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The wild wild west

Tatiana is in the wild wild west.
She will not reveal what club yet. She might not do that until she goes back to Alaska in about a week. But then there will be pictures and keep reading.
All she can say is this......she has never been in such a small town before.
The club is......ok. Friendly staff.
But it is totally INSANE !!! When Tatiana saw what the girls do on stage here for tips, her jaw dropped to the floor, literally!
Fortunately you do not have do any of that if you do not want to, otherwise Tatiana would had packed up and left pronto last night.
VERY entertaining to watch and also strange and somewhat sickening.
You can, if you wish, put you private parts totally in people’s faces here when you are on stage. The front part and the back part. Plastered against some dudes face.
Also, you can get your monthly breast exam done on stage here too, multiple times a night, by different "doctors" with an enthusiastic audience watching.
Also, the audience can get their full frontal physical done here too, while sitting by the stage (over the pants but STILL!). Don't forget to cough gentlemen!
Totally crazy. NEVER seen anything like this before. It's a circus freak show.
There are bars hanging from the ceiling so you can dangle naked upside down if you wish.
Tatiana holds a respectful (towards herself) distance and tells people she is "shy" with a coy smile. It works.
Last night was very entertaining. Tatiana did ok. Wasn't too busy but it was FUN!
This will be an interesting week........
Besides that, finding a good place to eat around here will be a challenge. Wireless? Nowhere.
Tatiana is blogging outside the hospital, picking up their wireless.


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Landis on :

This sounds like a club i need to visit!! ;-) Its been too long since my last physical!! lol, I just wanted to say hi.

Tatiana on :

Hi Landis!
Yes, get your physical here! lol.

Mr B on :

And one great pic of silver shoes on the concrete highway. You are a brighter show than Halleys comet!

Bree A on :

Love IT!!!!!!!Story of my life.

Danette B on :


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