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Voting has begun nationwide. EXCITING! Do you want to "Make America Great Again" or do you want to be "Stronger Together"?

After watching all three debates, reading and listening to all the pros and cons and he said she said in this voting soap opera I have to say that I would personally check the last box or another box. I mean.....what the hell is going on really? I can't listen to Trump allegedly groping, raping and acting inappropriate with all kinds of women when Hillary's own husband did and is accused of the same thing. And she is STILL married to Bill OK!? I DO NOT like double standards! I don't understand how Hillary can get away with those emails being deleted and people are just ignoring that fact. And I remember Benghazi, I was sure that I had a blog entry written about that tragedy (but maybe not) because I recall I felt very sad over what happened. That was WRONG OK. I am also not OK with Trump's pro life views and how he went on and on in the last debate about women aborting babies up until the last day of pregnancy......ummmmmm really? There are guidelines and laws regarding abortion and women don't just decide to abort the last day of pregnancy because they had a change of mind. I have written several entries about abortion over the years, read for yourself in the "Opinions" section of the blog.
And how many are familiar with the other people that you can vote for? Well, I did some research and I like Gary Johnson.
"Gary Johnson and Bill Weld want to get the government out of your life. Out of your cell phone. Out of your bedroom. And back into the business of protecting your freedoms, not restricting them. He is also an outspoken defender of a woman’s right to choose, rather than allow the government to make such an important and personal decision for them. The environment is a precious gift and must be protected. Gary Johnson believes that people, not politicians, should make choices in their personal lives. Responsible adults should be free to marry whom they want, arm themselves if they want, and lead their personal lives as they see fit — as long as they aren’t harming anyone else in doing so."
Thank You - that last sentence I have uttered myself many times. I don't care what you do, as long as you are not harming anyone else and to me that includes animals. And trees. I am one of those people that talk to trees and hug them.
So Gary Johnson has my vote. Either that or I would check the last box, "None Of These Candidates".

You can too! And after you check it you should write Tatiana SuperNova in the blank space. Wouldn't that be great? Imagine waking up everyday to read about what I have been doing everyday in the White House and out and about......whether I took a trip on an Air Force One for a super productive meeting in Moscow with Putin and or a meeting or two with Kim Jong-un because he definitely needs guidance, or met up with an indigenous tribe in the Amazon to study the benefits of ayahuasca (for the good of mankind of course), or when I discuss animal rights and environmental issues at a United Nations meeting with the first dog Chhaya sitting next to me? I can assure you all that I won't disappoint! And I am not one of those people that is all talk and no action. I believe that actions are louder than words. So.....when you vote, vote for Tati! :-D

It was a rainy day here in Las Vegas today - FINALLY! The sunset was absolutely beautiful, pink and orange splattered all over the sky. There is a lot of beauty out there in the world mixed in with all the other not so great stuff.

Second Debate

So almost a week has passed since the second presidential debate. Let me try to gather my thoughts and tackle this one......where do I even start? The whole thing has turned into a major soap opera! By Sunday there might be more people wanting to be in the spotlight for some temporary fame with some story about sexual assault or whatever other story it might be.
Let me start with what I do think that every functioning country should healthcare and free education. Nobody wants to be sick, except for a few mentally unstable people perhaps. If a person needs medical attention and care, no matter what it is they should be able to get it no questions asked. And if any cost is associated with it, that cost should be small and affordable. Any cosmetic surgeries such as ass enlargements (barf) should of course be paid for out of pocket unless it is reconstructive surgery. And college should not put people in debt. Where the funds for free healthcare and education should come from is up to the elected officials to figure out. Other countries manage to do this, therefore I am sure that America that supposedly is the greatest nation on Earth (although I don't think Putin agrees) can figure this out as well. If not, put some individuals in charge that can figure it out and fire the ones that are doing nothing useful.
I liked Hillary's introduction at the beginning of the debate. And Trump agreed to it as well. I think most of us do. It's kind of a given yeah?
Abortion should be a woman's choice. To the people that are against abortion,
be grateful that it is an would be paying way more in taxes for all the uncared for and unwanted children that would be forced to live with unfit parents or with foster families. There are plenty already. I have said it before, I don't need some old crusty dudes to make decisions about women's bodies. If men were the ones getting pregnant I am sure abortion would be legal until the third trimester. all the sexual assault allegations and Trump's private conversation about grabbing pussy. Am I offended personally? NO. Women are objectified pretty much everywhere. Look around you.
We live in a culture where porn is easily accessible. That men watch porn even when they are married or in committed relationships is socially accepted and women should just be OK with it. It is "normal" right?
"Delacroix looked underage in most of her early works, which were filmed while she was in her early 20s. She defined those movies as outlets for people with pedophilic urges, drawing on academic research making similar claims. She thinks that the fauxcest films she makes today provide a similar resource—a fantasy that might keep fathers or stepfathers from abusing their children." Yeah.....two very popular themes in porn, girls that look very very young (the younger the better) and incest fantasies (fauxcest) and men are loving it. This is reality. This might be your husband. Or the increasing violent porn, said to be inspiring all kinds of sickos out there that prey on women. How about doing something about that?
I have seen married and committed (supposedly) men of all ages act single, desperate and so pathetic in strip club and regular clubs. Other places too. Trust me, I have seen and heard some stuff OK.....For sure many men talk about women in similar ways that Trump and that other dude he had that conversation with. Don't be fooled, they do. And women talk like that too. I have. Does that make me some sort of a sexual predator? No. Fleeting words, perhaps I was cracking jokes.....I don't remember. But I did not go out and rape anyone. Never ever crossed my mind.
Now the women that came forward and say that Trump sexually assaulted them.
I don't know, I was not there. I really hope that they are telling the truth, because accusing somebody of sexual assault or rape is NOT something anyone should do. That makes people not trust rape victims. And that happens unfortunately, that women get raped and not believed. I do find it strange that all these women decided to be quiet about getting sexually assaulted until now. Why? All these women coming forward the month before the presidential election. Coincidence or not?
Had some random guy touched my vagine up my skirt in a nightclub I would had grabbed his hand, punched him in the face and kicked him in the balls. And made sure that everybody within earshot knew what had just happened. I also think it is so stupid looking to be holding Gloria Allred's hand at a press conference, are you a child? Grow the fuck up and look into the camera when you make your statement, don't read off a piece of paper, you will look more credible instead of looking like you are reading something somebody wrote down for you.
What we do know for sure is that Bill Clinton got busy with Monica Lewinsky in the White House while married to Hillary. There have been several women accusing him of sexual assault as well and Hillary still stayed with him. Does that mean she thinks cheating and sexual assault is OK? I mean, she stayed with him. So she condones this behavior then and she is running for president of the United States? Monica Lewinsky says that she isolated herself, felt suicidal and depressed after the whole Bill affair. I believe her. The public turned on her, made fun of her.
Oh yeah.....called her fat and ugly. Did Hillary care about that? That her husband caused another person to feel this way? Did she reach out to Monica or any of the other women that accused Bill of sexual assault?
I believe in fairness. If you are going to point a finger at somebody for something make sure you do not have something similar going on. Or worse. Hypocrites are the worst.
I am completely against rape and sexual assault. I am also completely against fabricating stories about rape and sexual assault.
The little boy in Aleppo was brought up at the debate. Omran was his name.
He made headlines all over the world. Yes, it is sad but there is a war in Syria and people are dying and yes, children too. There are people dying in unfortunate circumstances all over the world. I bet most people have forgotten about Omran now, just like they forgot about Je Suis Charlie memes and all the other Facebook stuff they cared or pretended to care about to be politically correct and fake for about a fleeting minute. Do YOU care about Omran? There are children dying in the US everyday at the hands of their unfit parents or Mom's new boyfriend. Tortured, beaten, raped to death. I see these stories EVERY day. At least Omran is alive.
The new thing is to set up a GoFundMe page after your loser piece of shit boyfriend murders your child, get every penny you can. I can't adopt Omran or any other child in need. I can help in some ways. This year I will donate at least four (or more) pairs of shoes to foster children in need, I will give some teddy bears too. What are YOU going to do? Talk about poor Omran or DO something?
Hillary's deleted emails......did she really delete emails that she was subpoenaed to show? I am not understanding this. How is this possible? IF she deleted them, she did break the law and perhaps she should be investigated and put in jail. I think this is a very important question that should be discussed more in depth instead of whatever else they are concentrating on and repeating over and over and over.....
Trump did not pay taxes. Did he break the law? No. Legal tax code stuff. He would had been stupid to not take advantage of this. I am sure that Hillary and Bill also take advantage of every loophole in the tax code that they can. And their foundation.
ISIS and any other terror group. To me no question about it.....terror groups do not belong amongst us. ISIS or Daesh and groups like Boko Haram cause terror, trauma, death, torture and destruction that I can not even imagine. It makes me so sad and furious when I read about what they do to innocent people. They kidnap and rape women. NO question about it, no allegations - reality. THAT to me is also much more important than some guy talking about grabbing pussy, whether he talked about it yesterday or ten years ago. Unless you have never talked about another person's body parts or made and kind of lewd comments in a private conversation you just really need to shut the fuck up.
What else can I add? I don't think you should be able to use children in political advertisements. Cheap shots

What is GOING ON PEOPLE???? He said, she said. He did this, she did that. I want to know about ISIS. Deleted emails. I want to know about healthcare and education. Children's rights. Animal rights. The environment and the economy.
I care about WHAT MATTERS and I care about FAIRNESS.
This election is sure making some people very angry. Some are even willing to alienate friends and family members for not agreeing with them. Listen, I really do not think that you will ever have Hillary's or Trump's private number and that they will do anything to help you out personally. Very unlikely. So hang on to your friends and family members, those are the people that matter. One day you might need something or somebody to talk to. This is where true friends and good family helps out. Don't get so upset over an election that you can't think rationally anymore. And do not blindly lap up everything you hear on one or two TV stations that you watch, gather facts from different sources and understand that media sometimes paints a skewed picture.
Phew......I think I am done with this one. One more debate left, in Sin City!
Talk about a place where money and sex is worshipped.
I REALLY wanted to attend the upcoming Las Vegas debate but I think I have to give up on that wish. If I am not mistaken only like 75 tickets will be released to UNLV full-time students in good standing.
Unless Trump or Hillary read this entry and decide to personally invite me...... ;-)
My election reading material so far.....

And I have to add some stuff to this entry. I wrote it around 3 am last night and it is now noonish and I am sitting at Illumelatte with a latte in front of me. I forgot to write some stuff that I intended to last night, I blame it on the late hour.....
So a few days ago I heard about some video circulating with Obama "exposing" himself to a group of giggling women on an airplane.
I watched it. I don't know what is going on......yes, there is a bulge of some sort in his pants. He seems to be showing it off but I was not present so I can only speculate. Perhaps he just has a large member and always looks like that?
But looking at the debacle surrounding the 2016 presidential election I bet that if that was a video of Trump supposedly "exposing" the bulge in his pants, women would had been crying and hiring attorneys talking about sexual assault. Yep.
I think this self proclaimed redneck gets it right about Trump and the pussy grabbing and it is a funny video.


Hillary or Trump? Are you a Democrat or a Republican? Neither? Does it really matter? The dissatisfaction with the two presidential candidates is high. It's more like a battle of the lesser of two evils many think. Kind of sad that the country that claims it is the best country in the world came up with two candidates that almost half of the voters are dissatisfied with and that people are making a choice based on the lesser of two evils. Is this the best America can do in 2016, the lesser of two evils?
To me a two party system seems extremely outdated. Not enough choices, the other parties that try to be involved stand no chance. I think a real change will happen only when the two party system is done and over with. A true Democracy should offer and have more choices. I also believe in having people vote in certain decisions, like when the people of England voted for Brexit.
And before people in general start alienating family and friends over whether one is voting for Hillary or Trump they should really educate themselves better in what each candidate stands for overall instead of just focusing on one issue. Yes, people are so wound up over this election that they are willing to lose friends over it if the friend is voting for the other person. Really? Do you really think that your life will change that drastically whether it is a Democrat or a Republican in the White House? Or in this election, whether it is Hillary or Trump? I don't think so.
Most people are content as long as they have the daily comforts they are used to. And if you really want a change then DO something about it. DOING something takes involvement and that is not always comfortable.
I am FAR FROM involved in politics. I am not DOING anything, I am also not voting. Issues that are important to me, that I would look at and study when deciding on whom I would vote for are (in no particular order)......animal rights, environment, health care, education, budget for military, human trafficking, stand on welfare, the protection of individual rights and freedom, how to battle terrorism, global involvement and interests. I can't think of anything else for now.
Also important to me is a presidents education. But also their emotional intelligence. A high education with a degree or two under your belt does not automatically mean that you are intelligent and a good person (I know plenty of examples of this myself). How does this person act in public? How will they interact with other world leaders? What have they done in the past? Have they done good? Do they seem honest, trustworthy and like a stand up good person. LOL.....honest and trustworthy.....I am forgetting that I am talking about US politics now. I am not in Sweden anymore. The $ rules here. Most people can be bought. Lies fly and saying one thing one day and another thing the next is just normal.
Somebody I know told me "it is time for some pussy in the White House". I cringed at that statement and I also said it is an awful and uneducated thing to blurt out. The person that is the MOST qualified should be in the White House, this has nothing to do with gender or has to do with qualification. By the way, there has been "pussy" in the White House since the very beginning.
Every president was married (don't quote me on that.....I am not sure if all 40 something US presidents were married) and I am sure most of the spouses as of lately have been strong and opinionated women that influenced their husband more than once.
I would love to attend the debate that will be held in Las Vegas on October 19 at UNLV. I looked into the possibilities of attending and a ticket to that event seems to be harder to obtain than a ticket to Burning Man.
Perhaps I can pretend to be media? HELLO......!!!? Do you not know who I am???
I write a blog that MILLIONS of people read and I will cover the presidential debate in my blog extensively, I DESERVE to be present! ;-) In fact, I should get my own microphone and be allowed to interject with questions and observations.
I don't know where I stand in this election. To shake up the country, if that is what you want, vote for Trump I guess and see what happens. To stay more on the same course vote for Hillary.
I am more worried about the state of Europe and Sweden. The Islamic State worries me. I care for how we treat animals. And this planet. If you really are the proud American that you say that you are.....then stop leaving your trash behind. Don't let some poor immigrant like me pick up your trash, because I do. For free.
I work for free for America! LOL. I care about human interactions and the importance of being nice to each other. I care about being open minded and possessing knowledge and learning. I think we should read more books and watch less stupidity. I think it is important to talk to each other and learn from each other. We all share the same planet. Me, you and everybody else.

More Politics

I have some more politics to present you with. YEAY......aren't you thrilled?! :-D
I have wondered for a while what would happen when if Trump becomes the President of the USA and he would have to meet up with Putin. would that meeting go? A power clash? Or would they quietly enjoy afternoon tea followed by some vodka? Everybody knows that Putin rules with an iron fist, he is a bad ass that does not take any bullshit from anyone. He has been declared the world's most powerful man more than once by various publications, a title I am sure he is very pleased with.
Well, interesting developments are coming from Putin's side regarding this upcoming US election. I guess there is a mutual admiration on both ends between Putin and Trump. Putin thinks that Trump is, "[Donald Trump is] a really brilliant and talented person, without any doubt,” [Vladimir] Putin told reporters, according to a translation by Interfax. “It’s not our job to judge his qualities, that’s a job for American voters, but he’s the absolute leader in the presidential race.”
And Trump thinks that Putin is somebody that he would "get along very well with" and that "he's running his country and at least he's a leader, unlike what we have in this country." There is even talk about a budding bromance between the two. Should Melania feel nervous? I find this VERY interesting. What is happening?
I can say this much, Putin is very much against the Islamic State in all its forms.
One of the most pressing problems the world is facing, in my opinion. There has been several terrorist attacks in Europe lately (Germany and France). I would like to see how Putin would handle the situation would there be a terrorist attack in the name of Allah in Russia. I think Putin might respond with a few nuclear bombs that would wipe out pretty much all the stronghold areas known for Islamic State and all their affiliates. And I kind of think it might be necessary to do this if these crazed fundamentalists don't stop attempting to push Islam on the rest of us non Muslims. Small history lesson.....back in 1683, The Battle of Vienna. Polish King John III Sobieski fought and conquered the Turks and many believe that stopped a possible Islamification of Europe. Good job Sobieski!
I have no interest in being "politically correct". I am very grateful that I am not forced to oblige to some religion, especially a religion that opresses women. Practice your religion quietly and in peace. Whatever religion you believe in.
Your belief in God is between you and God. And no, I do not think that Islam is a peaceful religion. Obviously not, there is almost daily evidence of that.


Election year is upon us. Whether it will be Clinton or Trump moving into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue remains to be seen. I am not voting and could I had voted I would had voted for myself. Of course. Chhaya would had been First Dog, a position she would had carried with much success.
I do have some thoughts on Melania's speech since it got so much attention. I did not hear the speech neither have I read it, from what I understand some say that her speech had many similarities to Michelle Obama's speech back in 2008. Perhaps.
What I do think though is that any person running for President of the United States or any commander in chief post in any country should write their OWN speeches. If you want to represent a country as an elected official you should be able to express yourself intelligently verbally and in writing. Your education and intelligence should be vast. Now Melania as a runner up for First Lady of the USA should be well rounded enough to be able to throw together a speech. I don't really see the difficulty here. Nobody is asking her to solve complex math problems
(I know I would not be able to), just deliver an honest speech from her heart. She is nor running for President, so there is less burden on her to deliver something to the same capacity as her husband. And from my understanding somebody is writing his speeches too? I think that is weak and fake. When you are playing on that political level you should be able to take care of your own speeches. The world is watching. So now that they don't even write their own speeches I suggest they at least make it fun. Get Andrew Dice Clay write something or any of the writers from Saturday Night Live, you know to liven things up a bit and make it memorable.
I wonder if Putin writes his own speeches?

Bacha Bazi

The world is beautiful but us humans make it a bad place in countless of ways.
I came across the term "bacha bazi" the other day and remembered the first time I heard about the dancing boys. It was when I read The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. A truly beautiful work of art. I think that a good writer is an artist since you can capture your audience (the readers) with your words just as much as a musician does with their music or a painter with a painting. Khaled Hosseini is a literary genius, I have read all three of his novels. They are beautiful and heart breaking. And heart breaking is what bacha bazi is.
I want to pound my head into a wall when I learn about the pain humans inflict on others, including animals. If I had to torture another being I would volunteer to kill myself first because I could never live with myself.
The US gives Afghanistan monetary aid. The corruption is rampant in the country. Some are saying nothing has changed in decades, if anything things got worse. Where is the money going? Why give millions and millions to countries that blatantly ignore the Universal Declaration of Human Rights? The children and the poor do not get any of the money? Are they getting food? Clothes and shelter? What is life like for women there? I can answer that.....NOT good. American soldiers are told to look the other way when witnessing children being raped in Afghanistan since the practice of dancing boys or bacha bazi have been around in this area for a very very long time, supposedly centuries since ancient times. But it doesn't make it right. A lot is not right. These children grow up and what happens to children that live through abuse like this.....what kind of adults do they become? Children that go through trauma, either by being subjected to it or witnessing bad stuff bear it with them as adults. It can create some serious behavioral problems, I have seen this myself in adults that had shitty childhoods. I would think most humans can FEEL what is right in their heart and soul, I can, so I think others can too. But I guess some can't.
You want to learn about something this weekend? Read about bacha bazi. Or read one of Khaled Hosseinis novels if you haven't already, I highly recommend the first two. The Kite Runner also got made into a movie.

Image borrowed from Rinnyy Tumblr.

Rape Culture

Anyone been reading about that frat boy/man (named Brock) who raped the girl/woman that he encountered at a Stanford frat party in a very drunken state?
He got sentenced to six months in county jail and probation. I am not sure how long of that he will actually serve and he must register as a sex offender from now on. A public letter from the woman he attacked has gone viral and so has a letter from his Dad. The woman was unconscious when she was raped and assaulted, prior to passing out she was inebriated. So an agreement for any sexual contact with a perfect stranger from her side I think was out of the question. Poor Brock must now register as a sex offender and visit jail for some time. He used to enjoy rib eye steak (yeah, I can just imagine his ass tearing into a bloody steak) but now he has no appetite. Poor Brock's whole life is difficult now and all of this trouble for "20 minutes of action" as his Dad so eloquently put it. WOW. 20 minutes of action huh?
Yeah....WAKE UP CALL you fucking PUNK! You sexually took advantage of a girl that had too much to drink. She was found behind a dumpster in the fetal position with her underwear a bit away from her. Dirty. Two Swedes (yes, people from Sweden) witnessed this event and called the police, one of the Swedes was crying so hard that he could barely speak when telling the police officer what he had seen. Normal? No. One can only wonder what else would had happened to this girl had the two Swedes not seen this and interfered.
AND WHAT ABOUT HER LIFE? Why feel sorry for Brock?
This is a fucking rape culture. Women, we all want it, don't we? Even when we say no. Even from a perfect stranger. Behind a dumpster, anywhere it doesn't matter. Brock needs to go to jail. Perhaps there he will meet a big powerful man that will decide, even against Brock's wishes, that Brock really wants some dick up his ass and will show Brock a good ole' bloody time. I think Brock needs some of that, maybe then he can understand a little bit how he made that girl feel.
She needs to live with this trauma and all the hoopla around it for the rest of her life too. He is the one that assaulted her, not the other way around.
Perhaps start teaching your sons about women's rights. Tell them that porn is NOT reality. That we women don't randomly want it from strangers usually.
I am against that whole frat boy college drinking culture that exists here in the US anyways, never understood it. I went to University of Stockholm for a few semesters before coming to the US. I never drank alcohol at school premises, I took school seriously. It was not some loud hormonal testosterone infused gathering, it was University. And people of both sexes acted accordingly.
Yes, Brock's Dad.....I understand that you are sad and worried for your son. I do, it is your child. But Brock made a BIG mistake and even in today's rape culture this is illegal and he has to suffer the consequences. This girl has a Dad and Mom also and a little sister, imagine how they feel. Imagine if this was your daughter?
Maybe then you would feel differently.

I've had MORE than my share of UNWANTED attention from guys. Trust me, I don't want it. I am not interested in any of their attention. I am sure most girls and women understand what I am talking about.
Somehow I have lived my whole life without a single urge to attack a random stranger that I don't know, knock him down and rape him. I actually do not know any woman that has raped a man.
Writing this makes me think about Lisa Holm in Sweden. Beautiful Lisa had her whole life ahead of her. She was murdered. Her family left to deal with the loss.
It's been almost a year. Lisa, you are not forgotten. I never knew you but your story burns inside of my soul.

Yet Again

While reading today's news there are two stories about dog fighting. One story shows pictures of two badly injured dogs used for bait dropped off at a strangers porch. I hope they get saved. Another of a dog fighting ring recently discovered and as a result 66 (so far) individuals are arrested. I hope all the dogs get saved also.
I am DISGUSTED - yet again.
Ohio is the first state that just passed a law that animal cruelty is a felony.
THANK YOU OHIO! ALL states should follow Ohio's example.
Not only should animal cruelty be a felony. People that are convicted of this barbaric practice should have to register, just like sex offenders. For life. And of course be banned from ever owning an animal again.
If I had a business I would never hire a child molester/abuser or an animal abuser. Never. I'd rather hire a thief, alcoholic or drug addict. Actually finding a completely sober person here is almost impossible. I grew up in a place (Sweden) where drinking alcohol on a daily basis was and still is considered a problem and where drinking and driving, even ONE beer is prohibited. Not here in the US. When I tell people (if they ask) that I don't drink or do drugs they look at me like I am crazy and ask, "what's your vice?" Like you HAVE to have a "vice" or a problem of some sort. No, I don't have any addictions to brag about. Not yet. Life is not over.
Ask me in 20 years, perhaps I will have a different story to tell then. You never know.
Back to animals. The laws need to change. I do not understand what people get out of dog fighting and animal abuse. It is scary. It is wrong. Mandatory felony and public registration for life.
I am far from an angel, I have broken the law but I have never physically harmed a child or an animal. People that do that are completely SICK and beyond help.
They need to be put away. I have zero tolerance for that and I do not want to share my living space with them.

So, continuing the talk about animals. That poor beautiful gorilla Harambe that was shot dead at the zoo in Cincinnati the other day because some toddler decided that saying HELLO to Harambe in person would be a good idea.....just UNACCEPTABLE.
First of all, I am against zoos in general. Places that nurse and help animals are good, like animal sanctuaries. But the form of place where we gawk at animals that belong in the wild but are forever imprisoned- NO. You want to see animals?
Go camping. Watch something on TV with animals. Save up and go on a safari or something. The idea of a zoo or SeaWorld and all that crap - OUTDATED! Get with the times people and wake up.
The parenting skills of that toddler's parent/s are questionable. I can't stand people that let their annoying offspring run around, touch everything with their sticky snotty fingers and be loud and annoying in general. Take your brats to the playground, entertain them in your backyard.....something but in a public place where there are other strangers present - keep them in check.
Poor gorilla. What a waste of a beautiful and intelligent creature. Because some absentminded Mom could not keep their kid under control. Perhaps she was still groggy from her prescription meds. She should get investigated, meds and alcohol levels should be looked into. Parenting is a job to be executed while you are sober.


I remember the first time I heard somebody say ‘karma is a bitch”. It was actually in the dressing room at work and some girl blurted it out, after that I have heard it countless of times. I also remember not understanding the meaning of it at first. Like, “who is karma and why is she a bitch”? But I don’t like the expression “karma is a bitch”, I think it sounds negative and ugly. As in bitch = woman = negative. No, I don't like that at all. Plus karma can be good, there is positive and negative karma. Right?
I actually been having some discussions with a few of my girlfriends on this topic lately. Because I don’t know if I believe in karma. Sometimes I feel like I do but on the other hand… do I prove that karma exists? People can speculate about it and blurt out “karma is a bitch” like it is the truth but how do you prove it? A facebook meme about karma does not mean that what you read is the truth. You need to study the topic more and read up on religion and beliefs, I think. Facebook articles and memes are only a scratch on the surface.
I would never say to another person that something bad happened to them because of karma. Meaning they have themselves to blame because of something bad they did in this life or a previous life. That would be wrong of me and also disrespectful. I don’t even think like that or imply it. Who am I to decide that for somebody else and how do I even KNOW that to be the truth? And how do you explain when bad happens to the innocent - children? Do you tell a grieving parent with a sick, injured or even dead child that the child got what she/he deserved because of karma? No, of course not. Well, at least I don’t think like that.
And if karma really was the universal law we wouldn’t need any laws or uphold personal responsibilities because karma would make sure we would all get what we deserve.
So if you believe in karma do you also believe in reincarnation and past lives? I WANT to believe that this life here and now is not the end. I want to believe that I will be together with everybody dear to me and Chhaya somewhere else but I do not know this for sure. I never had any near death experiences or other proof of some sort that there is an afterlife. Maybe one day I will. And it makes me so sad sometimes, this life and that in the end we all die. WHY? It is SO cruel I think. Even writing it now I have to take a deep breath and wipe away tears.
I have said it a few times before, here in the blog and in those deep talks that you have with people sometimes, that I think this life basically is suffering with some happiness scattered into so we do not give up or lose our minds while struggling through this journey. So yes, I hope and wish for something amazing for all of us, including the animals when we die or pass over.
Maybe karma very much exists. I can only speculate. But I think bad stuff happens because there are bad and evil people out there that inflict pain and cause problems for others.
And sometimes we make bad choices and get ourselves involved in bad situations that in turn leads to a bad outcome. And other times we are in the wrong place at the wrong time. That is how I explain the bad stuff that happens. You also reap what you sow. We see results depending on our actions - good and bad.
I also remember a few years ago while at work (again), I did something nice for either a person/s or something nice in general. And somebody told me that they thought I was a very nice person and a girl I used to work with said, "she is doing it to get good karma in the future". I was like……NO? That is not how I operate, I do not do something kind for others or do something good in general because I want to collect good karma points. That would be calculating and I am not a calculating person. Far from it.
Then one of my friends also told me that you can repair your karma……interesting.
Whether karma is real or not can be discussed, we all have our own opinions about stuff and I respect that. I love listening, discussing and hopefully broadening my knowledge and outlook on stuff.
I talked to four of my girlfriends about karma, wanting to know their thoughts. My one friend in Sweden does not believe in karma at all. Then I have the friend with the Christian biblical approach to life and it's struggles. And the other two firmly believe in karma, one of them in a more sensitive and educated way than the other which I think has more to learn.
But so do I. And if we do reincarnate, is it only once or over and over until we are evolved enough to be welcomed into the eternal Paradise? Life is a journey.

What's Going On

What's going on in the world nowadays? I have not watched TV for a long time now.
Finding out most of my news info online. Besides the never ending terror suicide missions by brain washed maniacs all over the world we have the upcoming US presidential election.
Now I thought that Trump was rather entertaining and a breath of fresh air for a while until he started yapping about his personal thoughts on abortion. I am pro choice. And I certainly do not think that some dusty fogbone MAN needs to open up his mouth about punishment for women and/or the doctors that perform abortions. It is kind of unclear to me what he meant exactly because sometimes he does express himself like an immature boy and then he (or his team) realizes the fact and tries to make amends. He sure makes a lot of uneducated statements. I wonder if any of his three wives (he is on number three now) had any abortions, or are all three perfect saints? The amount of neglected, abused and uncared for children in this country alone is staggering. I think it is better to have an abortion than give birth and then molest and/or torture your child to death. And Trump's opinions about women's looks in general he can keep to himself, nobody is interested. You have a wife, concentrate on her and her looks.
Now what I am really fascinated with are the Panama Papers. That is some really interesting stuff! I thought it was great what Edward Snowden did a few years ago, also Assange with WikiLeaks and this latest revelation is great too. But if we are going to find out anything good from the Panama Papers is still yet to be seen. Journalism at it's finest I think. I wonder if any of the white collar criminals will face time in prison or will their millions buy them free (most likely) or is a fine (slap on the wrist) be sufficient? Meanwhile the founder of the Silk Road, Ross Ulbricht got sentenced to life. Fair? Not at all.
Besides that.......just a personal opinion of mine, I have to say that women that put on those fake yapping mousy voices are sooooooo annoying. Shut the fuck up! It does NOT sound cute, it sounds awful and it's painful to listen to. And I can't stand cackling hen laughs either. Barf.
Now I am going hiking. It rained and the desert smells wonderful.