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Tired today

I am starting to feel the toll of working every night. Tired today but I have a few more nights left before I am going back home to rest......sleeeeep and cuddle with Chhaya, can't wait! Peace and quiet and lots of movie watching, that is the plan.
But for now I have to suck it up and DO IT!!!!
This was me last night. Had a good night.

And here is my drink of choice at work, coffee. Cute mug with a tractor on it. It's either coffee, soda water or juice. Again, people here too, do not get it that I DO NOT want a drink/a beer/a shot. They always try to push alcohol on me, and I can't stand pushy, forceful people. Hello......!
I am old enough to know and decide for myself what I am drinking, so leave me the fuck alone. If you have a problem with me drinking "only" soda water then go and talk to some other girl that is chugging a beer. Bye!

It is an absolutely beautiful day today. Drove to some other town about 30 miles away. Now I am going back to my room for a nap.


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