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Bikini time!

Tatiana woke up to sun, blue skies and warm weather, she got excited and decided that it's time for the Havaiana's (flip flops) on a regular basis from now on. Today is a great day to wear a bikini and lay out with a magazine or two and a yummy latte. Have to pick put wich bikini to wear first.
Here is Tatiana in her pajamas, still waking up.............

Good Morning!

Life Lessons

Before Tatiana goes to bed she is going to share these "life lessons" she just came across while reading up on stuff online.
She does not who said these things, but here they are

Do you have a higher purpose beyond yourself? You don’t have to be a movie star to make a difference in the world. Is there some cause you are willing to take a stand for and speak out about? Is there an issue that moves you to take action? Abused children, the elderly, the homeless, a health issue, the environment, animals? You can become an advocate for change in your own neighborhood, town, city, or state, in the nation, or even the world.

If we live long enough, we’re all going to get old. We must make peace with the idea that beauty is fleeting and that we won’t be taking any of our material possessions with us when we leave. What truly matters is the richness of your character, the compassion you develop and the love that you share.

No one has the perfect life. Even those with unbelievable beauty, brains, money, fame, and success, don’t escape unscathed. We are all someone’s child and often times someone’s parent. We all bleed and we all mourn. Don’t ever be jealous of anyone else. Focus on living your own life in the best way possible.

Now Tatiana, with this in mind, is going to curl up and enjoy her sleep and maybe a few good dreams.......

More about work.....

It's a little after Midnight and it is just getting dark. Tatiana LOVES it! The long Alaskan summer days are great! Is it difficult to sleep? Not at all for Tatiana, she can sleep in daylight, darkness, curled up inside a loud speaker at a problem!
Anyway, since Tatiana is BIB, back in business, she will have some work related stories to share now and then.
Here is one from Saturday night......
Stage hog did it again. LOL. Like HELLO?
One guy thought Tatiana looked unreal, like a cartoon, he said "like an Anastasia princess cartoon". Awwwww, cute!
Then there was the inebriated guy, MR Super Annoying. Since Tatiana wouldn't pay him any attention, she does not like it when people are THAT drunk, seriously just sober up and do not slobber, spit and try to lay your heavy arm around me, weighing down on my hair .......and since Tatiana would not pay him any attention, he loudly decided and declared that Tatiana was "SO mean". And he actually remembered Tatiana from last year and she had been just as mean then too, supposedly. When he said that, Tatiana recalled him too and he had been just as drunk and annoying that night last year as this time. It's funny, every time a guy does not get the attention he thinks "he should" at a strip club, the girl in question is automatically mean.
What is up with that?
Try to go in at 8 am to the place you work at, reeking of booze, approach a female coworker, get really close to her and spit while you very annoying. If she quickly leaves, is it YOU or HER?
Anyhow, according to MR Super Annoying and drunk, he was a sociologist and some other title too and he just knew that Tatiana is mean. He knew, he had "studied" her, in his drunkenness. Well, Tatiana is a stripper (sometimes) and she just KNOWS that you have problems, many problems, now go away.
He did not spend any money, besides on alcohol, but wanted to talk and be annoying. Well, Tatiana does not have to talk to you just because you happen to be there, get it? Tatiana finally asked him "what exactly do you want, did you come here thinking I would wash your sweaty underwear and cook you dinner?" "Leave me alone!" "I am not your wife!"
He still followed her around like a puppy. In between declaring how mean Tatiana was, he told her how pretty he though she was.
GO AWAY! He might be very nice when sober, and somewhere else but Tatiana does not want to see him ever again.

Then we have a "lady", a dirty lady that lays eggs. This is a first too. Oh Lord! She goes up on stage and during the second song she squeezes out a plastic (?) egg from her VAGINE. She tries to give the eggs to the guys but most of them are so bewildered and probably grossed out by this, that they refuse to touch the egg (no shit) and she ends up putting it at the railing of the stage.
YEAH, freaking GROSS!!!! Some slimy VAG egg just laying there. Classy.
Imagine that Landis, for a show at The Bush, some girl in a chicken costume, squeezing out eggs during the third song, auctioning off the eggs to the audience.
To the people that do not know who Landis is, he is a dj at The Bush Company, he is super cool and reads Tatiana's blog sometimes.
: )
The egg lady is curvy, now that is being nice (but some like curvy and that's totally ok).......she wore a skirt and a bra out of some white fuzzy material, she looked like a cross between a polar bear and big bird. Or Sasquatch.
Yeah, like Tatiana said, never seen ladies squeeze anything out of their VAGINES at work before, she thought that only happened in Bangkok and on the internet.
It's actually GROSS and not at all sexy/cute or whatever it is supposed to be.

Then there is another girl that is very thin and looks like a crack head, Tatiana thinks it's pretty safe to say that she probably is a crack head. Which is sad, it must be difficult to deal with that. Tatiana has known/knows people with substance abuse problems and that does not mean that you are a bad person at all. Well, some people are druggies AND bad people, not a good combination, unfortunately Tatiana has known them know who you are......
This girl can't keep still and she moves her mouth around in all kinds of directions and wrinkles her forehead, her whole face moves. It's exhausting just to look at her (and kind of sad). This girl smells like trouble, Tatiana is keeping her distance. A guy at work said he thought that girl was " a snake". And another one came up to Tatiana asking how he could get rid of her because she had latched herself on to him and he did not want to talk to her anymore. She is kind of scary if you are sober enough to see it. Tatiana said she couldn't help him with that problem. Her advice to guys is to tell the girls, politely, that you are not interested from the very beginning.
Btw, if you are skinny due to crack, coke, meth, whatever it might be, even diet pills, then you are just druggie skinny, try to be naturally skinny, healthy for a change.
It's easy to drop the pounds if you snort/smoke some drugs.
Tatiana is sure egg lady and skinny girl have tons of great qualities, unfortunately those qualities do not come out that much at work.
It's getting late, Tatiana thinks that she is going to curl up in bed.

Long lashes

The Latisse works beyond Tatiana's expectations! Her lashes are so long and fluttering, she loves them! BAMBI lashes!
Actaully, these are some self portaits of Tatiana and her fake lashes from last night, these are the longest lashes she is using, they look a little extreme but it's not as overwhelming when she has her eyes open. Tatiana is not sure if she has seen any difference in her real lashes after using Latisse for almost two weeks now, every night. She does not think that she is going to continue with the Latisse once she runs out of what's left in the bottle. A bottle (very small) of Latisse is about $ 120 btw.

So last night at work was kind of........interesting, for lack of a better word.
First of all, more girls have showed up. Two arrived last night that Tatiana has not seen since last summer. Tatiana noticed that they were acting silly. One of them, she looks ok, in good shape, better from afar than up close, but still one of the better ones in the club, was hogging the people at the stage. At this club, most girls insist on sitting with with guys at the stage, totally trying to divert the attention from the girl that's presently on stage. Weird. It's the only club that Tatiana has worked at where this is done, where it's actually allowed, she doesn't get it. The stage is for the people that are watching the girl that's dancing on stage and that's the way it should be. Tatiana does not sit at the stage with people, if somebody wants to talk to Tatiana there are plenty of seats AWAY from the stage where you can talk. Tatiana noticed that this girl engaged in extra intese conversation with people the times Tatiana went on stage. Tatiana decided not to pay this insecure chick any attention. It is kind of rude though, the guys (most of them) that sit at the stage, sit there so they can look at the girl that is dancing. When guys sit with girls at the stage, Tatiana usually ignores them on purpose.
Then the other girl that showed up last night, stage hogs friend, that by the way is really unattractive, to put it kindly (you would totally agree), was sitting at the bar talking to an obvioulsy drunk guy.
Tatiana was sitting at the opposite side of the bar, snacking on some pretzels, admiring her new pretty silver shoes shock full of rhine stones, when the manager presented Tatiana with a drink, (soda water) saying that the guy that was sitting with that (ugly) girl had bought it for Tatiana.
"Do I have to go over there now" wondered Tatiana. "He is already sitting with somebody and I do not want to bother them".
"Yes, go over" said the manager/ladyboss. So Tatiana reluctantly went over, sat down and said thank you for the drink and introduced herself politely. The (ugly) girl suddenly felt threatened and attached herself even more to the guy. Tatiana is not going to bother in situations like these, she never has to "compete" for any attention, besides it's just lame to do that. Desperate and Tatiana is not desperate.
She just excused herself and walked away. What many girls also do in this club (and other clubs too) is that they latch themslves on to a guy as soon as he walks in through the door and by doing that they think that the guy should pay attention only to them. The poor guy sometimes feels obligated though he really would rather talk to or get dances from somebody else.
Tatiana doesn't like to spend too much time with people. It's nothing personal usually. She prefers limited chit chat, or a convincing "YOU NEED", some dances and then the guy should go back to the stage or his buddies, or maybe get some dances from somebody else. Or more dances with Tatiana a little later. It's not a dating club for single people it is a strip club after all!
Tatiana would think that people are there to look at all the girls unless they have a certain favorite, which is fine too. Some girls just get so territorial and act like they are sitting with their damned husband or something. But if you are not that cute then maybe latching on to somebody is the only way you can make money.
About 30 minutes later manager/ladyboss told Tatiana that the guy at the bar really wanted to talk to Tatiana but he was intimidated because he though that she was so pretty.
"Well, it's time that he grows some balls, he looks old enough" said Tatiana.

Tatiana is you say at the stage or on the stage? But you all get what Tatiana is saying, right?

So exquisite!

Kate does it again. She is Tatiana's favorite model.
Here is her latest ad, for Dior Addict lipstick. There is a 90 sec commercial also.
Tatiana likes the color of the lipstick, she likes this shade of pink. She needs!
Kate's cat eyes and matching black nails are perfect.
Tatiana loves Kate's face, it's perfect.

Canon G12

So, Tatiana took Chhaya to the beach for a long walk, as she had promised her, it was windy but refreshing.
Afterwards it was time to get some food, today a slice of pizza, an iced vanilla latte and a pastry.
In a bit Tatiana is going to color her hair, she has some GRAY hair, yes, you read it right, GRAY, not all over but it's there, in a few spots. She matches it to her exact hair color. Thank goodness for hair color in a tube! She read somewhere that a pill might come out that restores gray hair back to it's original color. Tatiana hopes that they put that pill on the market soon, coloring hair is just annoying. Tatiana tries to wait as long as possible between the colorings. Since Tatiana's hair is so light (brown) you can't really see the gray all the time but Tatiana is definitely not ready to be a full on gray head. Too vain.
Most girls do not admit to their gray hair, therefore Tatiana thought it was impressive that Jennifer Lopez recently gave an interview where she admits to having gray hair and coloring it since she was 24.
It is what it is, could be worse, Tatiana rather have gray hair than............some ugly body part or something.

Anyways, Tatiana wants a CANON G12 camera. She has been reading about it in some other people's blogs and it seems like a great camera, good for blog pictures with many cool features!
Tatiana NEEDS! YOU get?
: )

Up early

Tatiana is already up and it's not even 9 am yet! For the last hour or so she has been tossing around, trying to fall back to sleep. Finally she decided to get up due to a growling stomach, made herself some oatmeal, two cheese sandwices and a mug of coffee. Then she crawled back in bed with the computer.
Chhaya is still sleeping and snoring like a little piggy, sprawled out longways in bed. Soemtimes Chhaya dreams and barks and whines in her sleep and kicks with her legs, hard. Tatiana suspects that Chhaya is having vivid dreams about rabbits and squirrels. Her favorite fellow animals to chase and get excited over.
Tatiana likes to wake up slowly, she stretches her legs and back in different directions. Her feet and calves are usually soooooo sore. Tatiana wishes that she had some kind of a machine that would squeeze and massage her legs, she would use it every morning for about an hour. That is exactly what she needs, a massage machine.
Tatiana has seen some kind of a leg squeezing devices in Japaneese fashion mags but she is not going to order one of those without trying it out first.
Does this mean that Tatiana needs to go to Japan now?
The plan for today is to take Chhaya to the beach. Later work. Work tomorrow and Saturday too. This beast needs to work!

Found leg massager online, anyone ever tried one of these? Looks nice.

Another case of a sub human

Tatiana does not have children. No biological clock ticking here. She does not foresee having any children in the future, but never say never.....
She believes that you can do other things with your life beside parenting and still be happy and full filled. But she totally understands that people who are parents love their children and are proud to be parents. At least that's the way it should be.
Unfortunately, there seem to be many individuals that have absolutely no business taking on this role. Tatiana has said it before. Squeezing out a child should be a privilege, not a right. Too many bad "parents" out there. Tatiana can't stand people that hurt innocent children and animals. Disgusting!
It is obvious that some people just don't have what it takes to take care of a child. Also, if you can't afford to feed yourself, don't think that you will somehow miraculously be able to feed a child. That breast milk only lasts so long honey.
And since the planet is rapidly approaching overpopulation, Tatiana also believes in population control. Maybe harsh but one day when we can't sustain our lifestyles anymore we will wake up to a brutal reality. Tatiana does not think that anyone needs more than max two children, if you really need another screaming bundle of joy, the adopt one for crying out loud!
Here is an example of a piece of trash that thought she should be a "Mom". Tatiana is not sure what the appropriate punishment should be? This sub human should also have go to the bathroom in a bucket with kitty litter for the rest of her life, while in jail, where she should be tortured on a regular basis.
Tatiana would throw poop on this sorry excuse for a woman.

"An Anchorage mom has been arrested for subjecting her six adopted children to years of emotional and physical abuse, according to Anchorage police.

Following an eight-month investigation, 50-year-old Anya James now faces criminal offenses for the gross mistreatment of her children. James was arrested Tuesday and is charged with ten counts of kidnapping and six counts of first-degree assault.

The investigation further revealed that due to malnourishment, James's adopted children endured stunted growth, which prevented some of them from going through puberty during their teenage years.

According to police, the children were confined to small rooms with alarms rigged up to the doors and windows to alert James if the children tried to escape. The mother also used audio and video monitors to oversee the children's activity and conversations.

Despite three functioning bathrooms inside the home, the children were forced to use a bucket filled with kitty litter instead of a toilet placed inside the small rooms.

Between 2000 and 2010, James fostered and adopted six children and collected more than $750,000 in adoption subsidies from the State of Alaska."

Tatiana doesn't get it. Didn't these kids go to school? Nobody checked up on them ever or noticed that they were malnourished? $ 750 000 in adoption subsidies? No wonder worthless losers adopt, it's not an act of love and kindness, it's a paycheck for some.

That's all for now. Tatiana is going to get dressed and go outside.

Blogging and blogs

Tatiana has been writing this blog for........ummmmmm........since 2006. That's quite a while now.
She knows she has readers, some of her personal friends read it. Twice some total strangers that Tatiana never seen before came up to her to say that they read her blog......they recognized Tatiana! That must mean that Tatiana at least looks somewhat similar in reality that she does on the pics she puts up. ;-)
And other people read it too, people that Tatiana personally told about the blog and others that heard about it from others.
Like at the water cooler at work. LOL.
Not too many take their time to leave comments though, but that's ok. Tatiana reads other peoples blogs too and she does not comment on some at all and on others she leaves comments. Personally Tatiana likes the comments, it means that somebody took that little extra time out to write something. Even if it's something that's not nice, maybe. It doesn't matter, people have different opinions and lifestyles and can not always agree with Tatiana. Though you all should know by now, Tatiana is always right! Always......!
As far as compliments, Tatiana never fishes for them. If you have something nice to say, thank you, it is appreciated. If you don't like the way Tatiana looks, that's ok too. Tatiana would probably not think you are too hot yourself, unless you are Kate Moss or Chester Bennington.........or some other sexy creature.
Tatiana loves reading and writing, she has since she was about 6 years young.
Tatiana did mention some blogs she reads a while ago. But in case you missed that, here they are again and a little of what Tatiana thinks about them. Maybe you can read them too?
In no particular order.
This is Tatiana's friend and Tatiana thinks it's interesting to see what Ulliss does and thinks. Ulliss lives in Stockholm, that's in Sweden. Pretty girl too!
Tatiana really likes this girl, Foki. She is Thai but lived in Sweden but is back in Thailand. She is super pretty, really KAWII. And she seems to have a good head on her shoulders, though only 20 years young. Great pictures of Foki, she is adorable, a doll. Tatiana LOVES her style and the way she dresses. And there are other interesting pics too.
This girl is.........Tatiana is not sure what to say, slightly delusional? Only 20, lives in Stockholm. Drinks too much. Eats too little. Has huge boobs, already two boob jobs, other plastic surgery too. Thinks she could make it in LA, though most likely not (maybe porn) if all she has got is those boobs. She does not know that her look is already passe for the most part over here. But it's still entertaining reading. You kind of learn to like her, she grows on you. Lot's of boob pics and pics of her blonde hair extensions.
Another young girl in Stockholm. Very pretty. But seems too self absorbed. It's all about her and what she wears that day or lots of pics of her and her beauty.
Stockholm again. Tatiana's friend Rose-Marie told her about this blog. Katrin is older, a Mom. So it's a lot about the baby, fights with neighbors over where she puts the baby's stroller. Katrin brags abut money, Tatiana thinks that's lame. But it's still fun to read her blog. Lot's of baby pics and pics of Katrin working out, she lost all her baby weight and she does not like fat people, she thinks they are gross.
Tatiana met Wonderhussy personally. In Vegas. Wonderhussy left comments on Tatiana's blog, that's nice.
You should check out this blog because it's very entertaining, well written and there are also some fun, interesting and naked pics that you can admire of Wonderhussy.
Tatiana especially likes "My plan is to wear that fucked-up ensemble to Wet Republic this summer, and freak out all the ‘roided out douchebags and plastic Vegas bimbos in their barely-there Ed Hardy bikinis. Fuck ‘em all, I say!"
LOL, because if you have ever been to a pool party in Vegas, that is what it looks like, awful Ed Hardy bikinis all over. BARF.
You can also find a guide to Las Vegas here.
She is an escort in Vegas. She writes well but a little dull. She puts up pics of various body parts in lingerie but never of her face. Brothel reviews and info for those who are interested. It's an interesting glimpse into an escorts life.
Tatiana did notice one thing about this girl though. Tatiana left her a comment, twice. And she never approved Tatiana's comments. Tatiana wrote nice, positive things but she also included her blog, there is a space for your own site/blog where you leave a comment. And then other readers can see that and maybe look at Tatiana's blog. And that's probably why this escort girl opted NOT to approve Tatiana's comments. She does not want to share the "attention". That's the only reason that Tatiana can think of.
Cause other people comment on there, mostly guys, that express their admiration for the escort girl.
Tatiana thinks it's really lame that girls do that. They don't want to SHARE the spotlight, well in this case the 60 watt light bulb, it's not like we are that famous or anything, to be realistic. It's not like Tatiana is trying to steal any potential clients from this girl, Tatiana does not do any entertaining outside of the club, ever, or that type of entertaining........Also, Tatiana writes about so many other things beside work. Work is not everything that Tatiana is.

Tatiana loves when she works with pretty girls, the prettier the better, more money overall and also, Tatiana can rest her eyes on something nice.
Sharing is good! Helping others is good. Being stingy like that is just lame.

Writing blogs is FUN!

My best friend and baby

Chhaya is the best, Tatiana needs to brag about her some more.
This dog is so willing to try anything, she is brave and curious. Always happy and playful.
Tatiana wakes up every morning with Chhaya cuddled up next to her. Yes, Chhaya sleeps in Tatiana's bed, Chhaya is family.
Chhaya protects Tatiana by killing mosquitoes that get too close to Tatiana. All Tatiana says is "get the skeets", that's the word for mosquitoes and Chhaya jumps after them and catches them in her mouth. My baby!
Just love her soooooo much!