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He wanted to get kicked in the balls

The other day while applying some MAC eyeshadow, in the shade "Vanilla" to be precise, I was also watching America's Got Talent.
A very funny guy named Horse came on. His talent is that he gets kicked in the balls. Or have heavy objects dropped or slammed into his crotch area. While also using all kinds of fun props. I think he is highly entertaining and hope that he gets far in the show, I'd rather see him win than a boring singer. People that sing should go on American Idol or some other singing competition.
Anyhow, watching Horse made me remember when a guy came into the club wanting to get kicked in the balls. You might think that I jumped at the opportunity but I did not. I will gladly kick somebody in the balls if they truly deserve it but to hurt somebody that has not done anything to anger, so I declined. He politely asked every girl in the club, all turned down his request until one finally agreed to do it for $ 100.
So they disappeared into the room where we do dances and came out about 15 minutes later, she $ 100 richer and he a happy man (I assume).
Yes, it takes us about 15 minutes to make $ 100. Sometimes more if we get tipped on top of the $ 100 (three songs about 5 minutes each).
And then there are times when I make $ 100 or more in about 10 minutes, when I go on the stage for two songs. That does not happen every time I go on stage though. But anyways......back to the story.
A while later Mr Balls came up to me again and asked if he could show me something on his phone. Of course! He showed me some videos of him getting kicked in between his legs in various positions, standing up, sitting down, from behind and one where he was holding himself up wheelbarrow style.
He was really into this torture, or in his case pleasure. And that's fine, I am really not judging him. There are worse things you can be into, like pedophilia or zoophilia. I thought all of this was quite entertaining and we all had a good laugh because of Mr Balls.


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Claudia on :

: ) I remember my run in with the guy who paid me to slap him in the face and u were the witness!!! FREAKS!!!! lol

Tatiana on :

Really? I don't remember this.....maybe I am losing my

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