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Play Date

Chhaya had a play date yesterday with two girlfriends. Two great danes, very stately and beautiful girls. Since Chhaya can be a bit unpredictable around other dogs, she had to wear her muzzle. It makes her look like Hannibal Lecter and at times I too wear the muzzle.
Chhaya had a great time and so did I. Can't wait for next time.

After Chhaya's girlfriends left, I took her for some more walking. It was a really nice evening.

Look at this beautiful little cuddle bug! I just want to give her hundreds of kisses.

We are both in bed now, Chhaya is tired and cuddling with me. I am watching Dateline, I love watching those murder mysteries. It amazes me that people murder their spouses instead of just divorcing them. I know it is a thin line between love and hate, I have balanced on that line a few times. But I'd rather live my life in freedom than rot away in some jail because of shooting somebody, unless they deserve it of course, then I will shoot and remain free.....but that is a totally different story.

Girl's Guide to the Pervs on the Playa

Here is an article that Sarah aka Wonderhussy wrote for last years BRC Weekly. It is SOOOO HILARIOUS that I just have to share it with you. Sarah is a young lady that has the gift of expressing herself in many fun ways, writing is only one of them......enjoy!

Whoever said Burning Man is about art, community, or any other lofty ideal needs to get their head out of their ass and take a look around them. Anyone with a vagina who has ever tried to navigate the playa will tell you that Burning Man is about three things ONLY: sex, drugs and sunburned ballsacs. Ladies, beware!!!
Here in BRC, a woman of childrearing age can’t take two steps without being humped ferociously by a man in a rabbit costume or a bi-curious sparkle pony in body paint and furry boots. Something about the desert air seems to rev the libido into high gear, so much so that even taking a morning walk to the potty is akin to running a gauntlet of boners. There are perverts everywhere! And this year, what with the bumper crop of fresh, innocent first-timers on playa, they are sure to be out in full force. Burgins, take heed and read this handy guide – knowledge is power!

The Pervs of the Playa can be broken down into five basic categories:
1. Beer-Swilling Frat-Types
First, you have your beer-swilling frat-types, whose sole purpose in being here is to score with the legendary loose hippie chicks of yore (remember, it’s supposed to be a counterculture festival, aka free love hotbed). These types might don a tutu and some krazy sunglasses to give the impression that they’re unconventional artsy types, but they’re really just horny mooks, and there are so many of them that at times you feel like a soon-to-be-roofied sorority girl at the world’s biggest tribal kegger.
Fortunately, these pervs are easy to spot – and avoid.
2. Swingers
Then there are the swingers. Burning Man is actually listed on the events calendars of several “Lifestyle” (blecchh) networking sites – apparently, it’s become a huge swing paradise, with several “play” (blerrrrg) parties taking place in various camps on the lake bed. A girl can’t walk from Dandelion to Edelweiss without an oversexed, middle-aged couple welcoming her with open arms and dusty, sunbaked genitals! Many such camps also offer refuge to the weary playa bunny under the guise of a “free massage” or “free misting…” but it’s all just a ruse to get chicks into the sack – or into one of the many orgies constantly taking place. Be advised!!
3. S&M Freaks
Next, you have a sizeable contingent of S&M freaks, who make their presence known by setting up spanking camps and open-air dungeons, and by
walking around in little more than nipple clamps and Prince Alberts. Such camps lure in passing lovelies with the promise of free drinks in exchange for spankings, brandings, or the application of Burning Man tattoos to your ivory ass cheeks. Apparently it’s very liberating for the S&M crowd to be able to carry on like this in the bright light of day, instead of lurking around their usual converted-basement dungeons; the sunshine makes them bold,
so take care!
4. Furries
The fourth group of perverts is the most unsettling: the Furries, deviants who get off on pretending to be animals and humping each other. Due to the prodigious amounts of Ecstasy consumed at Burning Man, most people are walking around with a heightened sense of touchy-feeliness, and want to rub up on any soft, fuzzy thing they come across. Enter the Furries! Virtually every third person on the playa is wearing a furry vest, furry boots, raccoon tail, or fuzzy hat with animal ears. Most of them are just bean-eating E-tards enjoying the feel of the fur, but a solid minority are legitimate Furries, out to mount one another and whinny, growl and nicker into each other’s ears. Creeeepy!
5. Gurus
The last group of pervs is actually the most insidious, because they appear so artsy and benign: many of the classic Burner artsy-fartsy hippie-dippie counterculture types are actually HUGE raging sex freaks! Often, they disguise themselves as “gurus” or “self- help experts” who are there to help you “open your chakras” with a special “yoni massage” (“yoni” being alterna-spiritual-clap-trap-speak for “vagina”). Many a naïve young playa bunny falls victim to these dirty old men, myself included – I once encountered a particularly smarmy “tantric massage therapist” who persuaded me to let him massage a pulled muscle in my groin… and you can guess where that led!
Then there’s perennial favorite “Mister Orgasm,” who takes appointments in his hexayurt to demonstrate some freaky new sex tool he devised for “playa goddesses.” Exploring your sexuality is all well and good… but when you’ve been riding a bike around in 95-degree weather all week with alkaline dust in every crevice and no running water, the last thing you want is some dirty old man jamming his healing hands up your twat. Ya know?!

Now, girls…with all that being said, if you can navigate the hordes of slavering pervs, it is possible to find plenty of amazing, beautiful things out on the playa. Especially if you’ve remembered to pack your shiny burqa, pink rhinestone chastity belt and trusty Be-Dazzled stun-gun. Only then will you be able to ride around the playa virtually unmolested, actually enjoying the “art” and “music” said to be lurking somewhere amidst all the gratuitous tits, phalluses, orgies and public sex displays.
Welcome home!!!

Me and Sarah. You can read her masterpiece blog here

The Art

"The playa is a tabula rasa, a blank canvas upon which many a fantastic vision has been realized. Submarines, gigantic ducks, swimmers, fire-breathing thistles, serpents, chandeliers, grandfather clocks and balsa wood temples have emerged from the playa."

Yes, the art or art installations as they are called were all over and impressive. I know I didn't get to see all that there was. But here is some of it. I loved these pieces.
"Coyote is a steel sculpture standing 25′ tall by 24′ wide. The head is kinetic and can rotate 360 degrees. The sculpture is climbable."

This was my favorite, I called her "The Lady", I went back to her several times, she was beautiful. I am pretty sure she was called Truth is Beauty.
"Truth is Beauty by Marco Cochrane.
Truth is Beauty is the second sculpture in a three-part series featuring singer/dancer Deja Solis, the first of which was Bliss Dance (2010). For Truth is Beauty, Deja stands on her toes, head back, arms raised, in an expression of radical self-acceptance and love. She can do this because she is safe. With the female body exposed and demystified you will see past what has been objectified and used to disempower: it’s the feeling, energy, strength, power… the person that remains. These sculptures featuring women safe in the present to express themselves, are meant to help raise consciousness around violence against women, begin a healing process to make room for women’s voices, and ultimately result in a balance of energy that will allow women and men to thrive…
My intent is that these sculptures express this healing energy and inspire us to take action; to finally say enough is enough!"

This was the first one I took a pic with, I love faeries! Her name was Guardian Of Dawn.

Crash Site.

Oh and BELIEVE was amazing. So may people took pictures there.
"Laura Kimpton and Jeff Schomberg have been showcasing their Large Word Series at Burning Man for the past 4 years. Their previous installations have been MOM, OINK, LOVE and EGO. This years project, BELIEVE, returns to the iconic metal letters that have proved to be some of Burning Man’s most loved (and photographed) installations. The Large Word Series in unique in that the installations evoke so many different things for different people. Citizens of Black Rock City interpret and interact with each word on their own terms and have expressed many different emotions and feelings based on their Word experiences. BELIEVE will continue this legacy by encouraging people to contemplate what they believe, how their beliefs affect their lives and their experiences on the playa."

The Peaceful Religion.....Strikes Again

So by now I guess that most people have heard about the senseless killings at a mall in Nairobi. Some Islamist group claimed responsibility right away. Aaaaahhhh.....Islam, I've heard that it is supposed to be the peaceful religion. Then how come so many Muslims are out there terrorizing the world in the name of God? Or should I say Allah? Is Allah ok with this happening I wonder? The death toll in that mall shooting in Nairobi is at around 72, maybe more as I am writing this. Some of the attackers are included in that number. Are they martyrs now I also wonder. Do they get to frolic in heaven with 72 virgins? That is a lot of virgins to be having fun with, so I can see that some backwards thinking dude might think that becoming a martyr in the name of Allah is the way to go. Yes! How can you even shoot a 16 year old girl or a pregnant woman, just because.....they are not Muslims? Here is a quote from an interview from The New Yorker. “There was a pregnant woman on the floor, dead” he said. “She was hugging a man. He was also dead. I guess it was her husband.”
And this, "Survivors were claiming that after entering stores and restaurants, the gunmen told Muslims to leave. A police officer told me, “I heard these guys, they came in and asked, ‘Are you Christian?’ They shot you. ‘Are you Muslim?’ They let you go.” Maggie claims that as the gunmen shot the man on the ground, they yelled, “Allahu Akbar!”
This is exhausting. I have cried over this. Felt awful for the victims and their families and friends left behind to deal with the pain. I would feel really bad if I was a Muslim and had to try to make sense of these repeated events, killings in the name of Allah.
I know that there used to be Christian martyrs. I haven't heard of any recent ones. But I do not claim that I know of every single newsworthy event around the globe, so if you know of a recent Christian martyr or any other religion for that matter, besides Islam, please enlighten me. In Sweden we celebrate Saint Lucia on December 13, one of my favorite holidays actually. Lucia was a Christian martyr, said to have plucked out her own eyes. She did not hurt any other people, she did harm to herself. If perhaps I wanted to protest an injustice of some sort.....I would not think that I would make a difference by going into a public place with a machine gun or a bomb, gunning down or blowing up myself and whoever happened to be near me. I would maybe go on a hunger strike or set myself on fire, like I have seen reports of Buddhist monks do. But it seems like spreading the kind word of Islam or protesting something in the name of Allah means mass killings. I've heard that not all Muslims are terrorists but nearly all terrorists are Muslims. That seems like a fairly accurate statement.
Yes, I know that there are many senseless and brutal killings happening every day, all over the world, committed by all kinds of people. Like those freaks that skinned the dog alive recently, or the severely beaten and tortured pitbull that was put to sleep the other day. Now those freaks DESERVE to die, not for religious reasons but for humanitarian reasons. It is simple, do you want them to live next to you and perhaps one day snap and torture you, your child or your family pet? No, I didn't think so. But the people just massacred in that mall in Nairobi are dead simply because they were not Muslims. Like I said, the peaceful religion strikes again.
Or how about issuing fatwas on people that dare to say something against Islam? That too is a rather peaceful message right? Fatwas can be issued for any questioning or critique against Islam and you might be put on some sort of a hit list, like for example Salman Rushdie or Molly Norris. And no, I am not scared of Muslims or any other religious people for that matter. So, no I am not an Islamophobe, let's get that straight. If you conduct your life in a "normal" matter, you know without randomly killing and torturing innocent beings, then for the most part I don't have a problem with you. Of course I am aware of that there are plenty of Muslims and even personally know Muslims that fall into that category. But I am kind of against organized religion in general, so I will probably have a difference of opinion with many religious folks out there that are against abortion, against women's rights, against gays etc. And the ones that do not treat their animals well. Or throw trash in nature. Nasty behavior in general I do not agree with. But having a difference in opinions is part of living and being human, that does not grant for some senseless killings in that name of some God.

Art Cars

At Burning Man there were several sk art cars driving around. It is basically a very large motor vehicle that looks super cool with all kinds of lights on it, some blast fire, some have disco balls etc etc and most have a loud sound system blasting music. There are usually people dancing on the art cars, or waving at the crowd gathering around the art cars as they make their way around the playa. An art car is basically a mobile club. Here are a few of the art cars that I took pics of.

According to an article in the BRC Weekly (BRC stands for Black Rock City) called "Are you hot enough to get on my art car?" some say that the art cars are in favor of only letting hot girls on for a ride, in playa lingo also known as "sparkle ponies." Therefore ignoring the first of Burning Man's 10 principles, Radical Inclusion. A sparkle pony is a "hot" chick at Burning Man, usually wearing a skimpy outfit paired with platform boots with furry boot covers, according to the latest playa fashion. A lot of sparkle ponies also sport the fake dread extensions. To me that look is something that was kind of cool at EDC when held in LA (when EDC was still good) maybe five years ago but whatever.....Even girls from small towns across the US have the need to be considered cool and hot once in a while you know and they can by becoming a sparkle pony for a week. Since the majority of the art cars are funded, built and operated by men, they also decide who gets to ride on their art car. And many men like girls, preferably nearly naked girls and also girls that are willing to do them favors in exchange for a ride on their cool art car. In the article it says that you basically had to give somebody a bj to be able to get on some art car called the Purple Palace. LOL! Really?!
Did I try to get on an art car? Not at all. It didn't seem that appealing to me. Some of them looked amazing, therefore I took pictures of them but I rather dance somewhere close to a speaker with lots of room to move than in a cramped space. Neither do I have any urges to try to look cool or have to prove to others that I am indeed hot enough to get on some art car or inside any club for that matter. I already know that I am bad ass in every possible way. I do not need or want any guy's nod of approval. As far as bjs go.....I have never in my life used sexual favors to get anything. And not willing to start now. I do not know whether getting on the Purple Palace required giving somebody a bj or not, I am just telling you what's stated in the article. The BRC Weekly is a very entertaining read. And Sarah, the girl I shared camp with wrote an article in the there called "Hypocritical Tits". Yeay!

So Sad

Sorry I am too tired to write about that shooting in Nairobi right now....maybe another time. Instead I am SO FUCKING SAD and UPSET! Over this
If you read that article and think that the person or persons (if it's several) should be allowed to live.....then I think there is something seriously wrong with you. My heart breaks into pieces when I see stuff like that. HOW can you possibly do something like that? I don't understand. What kind of a fucked up world is this? Human beings are the most vile, evil and disgusting creatures that have ever walked on this planet.
I want people like that executed. I do. I don't care if they come up some sorry sob story about a sad childhood or whatever to evoke sympathy. Most people had traumatic events growing up. I had a few. You probably did too. But that doesn't mean that I should take out my bad experiences on a defenseless and innocent animal. Again, I HATE people that do this.
They deserve death.
And please, spay and neuter that pet you claim you love OR do not breed your pet. What if your beloved pet's puppies or kittens get subjected to abuse? How would you feel then?


Started my day with some swimming at the pool in Nikiski. Met up with Marlene, we work together, she likes to swim also so we are going to try to make this a habit......that would be good and fun. I like Marlene. Plus she has a very nice butt! ;-)
The pool in Nikiski is 25 yards long, that is roughly 25 meters, the standard public swimming pools in Sweden are 25 meters. So today I did 16 laps, then a rest, another 16, a few minutes of rest and then finally 20 laps. Easy.

Well, I need to take Chhaya out now and then I will just stay in tonight I think. I have laundry and stuff to do, plus I'm tired, I might actually fall asleep early.


I have been practicing shootin' my GLOCK the last couple of days. And I like shootin', A LOT! :-D
I need to know how to handle the gun in case I have to use it one day. Chhaya gets very excited over anything that goes BOOM, she wants to participate. I have a couple of different clips for my GLOCK, 17 and 32. This is the 32. Meaning it holds 32 bullets....for those who don't know what I am referring to.

My other toy.

And tomorrow I am going to write about the recent shooting of innocent people in Nairobi (you know, in Kenya).

Conversation with God

While walking around the playa I came across a phone booth where you could talk to God!
Of course I had to try. I didn't expect to hear a voice on the other end after picking up the receiver. God told me to ask him something. He even knew what I was wearing......! Of course! God sees everything after all. A few seconds of silence and then I said, "Thank You for everything God". Then I choked up because I was overwhelmed with emotion and so happy and grateful that I was having that experience. God thanked me too. I went back two days later to tell God the same thing again. And I really, really meant it.

I do talk about being grateful a lot in my blog. Because that is how I feel. I am grateful for my life, most of the time. I know I have it better than many who struggle daily to find food and shelter. Or live under difficult circumstances. Therefore I am grateful for things like the water coming out with a simple turn of a knob, that I have a vehicle, clothes on my back, that I get to eat every day.....and get to do things that enrich my soul. There are so many things to be grateful for! I think it is important to try to make the world a better place if you have the means to do so. To share the good with others. I do not run around and constantly try to make other people's lives better but I do try to do something meaningful and good once in a while. I am a firm believer in altruism.

I was a bit worried upon arrival at Burning Man that I was going to be bored.
What was I going to fill my days with? Well, when you drive through the entrance you get a book, What Where When .

In it there are tons of things to do listed, it says what, where and when and you pick and choose. There are salsa dancing classes, yoga, button making classes, Thai boxing, tea ceremonies, open mic for radical self expression, classes on sexuality, couples work shops, movies playing, authors speaking, vine tastings, Psilocybin discussions, tarot card readings, healings done by shamans and chakra alignments, comedy improv classes..... there are hundreds of different things listed in the book. It's like being in the most AMAZING school you could ever attend, all that stuff at your fingertips!
I did spend hours at night dancing, because I am a DANCETRONAUT (new word I picked up at Burning Man). The art is endless and biking around taking everything in and snapping pictures is a neverending fun task. But I did go to a Terence McKenna movie screening by Ken Adams. I am fascinated with Terence McKenna, such an interesting person that contributed a lot. He is the author of Food of the Gods . You should read about him! He died way too early. I also went to a discussion held by Daniel Pinchbeck, he wrote a couple of books that I have and love, Breaking Open the Head is one, get it and read it! I also went to a tea ceremony. And other stuff.

So no, I was not bored at all. In fact I can't wait to go back for MORE. I want to immerse myself even more next time. The best and most interesting school I have ever attended! I loved these mushrooms! :-)

Crescent Lake Trail

I'm in bed with very tired legs and feet. Did a beautiful hike today up Crescent Lake Trail.
I started out too late in the afternoon, about 3 30 pm so I didn't make it all the way up to the lake. I didn't want to risk having to hike back down in the dark. My estimate is that I was at the most one mile away from the lake when I, well actually WE, of course I didn't hike alone, turned around. At that point my fingers were frozen, gloves would had been great, my shoes and pants were wet and muddy. Round trip is about 13 miles and I was out on that trail for about four hours or so. I might do it again next year because I want to make it to Crescent Lake and the hike itself is gorgeous. It was more about the journey than the destination this time. I didn't see any bears but plenty of bear poop (scat) with berries in it. I also saw some bright read salmon, they had probably reached their natal river and also their destination and were awaiting to die. Animals are amazing, so much determination. Much more admirable than humans, who are busy filling our lives with so much negativity a lot of times.

Chhaya at the trail head ready to go. "Mommy, Mommy let's gooooooo!"

First snow!

I saw white mushrooms, I have never seen such mushrooms before. So pretty. I wonder if they glow in the dark because they were pure white. I don't know what they are called so I renamed them to faerie shrooms.

Done! Tired, cold but happy.

When I got home I was STARVING! Chhaya too. I went up that trail with only a latte for breakfast.....well, I made up for it when I got home and scarfed down pasta, ice cream, cheese sandwiches and I am about to go downstairs and make myself another cup of hot tea with lemon.......