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Tatiana is back home in bed after a (good) night at work. She is already thinking about her apple fritter and her latte that she will go and get as soon as she wakes up. It was raining when she got off work, hopefully it will be nice around noon, because that's probably when she will be waking up.
The sun was rising when Tatiana was driving home, the sky was a beautiful blood orange red.
But now.....time to cuddle up against a warm and snoring Chhaya and enjoy some sleep.


Friday afternoon and super nice out again. I feel a little tired today but I did go and get my latte and a blueberry scone earlier. Soon I am taking Chhaya out, might even go for a run later. Working tonight and probably all weekend. "The pick of the litter", meaning I - have to make an appearance so people don't get disappointed....... ;-)

Just wanted to write about something while it is still fresh in my mind. Had a friend call me today. She was somewhat upset. A guy she has been seeing on and off since last fall slept with one of her friends. Some girl she had introduced him to and they hung out together a few times. My friend and this girl spent lots of time together for a few months, the girl seemed very nice, she was into yoga, spirituality, she seemed happily married with two kids. And then she kind of withdrew and started avoiding my friend. And now the truth comes out, she slept with my friends guy. I don't know if it happened more than once but it happened. That is not ok. They are old enough to know better. I told my friend to dump the guy right away, I never really liked him, he is young and very immature, too unpolished. My girlfriend says he is well endowed but whatever he has in between his legs he lacks in all the other departments. A big schlong oly goes so far and then it becomes annoying. You can't have any meaningful conversations with a schlong. Actually, I don't like really big schlongs - they don't fit.
And what I think is really pathetic is that this girl, the married one, puts up all kinds of happy stuff of her loving husband on Facebook, showing everyone how perfect and loving their marriage is etc. And then she gets with my friends guy.
BARF!!! Fake hypocrite! I think that most people put the fakest stuff on Facebook, it is kind of lame. Things are always great and they all fish for some kind of positive reinforcement and compliments, not all but many do. I don't put a lot of stuff up there, I spend way more time on my blog where I think I can express who I really am, good and bad instead of some limited Facebook stuff. But my Mom is on Facebook and that's kind of how she keeps tabs on me, she doesn't look at my blog too much because she does not read English. But really, first you put up a bunch of bullshit crap about your "happy" marriage so all of your hundreds of (fake) Facebook friends can ooooooh and aaaaaah over what a cute, loving couple you are and then you fuck my friends guy? LAME! NASTY! SHADY! If that was me, I would not hesitate to notify the loving husband of this little indiscretion. I am not ok with people sleeping with a friends guy or girl. That is a road you don't walk down. Unless they broke up, some time goes by and maybe you check if everybody is ok with it first.
Have I ever cheated? Yes. I was a teenager and I did cheat on my boyfriend with one of his friends. I did! As in making out, we didn't go all the way.....
I want to specify that. And I regret it TO THIS DAY, even though it's been so long ago. I was dumb. He found out, broke up with me and then we tried to make it work again. We are still friends. He, my ex boyfriend is a great guy. And yes, sometimes I do wonder about what would had came out of our relationship if that would not had happened. But we were young, he was 16 when I met him and I was like a year older.
Have I ever been cheated on? Yes. The guy I had after the boyfriend I cheated on, cheated on me. We were together for a while, I think almost three years. Or was it two?
I found out that he cheated but stayed with him. And then we moved in together, he was too immature, he thought I was going to take care of him like his Mother. And I wouldn't have any of that. I got annoyed with him and that grew into resentment. I ended up moving back home to my Mom and broke up with him. It took him years to get over me, he eventually met another girl and had two kids. We are still friends. I tend to stay friendly with my exes, why not? Unless they did something absolutely unforgivable so you can't stay friends. Like steal my Hello Kitty necklaces or something. But other than that, when you grow close to a person I'd rather still have them in my life as a friend even after you brake up. If you had a meaningful relationship where you would actually miss them as a friend. Another boyfriend I had also cheated, well he tried to at least, he did some dishonest stuff. We were together longer than we should had, the last few years we were more like best friends that a couple, that's why it dragged on. And he had some problems and I felt like I couldn't leave him because I was worried about him. But you live and learn.
Basically, even though I did it once as a teenager, don't go for your friends guy or girl. That is a big no no.
And lay off with the fake and lame Facebook posts, especially if they don't depict the truth.

That's it for now. I am going outside, the sun is shining.

Fuller Lakes

Yesterday I hiked up to Fuller Lakes. I went to both lakes and it was absolutely gorgeous and so worth it. The hike is pretty much uphill all the way, not so steep that you have to scramble, it does take your breath away at times but it is manageable. Not sure how long it took to get to the first lake because I didn't time it. This is bear country so I came equipped with two bear bells attached to my belt and a pink Barbie horn that I was tooting every so often, it is loud. Chhaya was there also. And my very manly, red blooded hiking partner. So I didn't worry about the bears.
I actually saw two, one from far away while hiking. It was walking around in the green bushes and later I saw a super cute small young bear crossing the road. It's always fun to see bears in Alaska. I still have not seen a wolf.......maybe one day.
This is the view from the trail.

Lower Fuller Lake. It is a large lake and very beautiful.

Me with the Barbie horn.

What I had on, this is my new fave hat. My new pants by Hard Tail, very comfortable.

Me being FAB as always.

Upper Fuller Lake.

Very happy, I love hiking.

View of Lower Fuller Lake.

Me and my girl.

Coming down from the trail.

I do recommend this hike if you ever come around here. Start early so you have all day to explore, there are fire pits up there so you can bring up some food and make a day out of it.

YumYum Time

Tatiana has a HUGE sweet tooth, she NEEDS something sweet every day. So when she drove by The Moose Is Loose today she had to stop and get an apple fritter, they are really yummy and usually huge. Fills up Tatiana's stomach with dough.

Speaking of stomachs......Kate Upton the 20 year old model that was on the cover of SI's swimsuit issue this year and has a recent GQ cover out, the one where she is licking the ice cream, has a rather large, floppy shapeless stomach and no waistline for being only 20 and a highly paid model Tatiana thinks. She does not have kids, so what is up with that belly? Good for her that there is photoshop because they probably put that to use for her SI cover. Tatiana thinks that Kate is supercute in the face, VERY pretty but that the stomach is too big. And no waistline, a model should have some waistline. Then there are speculations that her boobs are fake. Maybe, they might be. Get large boobs so nobody pays attention to your stomach.
Tatiana thinks that last years SI cover girl, Irina Shayk is one beautiful girl. Talk about perfection. Tatiana might like Irina more than apple fritters.
Here is Irina, NICE huh?


Managed to crawl out of bed a little bit ago, it's going on 1 PM and it is another gorgeous day today! I went to sleep a little after 5 AM this morning.
Work was great. I made very good money, had lots of fun and didn't have to kick anyones ass. LOL.
Somebody told me that I always sound angry in my me I really? He was referring to when I write about work, that I seem to dislike my job and dislike the guys even more. No, let me clarify some stuff here. I do not dislike my job, if it would come to that point that I really would loathe what I do for whatever reason then I would have to quit dancing. Because that would not be good for my mental well being.
And I am big on that since I go through life without any help from pharmaceuticals on an everyday basis. As far as disliking the guys, I dislike men that think they can come into a strip club and say and do whatever, like in disrespecting me or the girls I work with. That does not fly with me and I will talk back and stand up for myself. I do not sit with somebody at work that is acting abusive towards me in any shape or form just so I can make money.
I make plenty of money without having to do that. And I think all the other dancers should follow that route, it would make it better for everyone.
For example, last night some guy smacked the crap out of a girl (more than once) in the room where we do the dances, I mean HARD. I have never seen anything like that at work before. Made me feel slightly uncomfortable. And she also let him dig for something in her VAGINE, maybe she needed to change her tampon, I don't know. But lets' not even go there now, you all know what I think of girls that do that at work. NASTY! She also looks like an aged transvestite Tina Turner so maybe that is what you have to resort to when it's like that. But if going to work for me meant having random VAGINE exams every night then I would work somewhere else. Like a coffee shop or something. I would like to try to be a barista one day, seems like fun and I love those lattes! Oh and VAGINE means the private part of a girl (though you can see mine at the club) and I pronounce it VAHZIIINE, Borat style.
I do not think that I dislike the dancing or talking to guys (unless they are annoying) and I think that people who have encountered me at work can vouch for that. I love having fun and interesting conversations. And I can be rather pleasant to be around. So I heard....... Really, if I was that bad I wouldn't be "the pick of the litter" or "the reason we come to this club". Just some random stuff that I hear pretty often. ;-)
And yes, I am fully aware of that everybody has different taste and men and women come in to look at pretty (hopefully) girls in general and not only ME........well of course it's only ME they come to's all about the Tatiana! Kidding.......! Or? LOL. And some come in to give Tina Turner a VAGINE exam. Oh by the way, the guy that slapped her on the ass looked at me and said "you are next". I basically told him that if he would even tap oh so lightly on me, I would knock the shit out of him from one end of the room to another. And then charge him for it.
I make my money without any internal exams and beatings. It's all about being "the pick of the litter" darlings!
Anyways, it is solstice today and I am not working, I am going hiking. In Sweden solstice is celebrated so that is kind of a tradition for me, therefore I am going to spend most of my day out in nature and fully enjoy myself.
Here is Chhaya doing her daily sun salutation while doing doga (yoga). Or is she just stretching?

And also a Mama Moose with her baby, soooooo cute both of them. They come around here a lot. Mama Moose chased Chhaya once, she had to make sure that Chhaya understood that coming too close to her baby was not ok. She just looks at us now when we are outside. She knows that I would never harm them and I would never let Chhaya do that either, Chhaya was being curious, not aggressive.

A few days of laziness

The last few days were so nice so I spent them basically outside with Chhaya. I did not want to ruin my rest/laziness by going into work, actually having to do something and being forced to breathe in nasty smoke and talk to people that I do not want to talk to. So I stayed at home. Got lots of mosquito bites that I am scratching away on. My hair got really dry from the sun so I drenched it in argan oil yesterday and I will wash it out later today.
Tomorrow it is summer solstice - ALREADY!!!! That might not be a big deal in say Las Vegas but here in Alaska it is because that means it's slowly going to get darker and colder. NOOOOOO!!!!! I do not like working on solstice, to me that is a special day that I'd rather spend doing something else, so I might go on a hike tomorrow, somewhere I haven't been yet.
Besides that I do not have anything new to talk about, I am in KENAI people, the most boring place - ever. Unless you are retired and spend your days playing poker with your friends or if you are a stay at home mom, dealing with caring for the tots. I do not have kids, I am not retired and I am extremely bored. Is this going to be my last summer in Alaska? Very possible.

New Stuff

Did I get something new on my Vegas trip? Well, I already showed the shirts and leg warmers I got for the rave. I really like one of the shirts, the long white one with the yellow print in front, it has cutouts in the back. I love it, it's my new fave shirt. And I also love my new grey hoodie from Victoria's Secret, it is thin and very soft. But I did get some new products too.
I always stock up on a few L'Occitane creams, the day and night cream, been using that line for years now. I mix it up with other products but I really like L'Occitane. I also got an eye cream,
I have not been that diligent at all about using eye cream. I read about this line, Amore Pacific and decided to give the eye cream a try. Then I got some Clarins SPF 40 sun protection for the face. I am not that good with SPF products either, most of the time I forget, or neglect is probably the more appropriate term, to use SPF. But I am going to try harder to remember to protect my face, neck, chest area (décolletage) and hands. I think I got some sun damage from last summer on my chest. I am pale and I have A LOT of moles, so I should be more careful.
Actually twice, some Asian people told me, while pointing out my moles that they mean luck.
I hope so!!!
Then I got some cleansing towelettes by Neutrogena, thought it would be nice to feel fresh after and during a long flight. And it does.
And for the first time ever I got some dry shampoo. In case my hair is a little oily but I don't have the time or energy to wash it. The dry shampoo is by Oscar Blandi. Speaking of hair, I haven't combed mine since work Saturday, I just threw it up in a bun after work and went to sleep.
My hair is now a tangled mess, I don't even want to think about dealing with it. I have lots of hair, all the way down to my butt.......I can sit on it. I actually need a trim.

I love beauty products. I tend to stock up on them and then they just lay in my bathroom on a shelf or a drawer and collect dust. I have an unopened jar of Crème De La Mer that has been in a drawer for over a year. A box of Guinot products that has been laying around for even longer. Just to mention a few.......
I am curious about something called Facial Treatment Essence by SK-II. It's like a beauty water that you apply to a cotton ball and press into your face. Been around in Asia for a while. Seems like the Asian countries are way ahead of the US in skin care. They have so many interesting products.
I do use a face mist (beauty elixir) by Caudalie that I absolutely LOVE, it smells fresh and herby. My skin soaks it up and it feels great. I really recommend it if you are looking for a face mist. And I also recommend the L'Occitane day and night Immortelle Precious and Very Precious cream.

I also got some new stuff to work out in. Needed new pants. The cute colorful ones are by Adidas and the dark grey and super comfy ones are by Hard Tail.

Lazy Warm Sunday

I spent all afternoon outside again. SOOOO nice out - finally! Today was one of those perfect days.
There is not much more to report about today. I am feeling lazy due to being out in the sun all day. Full because I ate a lot. Chhaya is already sleeping and I am thinking about making myself a cup of tea before I go to bed. Even getting up from the couch and going to the kitchen feels like a task right now.
I was going to take a bath and slather on some honey on my face but if making some tea seems too difficult then a bath would be almost impossible now.
Yeah......I have nothing fun to talk about right now - I know........boring! How was work last night? Pretty awful. Too many girls and not enough to do. But that happens.
Monday tomorrow. I need to do a bunch of stuff. Bleh. Anyways. Good Night!

Tired Puppy

A tired puppy is a happy puppy. Spent all afternoon outside with my Chhaya. Went for a long walk, Chhaya chased squirrels and we ran around in the yard. She just ate some food and now she is curled up on the couch, sleeping and snoring lightly. I think I am going to build her an obstacle course so she can do that once in a while. It's important to stimulate your dog and sometimes I worry that I don't do enough of that for her.
Well, Chhaya is sleeping. I would love to lay down next to her and sleep too but I have to jump in the shower, slap on some eye shadow and lashes and go to work. If I am lucky I will be sleeping sometime around 4 AM and that's in about nine hours.......

Blue Sky

Tatiana just woke up, it is absolutely beautiful outside today. She would take some pictures but the battery to her Sony camera is not charging so she has to get a new battery. Meanwhile she has to take pics with her cellphone, the quality of the pics is not as good. But here is a pic of the blue sky.....
Maybe somebody wants to get her a camera? Like a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX9V (or something similar). Tatiana NEEDS, you get? ;-)
Last night at work was ok. Tatiana was conked out on the couch (at work) by 2 30 AM. She gets sleepy around that time at work. When she goes to raves she has no problem staying up until 5 30 AM or later. Utopia used to close at 8 AM and Tatiana was there until then many times, happily dancing away. But being at work and at a rave are two very different things........
Yesterday while reading those magazines out in the yard, Tatiana stripped down on her lower body for a few minutes, it was overcast out. Still the sun colored her butt red. That looked very nice last night, lobster butt.
Anyways, it is sooooo nice out, Tatiana is going to spend her day outside. Time to get a latte now. Tonight - work.