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Hi, it's Tatiana your favorite weather girl reporting on the current climate for today. It is a gorgeous rainy and cold day here in Kenai, Alaska. A perfect day for either going to work, sitting at home watching movies or grabbing a latte somewhere. That is exactly what I am doing, enjoying a latte at Coffee Roasters. And after my latte I am going to the gym. I need some endorphins, the natural way.

Since the weather sucks and works sucks and I am feeling cranky, I should make an appointment with a doctor and get a prescription for some anti depressants.
According to the latest Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, also known as the DSM-5, almost half of the American population could fall into the mentally ill bracket. If you are sad because a loved one dies or have PMS you can consider yourself mentally ill. GREAT, I am officially insane! I get PMS and sometimes I am happy and sad like 20 times a day. Does that make me crazy or does that mean that I am a normal, healthy human being with feelings? The amount of pills that people pop without putting any (it seems) thought behind it is actually scary. They are NUMBING themselves and I think that, if anything is bad. And I think people should be aware of that their prescription drug record might affect employment and the eligibility to buy a gun. You know, nobody wants a person that is classified as "crazy" to own a gun. Right? Not to mention how all those meds will affect a persons mind and body in their future. You know the day when you stop taking them, because those anti depressants are supposed to be temporary in most cases.
But if you are a girl on psych meds you can always become a stripper. The crazier the better! Nobody cares about your mental health in the strip club unless you are absolutely totally off your rocker and scaring off the guys.
Hey, it is OK and NORMAL to feel sad and unmotivated some days. Even many days.
I am sad sometimes. And unmotivated. Do I always jump out of bed with a big smile on my face ready to embrace my day and get a gazillion things done? NO. But that doesn't mean that things would get better and easier if I would poison my body with some kind of medications. And become a zombie. Sure, maybe some individuals are better off on psych meds. I can't speak for them. There are some people out there that need those meds. But it seems like a lot of people are on meds. Are that many people really in need of that anti depressant?
I think this rainy day sucks but I am going to the gym in a while, to exercise because I know that it will make me feel good. Then I have to take Chhaya out and breathe some fresh air. That too will make me feel good.
Some days I don't know what I am going to write about. It is not always easy to come up with a blog. Especially on a rainy day, or when work sucks, or when I have PMS or feel extra cranky. LOL. But I do it anyway, even if not all the entries turn out that great or interesting. It makes me happy that my readers are steadily increasing. Between 1300 - 1500 plus every day now and that in itself is motivation to write something. :-D And to celebrate that I am putting up some Hustler style pics of myself here tomorrow. NOT! I am joking. That is not going to happen. Well, I am off to the gym now.


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