in Sweden that would sing along to ABBA songs pretending to be Agnetha or Frida (Anni-Frid).