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Back In The US

Well.....I'm back in the US now. Not quite in Kenai yet though....I have a four hour long wait for the first airplane to leave to Kenai from until then I'm going to wait here at the airport. Yeay! More like sigh.....but whatever, I can handle it.
Four airplanes total between Stockholm and Kenai....the longest one is the one across the Atlantic and the shortest is across the bay to Kenai......that only takes 20 minutes. I'm very tired, slightly delirious, a bit sad and feel a bit weird too. It's not fun to leave family and friends.....My friend Carmen that took me to the airport asked me where I feel home is, Sweden or the US? And I can't answer that, I'm torn. But I do know that I have to go to Sweden more often.
I made sure I had some reading material for the first flight and Carmen got me some stuff that she knows that I last bite of prinsesstårta for a while. Tack Carmen!

Goodbye Sweden.....until next time! I do love Sweden.

And good morning Alaska!


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Jim Walters on :

Welcome home M'lady we have missed your beautiful smile.

Tatiana on :

I must have quite the intuition (that I really should listen to more often) because I knew I would get a comment from you today! Hope you are well!

Josh G on :

Welcome back, hope trip was enjoyable.

Jeff on :

Welcome back to the US! I really enjoyed all your pictures From Sweden. What a beautiful place! That anatomically correct dragon/dinosaur was a bit disturbing though!

Tatiana on :

My trip was GREAT!
Thanks Jeff!

Tatiana on :

Ha Ha yes.....the naked dragon at Gröna Lund, that is some funny stuff right there!
Sweden is great, there are so many places I haven't been to that I would like to visit and explore in Sweden but to do that you have to be employed by National Geographic or some magazine that focuses on travel or be a millionaire with lots of time to travel yourself. I want to see northern Sweden, like Lappland. I want to explore the beaches and towns in southern Sweden and the west coast.......just to mention some.

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