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Mark Of The Beast

Found this article in today's local paper.

Depending on where you are on the religious believing in God scale, I am sure that there are people that will look at this as the mark of the beast. But then again, some believe that credit cards are the mark of the beast, others believe that social security numbers are. I don't really have an opinion about it. I am......spiritual. Of course the end of the times, or Armageddon sounds extremely scary. I have thought about it quite a bit myself and wondered if I would be one of the chosen ones to be saved? It could really go either way. Nobody knows. I just want to be reunited with my family and Chhaya - that is all that I am asking for.
Anyhow, the article talks about a microchip that gets implanted in the fleshy area by the thumb. This happens to take place at a company in Sweden and about 150 of the people working there got chipped already. I am not surprised this is happening in Sweden, the Scandinavian countries are well known to be advanced in innovative technology and people there overall are very forward thinking and openminded.
I am sure people will get all kinds of microchips and other electronics implanted in them in the near future. Time will tell what complications will come out of that, some good and some bad I'm sure.
Now look at the headline underneath the microchip article. That glaciers are retreating world wide. That would be global warming and if you are not lucky enough to live a long life and maybe face a possible Armageddon, then be concerned with what effects human life have on this planet instead. That is a real fact, even though from what I understand, the POTUS doesn't acknowledge global warming. Say what?
It is sad that polar bears have less room to roam because the ice is melting. I feel so bad for all the suffering animals around the world. We will destroy ourselves. Just like the Hopi prophecy says.


My dream job would be to get paid to read and write. Well, one of my dream jobs at least. Another dream job is professional sleeper, like bed tester.
And professional party investigator, meaning get paid to travel and check out various music festivals. Burning Man would get covered extensively.
I wanted to be a journalist at one point in Sweden and then I came to the US and my life took a different track. Nowadays with magazines being a dying breed I suspect that journalism as a profession is shrinking. But I am not sure. In Sweden for example, some are still making a living writing blogs. And some of those blogs, in my opinion are just empty and vapid but I guess vapid makes money.....look at the Kardashians. Plus the kind of journalism I really like and admire are the people that travel to war ravaged places to investigate and write stories about that. Or dig deep into domestic stories that can be difficult to uncover.
People that bring injustices to the surface, people that work to make a positive change in this world. Me traveling to let's say Afghanistan to gather information for a story is not going to happen because I will not put myself in that kind of danger. But I really admire the brave people that do.
Anyhow, today I am reading. I read almost everything except stuff like hunting and fishing magazines, I have zero interest in reading about people bragging about their for fun kill trophies. Women posing with fish they caught or some animal they managed to shoot and kill is like one of the ugliest things ever. Yes, men pose with that as well and that is ugly too but men are in many ways less evolved than women in that aspect (and in many other arenas as well), therefore I am surprised that there are women out there that willingly do shit like that......pose with a dead innocent animal while grinning like idiots. Barf.
But then again, I don't even want to kill a fly so I am extra sensitive to the treatment of animals.

If you like Beauty and the Beast this LIFE magazine about it is great. So many nice illustrations and interesting historical facts.
So I have to say that I do not like how the president of the United States is handling himself in meetings with other world leaders. I am thinking about the handshake issue. That is beyond awkward. I don't care if you have some phobia of germs or OCD or whatever it might be, when you are elected president and the president of the USA on top of it, man the fuck up and shake hands. Period.
The world is watching in horror and disbelief. This is not The Apprentice, it's serious now. Or do I have to attend the next meeting he has scheduled and show him how it's done? Melania needs to slap some sense into him, Eastern European old school style.
And another child is dead because of severe neglect and abuse. Happens every day in the US. This is a recurring topic in my blog because it really bothers me. The child I am thinking about is the 16 year old girl that was found in a diaper, starved to death, laying in feces. She was adopted. Two other adopted children were found in the house. Still alive.
A few months ago there was a case about a 14 year old adopted girl raped and murdered by her adoptive "Mom" and the woman's boyfriend.
Do not for a second believe that the child you don't want and decide so "selflessly" to give up for adoption because "it is the right thing to do" will be loved and well cared for. Yes, I know that there are adopted children that are loved, of course but then how many adopted and in foster care children are there that are being abused daily? Too many, that's how many.
Too many children are neglected, beaten, abused, starved, molested, murdered by either a biological parent, a biological parents new boyfriend or girlfriend, by a foster or adoptive family member.
I am 100% for abortion. If you can't take care of a child, don't have it. You think that raped and murdered innocent 14 year old child wanted a life like that? NO. Neither would you.
Better to abort than put a child through torture like that. And now society has to pay for two unworthy to be alive scumbags for an X amount years while they sit in prison.

Ringling Brothers

GREAT news that Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus has announced that it is closing the curtain after operating for well over a century. FINALLY! They have a number of shows left to do in the next four months and then they are done. Declining ticket sales means that people do not want to support animal cruelty anymore. Pressure from various animal rights organizations on the circus is also a strong factor for the closure. Bravo!
I don't care if humans want to put on shows for other humans as long as it's not coerced but to cage animals and force them to perform for an audience is just cruel. The elephants the circus used have retired since a while now I guess, they are at some sanctuary in Florida where I hope they can live comfortably and peacefully. The rest of the animals will still have to perform for a few more months until the circus is done.
I don't know how any adult with a functioning brain can attend a circus with animals and think it is entertaining? Especially not in these times.
When I was a kid my Mom would smoke in the car with me in it although I absolutely HATED it and felt sick the whole time (I hated car rides because of that), women would smoke when pregnant and a bunch of other things that I hope nobody does nowadays since we seem to become more informed about certain issues as time goes by and we supposedly "evolve". Although there are plenty of examples of idiots everywhere that sadly reproduce. But humans are greedy and only care about themselves, so taking themselves and their snotty whiny brats to a circus to watch animals suffer is something they feel they are entitled to do. BARF.
There are MANY pictures and MUCH information online about how animals in captivity are treated.
In the wild they are hunted and killed for pleasure or for certain body parts and left to rot.
Even household pets are not safe from psychos. How about the scumbag that is accused of sticking his disgusting dick into his pitbull more than 100 times? Some piece of shit in Florida and when I googled it, another scumbag in Florida did the same in his backyard a few years ago and a shocked neighbor called the cops. That scumbag had 8 pitbulls in his possession. Now if you look at these scumbag's mugshots you can just see that they are either inbred or slow, or injured from either fetal alcohol syndrome or a long self inflicted exposure to either alcohol or drugs. I hope they both die, soon. I have zero sympathy for trash like that.
And then some other man (of course) also in Florida thought it would be a good idea to try to rape a pitbull that he tried to grab in a park, in this instance he got his dick and balls torn apart by the dog. That dog should get an award. How come no women are running around in public parks attacking adults, children and animals to try to make their rape fantasies reality?
Have I ever been to a circus? Yes, once as a child and once as an adult (a stupid adult) and shortly after that I started becoming increasingly aware of how we treat animals and started making personal choices in my life that would reflect on my awareness.
I am only hoping to be able to better myself and my choices and make this world a better place even if only by small personal efforts and actions (maybe one day something big) before it is my time to pass on.

Lots of great info on here......

I might have to take a drive out to this place......

Not Politically Correct

January 8 many have broken their New Year's resolutions? I did not make any and I went running three times this week, about a 30 minute run each time. I like the way it makes me feel.
So.....if you are one of those politically correct or easily offended types you should probably stop reading now. My blog is not politically correct because I am not, I say whatever is on my mind. If you don't like it or don't agree, oh well. Opinions are, as we all know, like assholes......everybody has one. I might not be right all the time and if I feel I said something wrong I will be the first one to admit that and even apologize IF I feel it is necessary. Some people don't care much about anything besides their own business and barely even that (lucky them). Maybe I care too much but at least I feel alive.
So let's start with today's news. Something that seems to be rather normal in this country, a daily thing. A Mom and her boyfriend raped and murdered the Mom's 14 year old adopted daughter. I guess it had been a fantasy of theirs for a while. The girl was tortured, raped and murdered. Oh all the stellar "Moms" out there that put the well being and safety of their own children on the back burner just so they can have a "man" in their life. Whether it's abuse, neglect, getting high or drunk together, molestation or murder. What the FUCK is wrong with you women? STOP looking for "love" in random places when you have children and things did not work out so well with the person you had your kid/s with, BE A MOTHER and put the "love" business on hold. I don't have children. By choice. But I can tell you this much, if some piece of shit man would had even touched my kid the wrong way, with my temper, I would had cut him into pieces. Talking only does so much. And I have noticed that the new "trend" even when you looked the other way while your new boyfriend abused or raped your child/children is to set up a GoFundMe account to help out with funeral costs. Yeah.....have the public pay for your immoral shortcomings.
These two pieces of shits that did this to the 14 year old girl should get the death penalty. Why should they even be allowed to get out in society one day? Plus the girl was ADOPTED.....just another reason to be sure you WANT to have children before you decide to start squeezing them out. Any moron can donate sperm or carry a baby, it's a completely different thing to be a PARENT.
And how about the gang of four that kidnapped and tortured a disabled teen while streaming some of it live on Facebook. "Fuck white people" and "fuck Donald Trump"? Looking at their pathetic and ugly mugshots I can tell that they severely lack intelligence. I hope they get royally fucked in prison where they belong for a very long time. Where is Al Sharpton, how come he is not loudly yelling from somewhere? I would like for him to say something about this. You know what...I am SO over the Black Lives Matter movement, I am sick and tired of hearing about it. These four assholes lives certainly do not matter to me. MAKE YOUR life matter, regardless of the color of your skin.
Another two stellar members of society who's lives don't matter are the two disgusting excuses for humans that got convicted in making crush videos (Brent Justice and Ashley Richards)....I hope they get tortured to death in prison. So before you think it is a GREAT idea for your cute dog or cat to produce a litter or a few......think about what might happen to the puppies or kittens if they end up in the wrong hands. THINK. Will you please?
And if you are in a gang, whatever ethnicity you are, if you are an adult and in a gang and get shot that is the life you chose for yourself. I do not have any sympathy for some fools getting shot in Chicago or anywhere else because they are in gangs. We are better off with them dead anyways. I feel bad for innocent people that get caught in gun fire or fall victim to any other violent act carried out by these leeches on society. I feel bad for the police that have deal with that bullshit on an everyday basis, it's good I am not a cop. What's really scary is that people like that breed. A lot.
Again, I wish there was some mandatory "fit for parenting" test you would have to pass before you were allowed to reproduce. I think society would be better off then.
OK.....I think that was it for this Sunday evening. I got a new book (yes!), The IKEA Story by Bertil Torekull. I freakin' LOVE IKEA! They should open up a store in Anchorage and have me manage it.

More About Trump

OK......I finally ate dinner (it's almost 10 PM here) and opened up my laptop thinking that I HAVE to write something today! Or people won't read my blog anymore! And I don't want that.
Dinner consisted of watermelon (I am still on a watermelon kick), Flaming Hot Limon Cheetos and hot tea with lemon and sugar. This afternoon me and Chhaya had goodies from Whole Foods. Sweet potato and turkey for her and for me a mix of all kinds of yummy stuff (no meat).
So I want to talk a bit more about Trump, yeah I'm not quite done yet......
Are people still out there protesting or have they given up yet, now that it is getting colder and made it home to the couch and the tv? I sure am enjoying the couch!
And I did hear that protester were HIRED and paid $ to be out there showing their disapproval for Trump. Look up George Soros and read for yourself, I have honestly not done that much fact checking on that besides some reading and listening to people discuss it on the radio. But it is so incredibly WEAK to be out there protesting only because you got paid. That is like having zero integrity. FAKE. I don't like fake.
And I am curious if there were any Asian or Indian (not Native Americans) people protesting or only politically correct white granolas, blacks and latinos? I suspect the Asians and Indians are too busy getting an education, a career and a good job......they don't have time to be loitering in the streets. But if you happen to be Asian or Indian and were out protesting Trump, please let me know! Did you do it out of free will or did you collect an hourly salary for doing so?
And who has moved away from America yet now that Trump got elected?
Several famous and many regular people "threatened" to pack up and leave.
Go ahead! Make that "threat" reality. Send a postcard from your destination, let us know how you like it. people formerly against Trump start kissing his ass now.
And what about burning your New Balance shoes after somebody in their camp made a statement and the people against Trump took offense so they showed their annoyance by burning their New Balance shoes. I have a few pairs of New Balance shoes and I love them, not planning on burning any shoes here. I suggest next time you want to burn a perfectly good pair of shoes or some other piece of clothing in good condition that you calm down, take a breath and give those shoes to somebody that might need them and doesn't give a shit whether it's New Balance or some other brand, just happy to have a pair of shoes. And New Balance are now the "Official Shoes of White People". Really? Good that I have four pairs then! I will make sure to wear my blue ones tomorrow.

Throw some Black Lives Matter in there too just because. Why not. Don't even get me started on THAT issue.......yes yes BLM and YOUR life too white person and MY life and that person's life and that ones too etc etc......SIGH.

And how about poor Maggie in Minnesota that threw up and was terrified when she found out Trump got elected. WOW! You know what makes me sick to my stomach and terrified? That ISIS take innocent persons like Kayla Muller for example or journalists, aid workers, doctors, anybody that doesn't agree with them and torture, rape and murder those people. THAT makes me sick, sad and scared. It also makes me sick that grown men rape children or that people abuse animals. Trump got elected......Hillary didn't and people bawl their eyes out like they are at a good friends or relatives funeral. Get it together! I read that some 13 year old kid was SOBBING and had to stay home from school over Clinton's loss.
If you get that upset over politics when you are 13, you are either a budding politician or brain washed by your parent/s. When I was 13 I was interested in horses, playing with my friends and going dancing at a disco called BG on Friday nights. I was staring at my boy band posters that were all over my walls and day dreamed about making out with my boy band crush of the month. Politics were like the most boring thing ever in my world. That was then, I quite enjoy politics now. And I still like horses, playing with my friends, dancing and I still harbor teenage crushes. Some things never change I guess. I am still very much like a teenager in many ways and that's a good thing.
So how do I get to set MY foot in the White House? It is not impossible, look at Melania. I bet she is like......HOLY SHIT I am the First Lady of the USA! She can't believe her luck, talk about striking the jackpot with the Donald. She is from some small Slovenian village originally and ended up in the White House. So it can happen to anyone I guess.
I know many people think/are confused that Trump is a loose cannon who will push THAT button that will lead us into another world war but he will have advisors and highly educated people surrounding him with expertise and knowledge, like the newly appointed security adviser Michael Flynn. Trump is not going to sit behind a large desk inside the Oval Office making any irrational end of times decisions by himself. And I HOPE that Putin and Trump get along and get to hang out a lot. I think Putin has cojones, that is a good quality. Women have cojones too, I have more cojones than some "men" I've encountered. Either you got them or you don't.......
So calm down people in America and the rest of the world, yes many politically correct Swedes were very upset over Trump's victory as well, let him prove himself before you judge. The job as president of any country is most likely very tough and stressful, I can't even imagine that burden.
Speaking of jobs......I have to be at mine at 8 30 AM so I need to go to sleep soon......
There have been quite a few political entries here lately, I think I need to switch things up with some pictures of ME from my selfie machine (phone) or talk about some nonsense like cupcakes or clothes or something fun like that......
Oh and before I fall Mom thinks that Ivanka will be the first female US president. I can't run for president so I'm out that one. Too bad because ruling with an iron fist would get a new meaning with Tati in charge.....

President Trump

Well it is official, Donald John Trump is the 45th president of the United States of America. I have been watching the polls for about 9 hours......I think I followed this election rather closely. I called that he would become president in a blog entry in July and I remember discussing that I thought Trump would become president when he was still running to be the Republican party candidate with some people at Burning Man last year (not this year) and they looked at me like I was crazy.
Well, I guess I am not the only crazy one......obviously.
My vote was for Trump if I had to choose between him and Hillary. And I also think Gary Johnson would had been a good choice although I have never seen or heard him speak. I do not agree with everything Trump is about but I am looking at the bigger picture. I think that Hillary is very intelligent, educated, well spoken and qualified in many ways and I definitely think a woman can hold any powerful political position, there are examples of that. But overall I think she had too many double standards and that things, too many things overall did not add up with her. So I am pleased with the result of this election. :-)
I think Trump presented a very good first speech when he took stand at the podium tonight. So far so good......only time will tell now. There might be a second term for Trump in 2020 as well if the world as we know it will still be around then. So start recycling, eating less meat and concentrate on becoming a better person so this world will still be here!

Quite interesting that Hillary chose not to make an appearance and that her followers were asked to go home and sleep. I do recall the third debate when Mike Wallace basically asked Trump how he is going to react when he loses the election and Trump was criticized by everybody for his reaction. So where is Hillary now when she in fact lost? Will she get the same response?
It is going to be very interesting to see the ones that were against Trump start kissing his ass. People are so two faced. And one thing I did not like about Hillary's campaign was the inclusion of "celebrities', Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Bon Jovi, Jennifer Lopez etc. Come on now......if you want a concert you go to a concert. Don't mix politics with that kind of entertainment, I am glad that trick did not work out for her.
But it is getting late and I promised Chhaya a walk and then I am going to bed. Goodnight!


Look at this BEAUTIFUL American pitbull!
I am curious to see what the voter turnout will be in this election after this is all said and done, which is TODAY November 8! Over 60% voter turnout.....or less?
I am amazed that so many Americans don't vote.......complaining and talking shit comes easy but shlepping your ass to vote is a different story. Pathetic.
No matter who wins, because let's be realistic, the three other candidates on the ballot don't stand much of a chance, be grateful that you still have the right to vote! I think it is safe to say that a lot of people don't even KNOW that there are three other candidates on the ballot and an option for "None of These Candidates". America is a democracy (on paper at least) and people have the RIGHT to their opinion, whether you support Trump, Hillary or somebody else. I do not get offended whatsoever by people's political choices. Therefore I think it is highly amusing when some get so angry if you do not agree with them politically.
Really now.....calm down OK. Have an intelligent conversation and discuss instead of getting angry.
I get upset when the individual does something to harm another innocent person or animal. Stuff like that bothers me, that makes me angry. Blatant injustices upset me. I feel strongly about some issues. Mostly involving children, animals, the environment, ISIS and other terrorist organizations and painfully dumb people in society in general. You are voting for Hillary? OK.....good for you. You are voting for Trump? OK.....good for you. I would personally prefer Trump over Hillary and now you know that, I don't care if you don't agree or whatever else you think about me. Oh well. You have your opinion, I have mine.

Sunday Evening Reflections

It is getting late here Sunday evening, many of you are probably getting ready to go to bed or are already sleeping, preparing for an early rise tomorrow to start a new work week. I am working too, at the cafe but not until 12 30 pm tomorrow so I can sleep in and cuddle with Chhaya. Right now I am comfortable on the couch, watching BBC World News and want to share my Sunday evening reflections with you.
First of all, imagine working for BBC......dream job! They have a digital journalist apprenticeship in the UK that is a 22 month long that seems amazing! I wish I could do that!
So the US of A presidential election is in a few days, it will all be over soon.
Until next time that is.....2020.

The latest in the soap opera in case you have missed an episode.....Hillary got cleared by the FBI again for more e mails, around 650 000 e mails this time (damn she emails a lot!) and a woman that claims Trump raped her back in 1994 when she was 13 at some "party" dropped her lawsuit. Ehhhhhh........what?
"Both witnesses say they worked as “party planners” for billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, who paid them to “attract adolescent women” to events he hosted at the Wexner Mansion in New York." Note here that Epstein has been convicted for soliciting girls under the age of 18 for "massage services" and prostitution and served time in prison. He is/was a friend of Trump and ALSO Bill and Hillary.
The other day I watched the Anthony Weiner documentary called Weiner and WOW......I can't believe that him and Huma agreed to being filmed like that.
You get to watch Weiner's life come undone and part of me almost felt sorry for him (because I am way too kind in general, many have told me so). To give up all of what he had going for him privately and professionally for his sexual urges.....what a waste! And that horse faced Sydney Leathers and with that permanent stupid look on her face, her mannerism and career in making porn after getting "famous" for sexting with Weiner? Just BARF. Is there any married/committed man out there that cheats on his significant other with somebody BETTER than their significant other or do they all choose TRASH?
From what I have seen they all downgrade and often by a lot. Who wants a Sydney Leathers when you have a wife that is intelligent, poised and elegant? Men are stupid, Weiner is just another example of that fact.
In this election there is talk about voting for the lesser of two evils. Well HELLO, do NOT vote for Trump or Hillary if you think they are so evil. There are three other candidates on the ballot and a fourth option as well. You are not going to be able to voice your disapproval by voting for a candidate you consider is evil. If you want change then do something about it.
I am also very surprised that on average 60% of eligible voters in US vote in the presidential elections. Are you just that stereotypical lazy and dumb American or do you just not care? Too busy to vote perhaps? Anyhow, if you do not vote then please keep your mouth shut and don't complain about anything.
And if Trump or Hillary would be the only two choices my vote would go to Trump, now you know where I stand on that. Trump for me.
There is something that doesn't feel honest about Hillary and Bill and their foundation. FOLLOW the money and do your own research, I have. Yes, Hillary has vast experience and education and I am impressed by her but she SHOULD have experience after all the years spent in Washington. Trump is rougher around the edges, he blurts stuff out, he is emotional but I think that is OK, he does not possess Hillary's experience but I am comfortable with that. I do not agree with everything he stands for, for example I am PRO choice and I don't think building a wall is doable either but I DO think you do need to screen who comes into a country. Other countries do, with some exceptions and look at what's going on in Germany. Unfortunately money talks and I feel that this election is controlled by money.....and people are getting paid off and bribed.
That Trump talked about grabbing women by the pussy does not bother me whatsoever, there are bigger problems to tackle. Trust me would some sorry guy try to grab me by the pussy he would regret that move. It happened to me once in New York City out and about in public. Some weirdo tried to do just that, after my initial SHOCK me and Shelley hunted that fucker down and beat him up. He got treated like the pathetic little bitch he was.

Enough of my Sunday evening reflections for now......GOODNIGHT! ;-)


Voting has begun nationwide. EXCITING! Do you want to "Make America Great Again" or do you want to be "Stronger Together"?

After watching all three debates, reading and listening to all the pros and cons and he said she said in this voting soap opera I have to say that I would personally check the last box or another box. I mean.....what the hell is going on really? I can't listen to Trump allegedly groping, raping and acting inappropriate with all kinds of women when Hillary's own husband did and is accused of the same thing. And she is STILL married to Bill OK!? I DO NOT like double standards! I don't understand how Hillary can get away with those emails being deleted and people are just ignoring that fact. And I remember Benghazi, I was sure that I had a blog entry written about that tragedy (but maybe not) because I recall I felt very sad over what happened. That was WRONG OK. I am also not OK with Trump's pro life views and how he went on and on in the last debate about women aborting babies up until the last day of pregnancy......ummmmmm really? There are guidelines and laws regarding abortion and women don't just decide to abort the last day of pregnancy because they had a change of mind. I have written several entries about abortion over the years, read for yourself in the "Opinions" section of the blog.
And how many are familiar with the other people that you can vote for? Well, I did some research and I like Gary Johnson.
"Gary Johnson and Bill Weld want to get the government out of your life. Out of your cell phone. Out of your bedroom. And back into the business of protecting your freedoms, not restricting them. He is also an outspoken defender of a woman’s right to choose, rather than allow the government to make such an important and personal decision for them. The environment is a precious gift and must be protected. Gary Johnson believes that people, not politicians, should make choices in their personal lives. Responsible adults should be free to marry whom they want, arm themselves if they want, and lead their personal lives as they see fit — as long as they aren’t harming anyone else in doing so."
Thank You - that last sentence I have uttered myself many times. I don't care what you do, as long as you are not harming anyone else and to me that includes animals. And trees. I am one of those people that talk to trees and hug them.
So Gary Johnson has my vote. Either that or I would check the last box, "None Of These Candidates".

You can too! And after you check it you should write Tatiana SuperNova in the blank space. Wouldn't that be great? Imagine waking up everyday to read about what I have been doing everyday in the White House and out and about......whether I took a trip on an Air Force One for a super productive meeting in Moscow with Putin and or a meeting or two with Kim Jong-un because he definitely needs guidance, or met up with an indigenous tribe in the Amazon to study the benefits of ayahuasca (for the good of mankind of course), or when I discuss animal rights and environmental issues at a United Nations meeting with the first dog Chhaya sitting next to me? I can assure you all that I won't disappoint! And I am not one of those people that is all talk and no action. I believe that actions are louder than words. So.....when you vote, vote for Tati! :-D

It was a rainy day here in Las Vegas today - FINALLY! The sunset was absolutely beautiful, pink and orange splattered all over the sky. There is a lot of beauty out there in the world mixed in with all the other not so great stuff.

Second Debate

So almost a week has passed since the second presidential debate. Let me try to gather my thoughts and tackle this one......where do I even start? The whole thing has turned into a major soap opera! By Sunday there might be more people wanting to be in the spotlight for some temporary fame with some story about sexual assault or whatever other story it might be.
Let me start with what I do think that every functioning country should healthcare and free education. Nobody wants to be sick, except for a few mentally unstable people perhaps. If a person needs medical attention and care, no matter what it is they should be able to get it no questions asked. And if any cost is associated with it, that cost should be small and affordable. Any cosmetic surgeries such as ass enlargements (barf) should of course be paid for out of pocket unless it is reconstructive surgery. And college should not put people in debt. Where the funds for free healthcare and education should come from is up to the elected officials to figure out. Other countries manage to do this, therefore I am sure that America that supposedly is the greatest nation on Earth (although I don't think Putin agrees) can figure this out as well. If not, put some individuals in charge that can figure it out and fire the ones that are doing nothing useful.
I liked Hillary's introduction at the beginning of the debate. And Trump agreed to it as well. I think most of us do. It's kind of a given yeah?
Abortion should be a woman's choice. To the people that are against abortion,
be grateful that it is an would be paying way more in taxes for all the uncared for and unwanted children that would be forced to live with unfit parents or with foster families. There are plenty already. I have said it before, I don't need some old crusty dudes to make decisions about women's bodies. If men were the ones getting pregnant I am sure abortion would be legal until the third trimester. all the sexual assault allegations and Trump's private conversation about grabbing pussy. Am I offended personally? NO. Women are objectified pretty much everywhere. Look around you.
We live in a culture where porn is easily accessible. That men watch porn even when they are married or in committed relationships is socially accepted and women should just be OK with it. It is "normal" right?
"Delacroix looked underage in most of her early works, which were filmed while she was in her early 20s. She defined those movies as outlets for people with pedophilic urges, drawing on academic research making similar claims. She thinks that the fauxcest films she makes today provide a similar resource—a fantasy that might keep fathers or stepfathers from abusing their children." Yeah.....two very popular themes in porn, girls that look very very young (the younger the better) and incest fantasies (fauxcest) and men are loving it. This is reality. This might be your husband. Or the increasing violent porn, said to be inspiring all kinds of sickos out there that prey on women. How about doing something about that?
I have seen married and committed (supposedly) men of all ages act single, desperate and so pathetic in strip club and regular clubs. Other places too. Trust me, I have seen and heard some stuff OK.....For sure many men talk about women in similar ways that Trump and that other dude he had that conversation with. Don't be fooled, they do. And women talk like that too. I have. Does that make me some sort of a sexual predator? No. Fleeting words, perhaps I was cracking jokes.....I don't remember. But I did not go out and rape anyone. Never ever crossed my mind.
Now the women that came forward and say that Trump sexually assaulted them.
I don't know, I was not there. I really hope that they are telling the truth, because accusing somebody of sexual assault or rape is NOT something anyone should do. That makes people not trust rape victims. And that happens unfortunately, that women get raped and not believed. I do find it strange that all these women decided to be quiet about getting sexually assaulted until now. Why? All these women coming forward the month before the presidential election. Coincidence or not?
Had some random guy touched my vagine up my skirt in a nightclub I would had grabbed his hand, punched him in the face and kicked him in the balls. And made sure that everybody within earshot knew what had just happened. I also think it is so stupid looking to be holding Gloria Allred's hand at a press conference, are you a child? Grow the fuck up and look into the camera when you make your statement, don't read off a piece of paper, you will look more credible instead of looking like you are reading something somebody wrote down for you.
What we do know for sure is that Bill Clinton got busy with Monica Lewinsky in the White House while married to Hillary. There have been several women accusing him of sexual assault as well and Hillary still stayed with him. Does that mean she thinks cheating and sexual assault is OK? I mean, she stayed with him. So she condones this behavior then and she is running for president of the United States? Monica Lewinsky says that she isolated herself, felt suicidal and depressed after the whole Bill affair. I believe her. The public turned on her, made fun of her.
Oh yeah.....called her fat and ugly. Did Hillary care about that? That her husband caused another person to feel this way? Did she reach out to Monica or any of the other women that accused Bill of sexual assault?
I believe in fairness. If you are going to point a finger at somebody for something make sure you do not have something similar going on. Or worse. Hypocrites are the worst.
I am completely against rape and sexual assault. I am also completely against fabricating stories about rape and sexual assault.
The little boy in Aleppo was brought up at the debate. Omran was his name.
He made headlines all over the world. Yes, it is sad but there is a war in Syria and people are dying and yes, children too. There are people dying in unfortunate circumstances all over the world. I bet most people have forgotten about Omran now, just like they forgot about Je Suis Charlie memes and all the other Facebook stuff they cared or pretended to care about to be politically correct and fake for about a fleeting minute. Do YOU care about Omran? There are children dying in the US everyday at the hands of their unfit parents or Mom's new boyfriend. Tortured, beaten, raped to death. I see these stories EVERY day. At least Omran is alive.
The new thing is to set up a GoFundMe page after your loser piece of shit boyfriend murders your child, get every penny you can. I can't adopt Omran or any other child in need. I can help in some ways. This year I will donate at least four (or more) pairs of shoes to foster children in need, I will give some teddy bears too. What are YOU going to do? Talk about poor Omran or DO something?
Hillary's deleted emails......did she really delete emails that she was subpoenaed to show? I am not understanding this. How is this possible? IF she deleted them, she did break the law and perhaps she should be investigated and put in jail. I think this is a very important question that should be discussed more in depth instead of whatever else they are concentrating on and repeating over and over and over.....
Trump did not pay taxes. Did he break the law? No. Legal tax code stuff. He would had been stupid to not take advantage of this. I am sure that Hillary and Bill also take advantage of every loophole in the tax code that they can. And their foundation.
ISIS and any other terror group. To me no question about it.....terror groups do not belong amongst us. ISIS or Daesh and groups like Boko Haram cause terror, trauma, death, torture and destruction that I can not even imagine. It makes me so sad and furious when I read about what they do to innocent people. They kidnap and rape women. NO question about it, no allegations - reality. THAT to me is also much more important than some guy talking about grabbing pussy, whether he talked about it yesterday or ten years ago. Unless you have never talked about another person's body parts or made and kind of lewd comments in a private conversation you just really need to shut the fuck up.
What else can I add? I don't think you should be able to use children in political advertisements. Cheap shots

What is GOING ON PEOPLE???? He said, she said. He did this, she did that. I want to know about ISIS. Deleted emails. I want to know about healthcare and education. Children's rights. Animal rights. The environment and the economy.
I care about WHAT MATTERS and I care about FAIRNESS.
This election is sure making some people very angry. Some are even willing to alienate friends and family members for not agreeing with them. Listen, I really do not think that you will ever have Hillary's or Trump's private number and that they will do anything to help you out personally. Very unlikely. So hang on to your friends and family members, those are the people that matter. One day you might need something or somebody to talk to. This is where true friends and good family helps out. Don't get so upset over an election that you can't think rationally anymore. And do not blindly lap up everything you hear on one or two TV stations that you watch, gather facts from different sources and understand that media sometimes paints a skewed picture.
Phew......I think I am done with this one. One more debate left, in Sin City!
Talk about a place where money and sex is worshipped.
I REALLY wanted to attend the upcoming Las Vegas debate but I think I have to give up on that wish. If I am not mistaken only like 75 tickets will be released to UNLV full-time students in good standing.
Unless Trump or Hillary read this entry and decide to personally invite me...... ;-)
My election reading material so far.....

And I have to add some stuff to this entry. I wrote it around 3 am last night and it is now noonish and I am sitting at Illumelatte with a latte in front of me. I forgot to write some stuff that I intended to last night, I blame it on the late hour.....
So a few days ago I heard about some video circulating with Obama "exposing" himself to a group of giggling women on an airplane.
I watched it. I don't know what is going on......yes, there is a bulge of some sort in his pants. He seems to be showing it off but I was not present so I can only speculate. Perhaps he just has a large member and always looks like that?
But looking at the debacle surrounding the 2016 presidential election I bet that if that was a video of Trump supposedly "exposing" the bulge in his pants, women would had been crying and hiring attorneys talking about sexual assault. Yep.
I think this self proclaimed redneck gets it right about Trump and the pussy grabbing and it is a funny video.