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Tatiana spent all night on an airplane. She gets a little emotional when is sad somehow.
It was a beautiful evening in Anchorage, the sky over the mountains was tinted light pink.

And this is from somewhere over Alaska. Very majestic, Tatiana felt tiny. A small human in such an enormous place.

When Tatiana arrived in Vegas at 9 AM today she felt - HOME.


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John on :

Just back from Dacorah IA. Beautiful part of America (North East IA near the palisades overlooking the Mississippi river). Went to see an Eagles nest with 3 fledgling in the nest. Interesting to watch the parents constant feeding.

You can see them on 24 hr webcam:

Catching up and surprised (to find you now it Las Vegas)!

Bought interests in some new Thoroughbred Race Horses. A mare and her baby by a great stallion, Big Brown. Also a young filly. She will run soon. They will all be taken very good care of with the best attention and care.

And, as always, like your photography even as much as your fine writing. Esp, your "in transit". I too am always a little melancholy when traveling.

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