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I am writing this 3,000th entry somewhere on the Oregon Coast in a super cool bookstore filled with amazing books and stuff, the WiFi password is Bukowski and I am pretending that I am a world renowned author typing my next big novel.
I will have a lot of pages to print when I am ready to start printing out my blog so I can put it away in a drawer and read it at some point in my life. Right now I feel like I won't renew the blog after next renewal date which falls in August of next year. This is how I feel now, so that is of course subjected to change. I am writing less nowadays by far, I am busy with other things although I still love writing, photography and expressing myself. Perhaps I am done sharing certain things about me and what I life has changed in the last few years and it certainly has changed since I left Alaska and as far as personal relationships fot the much better since Kenai.
But there is almost a year left until August of next I can probably come up with a few more entries until then. Thanks for reading and if you are bored you can always entertain yourself and read the blog from the beginning. 3000 entries to enjoy. You know that you need Tatiana! :-)


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