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Happy Ending

Last night I left for work, running about ten minutes late. We are supposed to be there by 10 pm and I'm usually on time.....but not always. While driving along K-Beach (Kalifornsky Beach Road) when I see two dogs, weaving in and out of traffic......both lanes. The dogs were side by side and would not leave the road. The cars were plenty and all slowed down, I was praying that the dogs wouldn't get hit. When I finally caught up to them, I put my hazard lights on and slowed down. Then I pulled over to the side and got out of my car, hoping that the dogs would get in the car. They did come up to my briefly but then they started running again. So I continued a bit more until I could turn around......I parked the car and called the dogs to me. Then I managed to coax them away from the road into an area where there is cattle and rodeo's in the summer time. Again, I got them to come up to me and tried to get them in my car. The dogs looked tired but were frantic and confused, panting acting nervous but friendly. They drank water out of a large puddle and chewed on a pile of manure, obviously hungry. Then they ran away from me again, I kept calling them while they ran towards K-Beach. Luckily another person stopped and she got out of her car and opened the back of her SUV and the dogs jumped right in. I got on the phone with the police and they said somebody was on their way. I drove up to the lady that had the dogs. I think they were more familiar with jumping into the SUV because it was lower to the ground, my truck is high and they probably didn't understand what to do. We chatted, petted the dogs that dug into some burritos she had from Taco Bell in the car. You could see them relaxing by the minute, they had been so stressed out. The police called me back and asked if I could take the dogs to the animal shelter, we decided that the lady would take them into the shelter since the dogs were in her car already and I continued to work. This morning I got a text from the lady, she informed me that she had tracked down the owners through Facebook, the dogs are show dogs and got loose somehow but they are now safely back home.
I can just imagine Chhaya running down a busy road, scared and confused not knowing what to do. I can just hope that somebody would try to save her from getting hit by a car or injured somehow. I tell her frequently that she always has to stay by the house, in the yard with Mommy and that cars are "ouchie". I'm so glad that the dogs are OK, a happy ending!


So.....if you have been reading my blog for a while you might have noticed that I have been making a couple references to being an anorexic stripper with brittle bones and a meth habit lately. Of course I'm joking! I am obsessed with Breaking Bad, like most people and I think it's like the best show ever. Walter and Jesse are my heroes. But what really sparked the jokes was a comment I got a few weeks ago. I thought it was kind of funny, hence the jokes.
This was the comment, left by a "greg", "Sexy anorrexic rib cage picture. Show me more of that please , sick unhealthy strippers are the best. The older the better, dont fall down you might break a hip. Do guys like touching those ribs? "
I think I figured out where the comment came from. I was at work in Vegas, it was April 1.
I was in a really funny mood and walked up to a group of four guys. The conversation turned into me quickly making up a story (hellooooo it was April 1!) that I was a convicted bank robber and part of my deal with the judge was to do 100 hours of community service in one of the Vegas strip clubs. I said that in Vegas, women have a choice of doing community service in a strip club.....Vegas is Vegas and the town is unique like that. So they thought it was a funny story and one of them seemed really into it and we kept the banter going for a while. They asked if they could read about it somewhere and I told them to google Tatiana Supernova (which they probably did, found the blog and that is where the comment comes in) to read all the details of the bank robberies. Then one of them blurted out something in the lines of that I looked kind of old to be a stripper and snarkily added that he thought I looked like 31. I told him that if he thought I looked old and 31 he should just sit back and wait, the club was full of ladies that looked and actually were 10 -20 years older than me, easily. Then another one in the group, the seemingly more intellectual one, decided that he was going to get a dance and we walked off but instead of doing a dance we talked.
He informed me that I "wasn't it" for his friends. Not look wise but personality wise, because I had opinions and talked back. OK......Let's put a few things straight here. What guys think of me, whether I am "IT" for them, looks or personality, is NONE of my concern. I stopped worrying about trivial little things like that a long time ago. And I advice all women to join me on that, I promise you that your life will become much better! Yes, I am a dancer and I make money based on what I look like, I am fully aware of that fact -thank you very much. But I am who I am at the same time. Playing dumb is something that I never do. I know some women play dumb because they are basically trying to be manipulative in gaining something they want in the end. And good for them, I guess. But I don't have it in me to play dumb, I am aware of that I come off "bitchy" in many insecure men's eyes and I really don't give a shit.
Or how my newly found fellow dancer that I now love, Stella puts it, "Some customers won’t like you. A lot of customers didn’t like me because I don’t play stupid, which equates to being a bitch in their eyes. This is fine."
At work people comment on the way I look all the time. I collect unusual compliments, besides the regular ones like beautiful, gorgeous, pretty, sweet, bitch etc. Bitch is a compliment in my book. My latest addition to the collection is "flawless specimen". As far as my age goes, I get anything from 22 - 35. The last guess was 23 from a man on a business trip to Vegas from China. I'm really in my mid 50's (shhhhh don't tell anyone!) but manage to stay so young looking by indulging in weekly goat milk baths (if it was good enough for Cleopatra it is good enough for Tatiana) and frequent nightingale dropping facials. My Polish genes probably play a part too.
I do have to admit that the next day after that comment was left on my blog, I rushed to a renowned Vegas plastic surgeon and signed up to participate in a new experimental study of some super botox and fillers. They injected my whole face for free......since it's a new study I can't reveal too much about it. My whole face might melt off if things go bad or I might look like 15 again. I'm excited!

Look, the guy who sat in the booth with his friends that night, looking like a very BASIC person, probably had a chip on his shoulders about what his preconceived notions about dancers were......or maybe he just had a bad day or a shitty life in general. I don't know.
I could rip him apart, I'm pretty good at that (insert EVIL laugh here) but let's just stick to BASIC today. It's a new fave word of mine to describe people. BASIC.
I have enough self confidence that I could bottle it up and sell it. Ladies, don't let any guys opinions about you make or break your day!
And as far as my protruding ribcage makes me a TON of $$$! I charge $ 100 each time somebody lays a finger on my precious skinny ribs. Check them out......SEKSI huh?

What else before I go on with my day.....? Oh yeah, my meth habit. OF COURSE I have a meth habit, ALL dancers (strippers) do.....we all know that! Right? Lucky for me Walter didn't really die at the end of Breaking Bad (duh that was just for TV). He set up shop in my basement, so I am doing that blue meth and dating Jesse. Life is good!

At Kaladi

I'm at Kaladi sipping on my latte and writing. I was supposed to meet Marlene for coffee but she didn't show up. WTF Marlene.....I am going to spank you when next time I see you!

I miss life is so much more....full, I guess would be a good way to describe it there. Don't get me wrong, I live in a BEAUTIFUL house in Kenai, I'm surrounded by nature and forest but the weather sucks (most of the time) and this is the most boring and unfulfilling (for me) place I have ever spent a longer stretch of time in. That's how I feel.
Thank goodness I have a house in Vegas also and can escape to civilization when I have to. Here I am with a latte from Sambalatte in my hand, on my way to DO something.....instead of sitting at home (in Kenai) gaining ten lbs doing NOTHING. LOL. Well, "nothing" as in all the stuff that I do.....take care of stuff, like myself, Chhaya, work, my house, go camping, hiking occasionally and bla bla bla.....

So I have discovered a bunch of wonderful blogs about dancing on tumblr. Some are full of cool and beautiful pictures of fellow dancers and everything that attains to stripping and others have great writing and many words of wisdom. I'm addicted and I have to explore them some more! I like's from

One more thing. One of the girls that makes my coffee, actually one of my fave baristas asked me the other day if I'm a dancer. I said yes and we talked a bit about it. She told me she kind of wants to start dancing, She is a very beautiful young girl but too young.....she is only 19.
I personally think you should wait until you are at least 21-23 to start dancing (depending on personal maturity level) although some clubs have girls as young as 18 dancing. I think that's too young, those girls are still children in my opinion and many of them are too vulnerable to anything negative that might come their way. I'm going to go back to the coffee shop tomorrow and we are going to talk some more about it. She doesn't know about my blog, I might not tell her about it but I'm going to show her something that I think all dancers should read, full of great advice and wisdom and I agree with most of it! Good read for non dancers too, that want to understand a bit more about this line of work. Here are some examples......

"Being in a clear, sound mental state is required to make solid money as a stripper. Not just suggested. REQUIRED. I don’t want any of this “I’m desperate for money so I’m gonna strip!” bullshit. Clubs don’t need thirsty girls. They don’t need addicts. They don’t need girls with problems who have “no other options”. They need sane, responsible, intelligent women. If you are ruled out through these minimal qualifications, please, for the love of my sanity, turn back now."

"If they try to haggle your prices, tell them this shit isn’t a flea market it’s a strip club."

"Don’t do anything you aren’t comfortable doing!"

"If you can’t do it sober, you shouldn’t be doing it at all."

Whoever Stella is that wrote that.....I love her! Read the whole thing

Dancer Suitcase

I saw a pic like this of a dancer suitcase on a tumblr blog dedicated to dancers (strippers) a while back. I can't remember which one now but the pic that I saw inspired me to create my own pic, with my own stuff, inside my own dancer suitcase. You like?

There are some really cool blogs on tumblr dedicated to dancers! I enjoy looking at them.

Searching For The Moon

So since Mandy (girl that reads AND comments the blog....thank you very much) informed me that the full moon aka pink moon is happening tonight, I decided to venture out right before sunset to see the moon for myself. I watched the sun go down somewhere behind Mount Redoubt that I can see from the road leading up to my house, the sky was pink and pretty.....then it slowly turned grey and finally dark. I was outside (with Chhaya of course) for at least one hour looking up in the sky and all around me, searching for the moon. But there was no moon in sight. Last night when I drove to work right after sunset the moon was out and it was big and beautiful but no moon tonight. Weird. There were clouds in the sky tonight but not in the area where I saw the moon while driving to work last night. I thought that the moon would be somewhat in the same place tonight as it was last night at the same time?
So I'm in bed, ate some chocolate, Chhaya is sleeping. I'm going to start a new book.
All Woman and Springtime by Brandon W. Jones. It's about the life of a girl growing up during bad circumstances in North Korea and that eventually ends up being forced into sex work in the US. Since trafficking is an issue that I feel very strongly about, I know that I will find this book interesting. Unfortunately, the book about the Russian orphan Tatiana wasn't as good as I had hoped left me felling like.....EH?
Since I left work so early last night and still had lots of energy when I got home I decided to try my new French Rose Clay mask from evanhealy. It's different from any other clay mask I've tried before because you mix the clay (looks like a terracotta pink powder, very pretty) with equal parts of water and then you apply the paste onto the face. I liked it a lot, worked well on the impurities in my skin that I wanted to get rid of. Of course I put the selfie machine to work. It's all for who read this. ;-)

Fabulous And Amusing

This Sunday is coming to an end. I'm at work.....I have been very ambitious lately, focused and full of energy. There is nothing going on here but I'm happy because I'm watching Rihanna music videos, fawning over her, loudly telling nobody in particular that she is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen and fantasizing about her coming into a club I work at and falling in love with me.....because I'm totally in love with her. YUM!
I usually do errands in town on weekends and that means a stop at Kaladi for a latte.

Found these two cards.....they are so me - I'm fabulous and amusing. Right?! You are too, don't let anybody tell you anything different!

I also started on a new book I got earlier this week when I had a layover at LAX.
Mind Of Winter by Laura Kasischke. I had to get it, it's about a perfect fairy princess named Tatiana. How fitting! :-)

Remember to go outside and get a glimpse of the full moon this's supposed to be a rather unusual one, might turn orange or red if I understand it right....and there will be a lunar eclipse. I hope for a clear evening so I can take some pictures.

Stripper Laundry

Just did a load of laundry.....stripper laundry. A few thongs. I just wash them in the tub while I'm washing myself. The other night some kid was in here begging to get hired on as security......yeah, so he can try to talk to us all night long/work. I told him that there are lots of obligations that come with working as a security guy at a strip club. I mean, I can slap the guys around myself if and when they annoy me, I don't need a security guy for that.
If somebody gets too out of line I just maul their crotch with my heels. Anyhow, what are the obligations you might wonder? Foot rubs when required, even if the feet are stinky. Also hand washing of our underwear - thongs, boy shorts.....clean, crusty, smelling a bit name it....the security guy has to do the stripper laundry. Clean our shoes with baby wipes. He also needs to offer a shoulder to cry on or be available for angry tantrum outburst when we are having a bad night for any reason. Once I explained all of this to him he said he wasn't interested any longer.....his friend on the other hand said that he would gladly take on all the responsibilities. Now that's a real man! He got hired on the spot.

The Baby

You might wonder how the baby is doing? Like the princess that she is. I love Chhaya so much and it wasn't fun to be away from her for so long while I was in Vegas but I only bring Chhaya on trips where I can drive to whatever destination I'm going or when I am away for several months. Flying with Chhaya is traumatic for me and I'm sure for her too, so Chhays only flies when absolutely necessary.
I am feeding her well, here she is about to enjoy rice, steak, boiled carrots, some avocado and a little turmeric sprinkled in there. And her glucosamine pills. I should probably take some of those too.....for my old brittle bones.....LOL.

Then she gets to take a nap, looking like cutest puppy ever. Yesterday I woke up with Chhaya plastered against my body, I was on the edge of the bed barely hanging on. Typical Chhaya. She can do no wrong in my eyes.....the baby!

The Selfie Machine

It's Friday night and I'm at work, yes here in Alaska. It's about to be a two week crazy parrrrrty here at the club because the Boss Lady and the Big Boss are away on vacation. Since I am the self appointed assistant manager and all.....LOL....I'm going to make sure every night that I'm here is going to be a fun one. Yeay!
So far it's slow in here but I'm having fun. I'm busy eating chocolate, admiring myself in the mirror (TRUST ME, you would do the same if you were me) and taking a ton of selfies of myself. We are not allowed to take pics in the club but since I only take pictures of myself....DUH like who else would I even bother taking a pic of....and they all know this by now, I get away with having my cellphone out....aiming it at myself. I actually renamed my phone "the selfie machine" tonight. A very fitting description. I take a ton of pics, even though I am totally in love with myself I do take many pictures of other things, like my baby Chhaya. And lattes. If you have been reading my blog for a know this.
Me eating chocolate.....yum.

There is a guy that comes in here on a regular basis that always brings in chocolate for all of us. Not only chocolate, outfits bras and panties. And just gives it away. It's very nice of him and I love the chocolate, the outfits are really not my style. I graciously receive whatever outfits he gives me and then I give it away to the other girls. I'm thinking he is trying to fatten us up with the chocolate only to kidnap us and hold us hostage in the future, feeding us chocolate and making us wear some weird looking too small thongs.
And this is what I'm wearing tonight, the new bra. Cricket noticed it right away and complimented me on it.

So like I said, we are going to be having a grand ol' time in here for the next two weeks. I don't want to give too much away because I know that the Boss Lady reads my blog and I don't want to worry her while she is away trying to have a nice and relaxing vacation. HI DIANN! :-D's time to break out the meth in here and crank up the house music.....gotta go!

The MadHouse Coffee

Since my flight left Vegas at 6 15 am the other day, I had to fill my time with some kind of a late night activity before I left, once I was packed and organized that is. I had to swing by Walmart and buy a duffel bag because I had too much stuff. That is after Julia let me borrow one of her suitcases. I arrived in Vegas with one bag to check and left with two additional bags to check. What can I say, I like shopping and need things.
My friend Wolf189 told me about an all night coffee shop so me and Julia decided to check it out and then go down to the Strip to take some pics in front of the High Roller (the new Ferris wheel in Vegas). The coffee shop, The MadHouse Coffee (located on Desert Inn and Durango in the Vons plaza) was SO much fun that we ended up staying there until we (reluctantly) had to leave for the airport. Easy my new fave place for coffee in Vegas! Super cute and cozy inside, cool tables, large lounge chairs, amazing art on the walls, fun things to buy like a plush doll of The Scream by Edvard Munch....a fave painting of both mine and Julia's. I was lucky enough to see the original at MoMA in NYC a few years ago. The coffee was quality and tasted great AND The MadHouse Coffee has an extensive menu of tasty sandwiches and other food, made to order (not pre made already) and some interesting and very yummy desserts, some made with Nutella and I loooooveeee Nutella, of course I had to try one.....
So yes, The MadHouse Coffee is great! I am definitely going to spend a lot of time there next time I'm in Vegas. Me and Julia barged in there around 2 am and had a never ending giggle attack once we saw some of the fun stuff you can buy there, the super friendly and very patient guy that prepared our drinks and desserts probably thought that we were insane.