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Tatiana has a new crush!!!!
She moved her heart flutter away from Ellen DeGeneres to a new crush,
Robert Pattinson, playing Edward in the movie TWILIGHT. Tatiana and some of her very cute coworkers went to the movies this afternoon to see Twilight. It was great!
Tatiana is fascinated with vampires, faeries, pixies, gnomes, mermaids, fawns.......all those mythological creatures. So this was a movie she had been looking forward to see.
But what she didn't expect was how super hot Edward turned out to be! OMG moment,
like totally!!!!
Later on she went to Borders to see if they had all the four books that the movie is based on, and they did, of course. All four books come in a great box set and Tatiana is going to get the set later this week and devour the books and fantasize about Edward. So sexy!!!!
There will be a sequel to Twilight of course, Tatiana hopes that there will be some steamy make out scenes between Edward and Bella (super pretty girl), more skin please! Tatiana needs!!!
Tatiana called her friend Mikey and ordered him to go and see Twilight but warned him, that he too will develop a crush on Edward/Robert and she sees them trying to stalk him in LA in the future.
Ok, that's it for now......time to search for footage of the new crush online........yuuuuuummmmm..........
Btw, completed the Twilight character test online, the result? Tatiana is Bella -
level headed and unselfish, I possess a beauty that shines inside and out.


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