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Rapes In Sweden

Five years ago I wrote a blog entry about a girl in India that was brutally raped by several men, she was only 23 when she died from her injuries. I recall feeling sadness for what happened to her deep in my heart. There would be several more reports about other gang rapes in India after that. That incident and also reading a blog called White Indian House Wife made me decide that I can't go to India on my own as a tourist, probably ever. And I would love to see India, always been fascinated by that country. But my safety is my priority.
Three years ago I wrote about a rape gang in Afghanistan. Those men actually got sentenced to death by hanging.'s 2017 and I am writing about rapes in Sweden. Right now there is an uproar in Sweden. Several men suspected of a gang rape were all found not guilty. They admitted to having sex with the woman but they said she was a willing participant, that it was a drug exchange. I have to say that the woman is a known drug user and changed her story a lot. That contributed to her credibility being diminished. The police did, according to the prosecutor in the case very shoddy police work. So there was not enough evidence to find the men guilty. And in court the law has to be followed, that is just how it is. And no matter how you look at it - that is ultimately a good thing. According to the victim there were up to maybe eight men involved in the rape but several more present watching and cheering on. I am not sure, reading about the case online I gathered different information. But at least three men had sex with her from what I understand. I do not think it is likely that a woman would agree to random sex with several unknown men in public, a high-rise stairwell. We are talking about real life here now, NOT the fantasy world of porn. But it is her word against theirs. And they are walking free. The ones that were briefly incarcerated for this incident might ask for monetary damages. Also, monsters like these have figured out that you can gang rape a woman and then blame each complicate the case even more. Then demand monetary damages. It is truly sickening.
Another rape and this for sure is a rape, happened in Malmö Sweden a few days ago. A 17 year old girl was gang raped and supposedly her vagina was set on fire. The rapists fled and are roaming free. Meaning they can do this again and they probably will. This was the third gang rape in Malmö since last month. Third gang rape in one Swedish town is a short time span. I am waiting for the outcomes of these rapes if ever solved.
When I was 17, living in Stockholm Sweden I was out EVERY weekend. I would come home late night early morning sometime......sure I was aware of the possibilities of danger but I was not scared to go out. Was I perhaps young and naive? Now women are being warned against being out alone in Sweden. What the fuck changed?
I will tell you what changed. Immigration. I am far from a racist, I am a realist. Growing up I was an immigrant kid in Sweden. My friends were a mix of Swedes and first and second generation immigrants. I still keep in touch with my friends, they are from former Yugoslavia, Morocco, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey. My two most significant boyfriends when I lived in Sweden were Fadi and Alex. Fadi lived in Märsta and was an Armenian from Lebanon. Alex was Swedish born but his parents were from Serbia and he lived in Fittja (where one of these recent rapes happened), so I was in Fittja a lot. It's an immigrant heavy suburb of Stockholm.
I didn't worry when walking to or from the subway to the high-rise my boyfriend lived in.
So do NOT call me a racist. My political views have changed some since I was a teen living in Sweden because society has changed.....the problems in Sweden now are not the same as they were then. Sure there were rapes in Sweden back then. Yes Swedish men rape women too but now there is an influx of rapes and also brutal gang rapes and the perpetrators are often immigrants or the offspring of immigrants. Dare I say in the majority of the gang rapes without having statistics as clear evidence on hand? Many people in Sweden tiptoe around speaking up about immigration in any way that can be perceived as negative.....being labeled a racist is very shameful. Sweden is a very politically correct place. But I bet if you or a family member or a friend gets subjected to a violent crime any political correctness will fly out the door.
Well, there is an election in Sweden next year. My vote goes to the Sweden Democrats (abbreviated SD) and had I been voting in France earlier this year my vote would had went to Marine Le Pen. Still not a racist.
Some cultures view women as second class citizens, as property and having no rights.
Those cultures do not have room in Western society. Sweden should not have to readjust to accommodate immigrants, the immigrants should accommodate to their new country. If they don't want to they have no room being there. Radical Islam does not belong in Europe. Neither does FGM and halal slaughter. As far as animals go and what I think about killing them for our consumption....well I am a vegetarian and against it in general. Forcing women to cover up does not belong in Europe. Forcing women and young girls to get married against their will does not belong in Europe. Honor killings do not belong in Europe either.
I can bring up the New Year's Eve sexual assaults in Cologne Germany that happened a few years ago, almost all of the men were non German asylum seekers or illegal immigrants.
How about the attacks on the female reporters in Egypt's Tahrir Square? One of the women (Lara Logan) estimated that the attack on her involved 200-300 men. I cannot even imagine being subjected to that kind of horror.
Like I said.....some cultures think that women are some thing that you can treat however you want. A thing that is yours to use and abuse. That mentality does not belong in Europe. Really....that kind of view doesn't belong anywhere but I am not trying to go and impose my beliefs in those societies because I want to live.


There is a sex doll brothel in Germany, owned and operated by a woman.
The most popular girl/doll, the star of the team is Anna, a petite blonde. In fact the first Anna was so popular that she broke and they now have Anna 2. I think this is a great idea. No real women get hurt, used and abused. Perhaps I should invest my money into a sex doll brothel? And be the stern Madam.
The debate about prostitution is ongoing. They are now talking about legalizing prostitution in California, as most people know it is legal in Nevada and that's one of the 50 US states. Although it happens everywhere, legal or not.
Quote from a Judge named Carlos Bea that I assume is in California, "Why should it be illegal to sell something that it’s legal to give away?”
Sure, that can be debated. Plenty of women have sex with their significant other just to keep the household calm and have a roof over their head, is that prostitution too?
I have read quite a bit about prostitution and people's opinions about it.
Read interviews with women that have been in the business, because they if anyone know. I find the story about Louise and Martine Fokkens fascinating. Twins that worked in the Amsterdam brothels for five decades until they were 70 years old.
I still stick to my personal belief that the age for any work in the adult industry should be upped to 23, yes even stripping. Anything under 23 is too young I think. Studies say that the human brain is still developing until 25....I feel that some people are too immature and do not understand what they are getting themselves into while still in their teens. A 19 year old might regret some choices later on. When you are 23 you know yourself better (hopefully) and can make more informed and thoughtout decisions and have enough backbone to be able to say NO when uncomfortable. We make mistakes throughout our lives, even as adults but when it comes to participating in porn or prostitution I feel that there is a greater chance of damaging yourself and deeply regretting certain actions.
Upping the age might eliminate some of that.
Here is the article about the sex doll brothel in Germany.

Of course human trafficking and pimping is NEVER OK.
And speaking of brothels…..actually, I don’t think the term brothel is appropriate for these kinds of activities. Illegal torture is more fitting. There are animal brothels in Europe and other places. But come on, Western Europe? This really makes me angry. It’s sad. It’s horrible. It should be illegal and punishable.
Some people think that zoophilia is a lifestyle choice…..really? I feel those people should get mandatory castration. I would love to castrate them myself.

I feel that animal abuse and yes, sex with defenseless animals IS animal abuse, should be classified and punishable as a top tier felony. Supposedly it is in the US according to the FBI but when it comes down to it I don’t think animal abuse is getting taken as seriously as it should.

Night Owl

It's past the midnight hour in my neck of the woods.....I am a night owl, always been.
I am drinking tea, reading and doing laundry right now. And thinking....
So....all these shootings. What if.....what if it is the Rapture? All those people going straight to God? Could it be? I don't know. I heard debating on Coast to Coast AM about Mind Control in connection to the mass shootings. We can discuss back and forth and look for motives. The weapons in the US are here to stay, very few people will give up their guns/rifles/artillery/ammunition and whatever else they have. Plus "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." I personally like the idea of the people having the right to protect themselves from a tyrannical government. If in reality it is even possible can be debated but at least you stand a chance. For a minute. If something that was adopted in 1791 has the same meaning now that it had then while looking at the bigger picture with all the developments since then and today's society can be discussed.
I feel that some of these shooters are fame chasers and I don't think so much importance should be put on them. It's turning into a spectacle, people wanting to have the largest mass shooting under their belt. The public and media looking into the perpetrators life and detailing everything.
In general people are desensitized, this is what happens when we get more and more separated from each other through our devices. Lives don't matter that much anymore it seems. Likes matter instead.
I know one thing. I wish more emphasis would be put on the connection between animal abuse and unhinged human beings. There needs to be harsher penalties for animal abuse.

“He who is cruel to animals becomes hard also in his dealings with men. We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.” ― Immanuel Kant

Perhaps I should say something about the #MeToo movement. I think it's great in general. People should be made aware and it should be brought up. What does bother me is that somebody would wait until they got what they wanted.....fame, movie roles, money etc before speaking up (I am talking about the whole Hollywood mess here). I have a bit of a difficult time with that...There is something called integrity. I like the way Caitania Tan handled it.
Plus I think it's hypocritical to yell about the way Donald Trump supposedly socialized with women and his (according to some) opinions about women but be quiet (until now) about powerful figures in the movie business because you need something. Somewhat of a similar situation last year with Hollywood types being all shocked over Trump's old "grab them by the pussy" line but Bill Clinton's womanizing was barely mentioned. Why?
Reality IS that the large majority of rapes are committed by men. Yes....yes....supposedly there are guys that get raped by women and there are also domestic violence situations where women beat men. But the vast MAJORITY are committed by men. FACT. If the numbers for men raping, beating and murdering women were as low as women raping, beating and murdering men we would have low numbers in those crime categories.
One more thing that is interesting to me. Around this time last year Sherri Papini, the married with two kids lady disappeard for weeks. I remember that. Now there are some reports out that the details are not adding up. Of course I hope that she is telling the truth and that whomever did this to her gets put away so they can't hurt anybody else. BUT IF Sherri is making this up (lying about rape, abduction and abuse is NEVER OK) then my imagination/theory is that she was tired of her hubby and everything that married life with kids meant to her. She wanted some 50 Shades of Grey action in her own life. Then she needed a story to why she disappeared so she could come back to her family. Have you ever watched Dateline? There are some weird people out there doing strange things. Things are not always they way they look on the surface. 50 Shades of Grey is extremely popular with some women, I don't get it personally but I think the women who have been morally good girls on the outside are drawn to stuff like that. If you been living a sheltered and suppressed life meeting a Mr. Grey might seem exciting. Not for me. Yuck. I would do the beating if anything.
I actually know of a few examples of "good little housewives" that did some stuff I would never do (hello Kenai Peninsula AK).....LOL. But then those are the same kind of people that have no problems talking trash and pointing fingers at others (to divert attention from themselves). I got some stories to tell.....just wait.

Life Lessons

I went to Barnes & Noble yesterday, when looking through the new releases I saw that THIS dude has a book out. Kevin Hart and life lessons? I don't know what kind of life lessons he might be pontificating about and no I did not look through his book. The funny thing is that Kevin is currently in the news because he is supposedly being extorted because he allegedly cheated with a STRIPPER in Vegas (OMG the SCANDAL) although the girl claims to be a model and an actress, of course she is.....if she wasn't earlier she will be now. Welcome to America.
A sexual encounter or a sex tape with a "celebrity" = instant fame. Funny because I can guarantee you that if I would ever be involved with somebody "famous" there would NEVER be a leaked sex tape/footage or anything of that sort.
It was rumored that Kevin cheated on his pregnant wife a few months ago as well but he denied it, what else? I actually wrote an entry where I talked about it (July 19). And now he is busy being a bad boy again and all people want to talk about is that he cheated with a STRIPPER and how bad this girl is. Hello....what about Kevin?
The funny thing is and I talked about this with another dancer the other day.
Once you are a dancer aka stripper that is ALL people can focus on. You will always be referred to as the stripper. Nothing else matters. It makes some people feel good to try to put somebody else down when in fact they are themselves so miserable and pathetic. Stripper.....whore....this that. But look at YOURSELF first! What are YOU?
Kevin on the other hand cheated on his first wife with the current wife and now he is cheating on his current wife while she is pregnant. Perhaps focus on Kevin and his moral compass and how about the current wife that was OK with being the other woman for a while. She is now getting a taste of her own medicine.
I am that stripper that does not think it is OK to go after men that are already involved with someone else. Why would I want to be the other woman?
Break people up? No thanks.
I have in fact met plenty of strippers that possess way more morals and class than a lot of "normal" people with regular jobs do. That is one of the reasons why I started this blog, to prove to people that the stigma/stereotypes associated with dancers are simply not true the majority of the time. But now I am over proving I am just being myself. If you don't like it.....oh well.


Hello from me....I went hiking again this evening. It felt great. Let's see if I can see keep this up, I have been stagnant for too long and it is time to change that!
Came home, ate cherries and got busy reading stuff online. Came across an article talking about that Kevin Hart might be cheating on his pregnant wife. Ewwwww, noooooo! Cheating on a pregnant wife or significant other? NOT OK. Then I continued reading.....I guess the pregnant wife started out as his mistress when he was married to another woman. Well, that changes the dynamic. There is a saying, "how you get them is how you lose them". Maybe there is some truth to that, I don't know. I personally do not think it is right to get involved with a person if that person is in a serious relationship and you know that they are, whether it is a marriage or a domestic partner situation.
In Sweden many people live as domestic partners and that is looked at as serious as marriage and that is how I view it as well. I would never (never say never but I am definitely against it) get involved with a man that has a significant other.
I understand that every couple has their ups and downs and are not always happy with each other all the time but hello.....that is just reality. And every situation is different, there are excuses to why people cheat, everybody has their own story and bla bla bla.....I know. But no, I no longer feel bad for Kevin Hart's pregnant wife, if he really is cheating on her she is getting a taste of her own medicine.
OF COURSE Kevin is denying everything, denying cheating on the current pregnant wife and cheating on the ex wife with the current wife. What else should he do? Admit? No, most men don't have balls like that.

But sometimes it is probably better to be quiet. If you regret the cheating, feel remorse, got caught up in the moment or a situation but really do not want to jeopardize your relationship.....then why even bring it up? Sometimes people get involved in complicated circumstances. This is a difficult subject. I know good people that have cheated and I have also witnessed some really messed up just wrong stuff that I did not think was OK whatsoever. If cheating becomes something that happens more than once or to really stretch it....twice, then it is definitely a problem.
Now.....another "famous" person got involved with a woman and gave her herpes although he denied having any STDs. That is so disgusting, not having an STD but to lie about being clean and transmitting something knowingly. He ended up having to pay her a nice sum in settlement. First of all he can afford it, so pay up. He should pay her medical bills and for pain and suffering. I would be furious if a significant other would come home and infect me with something, there would probably be some legal consequences stemming from that misstep and perhaps a chopped off mentula. One more thing since I am talking about STDs, there is a strain of gonorrhea that is resistant to drugs. Think about that before you engage in some sort of behavior that can have some lifelong consequences, definitely think before cheating on a significant other.
Have I ever cheated? Yes...I can't talk about others and pretend to be holy myself. Yes but nothing "serious" as in going all the way with another person.
Anyhow....enough of this, I think it is time for some Depeche Mode videos now and then it will be bedtime.....Depeche Mode's Violator album has a rose on the cover. That album = amazing songs. I ❤ Depeche Mode.

Sick World

This world is sick and it is sick because of people. I am reading about that poor man, Otto Warmbier (barely an adult) that made the terrible mistake to travel to North Korea. And returned home in a coma and is now dead. Poor his parents. First of all, WHO wants to visit North Korea willingly? Even if I got offered a large sum of money I would not go there and support that regime in any way. That joke of a "man" in power over there, somebody needs to get rid of him. If you read on the US State Department's site, traveling to North Korea is strongly discouraged because you can get detained for basically anything there. You look at somebody the wrong way and you get sentenced to at least a decade of hard labor and a starvation diet. I feel bad for the people that live there. Completely brain washed and imprisoned within their own country. How can a place like that exist in these times? And what the hell is Dennis Rodman doing over there when he goes to visit? And if you for some reason DO encounter a problem in North Korea you have to contact the SWEDISH embassy over there, since there is no US embassy or consulate there. No shit. Who wants to work there? Now I feel bad for the Swedes working there. I am NEVER giving up my Swedish passport by the way. Yea, yea.....never say never but that is how I feel. I love my Swedish citizenship.
Other places I would not travel to would be places where men treat women like possessions and where getting gang raped by a bunch of sex starved lunatics is almost considered normal. Like India. Too bad because I love Indian food and that country has so much history. Also no interest in traveling to some Muslim countries. No thanks, I do not want to be subjected to that kind of blatant disrespect and be around unevolved behaviour. And have zero rights.
I also don't want to go to places where people think eating dog is yummy. There is a TERRIBLE picture of a tied up dog that I saw today. Paws tied together and mouth bound shout. I want to beat the person that did that to the dog. I do hate people. And also something about that tourists in some place think that they are buying some dish with chicken meat when in fact it's dog meat. How about eating less meat in general? I can't stand that UNEVOLVED mindset that one needs to eat meat every day. NO YOU DON'T!
You will survive without meat - I promise. If you are privileged enough to be able to make choices about what you stick in your about practicing some compassion and kindness too and not ONLY think about yourself for a change? Think about that animal that you are chewing on. Do you care how it lived, how it was treated during it's life and how it died? No? Well, maybe it's time that you should USE your brain and think about something useful.
OK.....I don't hate everybody although I do think that this is a sick world. It does hurt to live. So much misery. I am watching SKAM 4, it is so disappointing that there will be no more episodes of SKAM after season 4. This series is SO GOOD!
I freakin' love all the characters but I especially LOVE P-Chris. How pretty and sexy can I guy get? Me and all the other teenage girls and ladies agree.......although I'm supposedly an adult (nooooo, I want to be 19!) I am very much like a teenager in many ways. And right now my boy crush is P-Chris.

Blue Ribbon, Desmond's Law, Pedophiles & War Machine

Way too often do I read about the single Mom's new boyfriend that abuses and sometimes kills her child. I understand that it must be difficult to be a single Mom.....but once you give birth to that child it should be your number one priority. Forming relationships with a new partner in my opinion should be put on the back burner. For a long time. If you want to go out and "have fun" then arrange for a trusted baby sitter and even a sane baby sitter is difficult to find it seems.
But introducing your child/children to new boyfriends is just not OK. Like I said.....I have read too many of these incidents, so I am extremely opinionated in this matter. Children's well-being and safety should ALWAYS come first. There are plenty of men out there but your children are your children, protect them.
Here are some statistics from

Child abuse transcends all ethnicities, cultures, religions, socio-economic and education levels.

78% of victims of child abuse related fatalities were 1 to 3 years old; 3/4 of deaths were caused by one or more parent(s).

Every year an estimated 900,000 children in the United States are victims of maltreatment, 18,000 are permanently disabled.

Head trauma is the leading cause of child abuse death among babies. The 100% preventable Shaken Baby Syndrome is a major cause of death, where 25% of victims die and the majority of survivors suffer brain damage.

Child abuse is reported every 10 seconds.

Almost five children die every day as a result of child abuse. More than three out of four are under the age of four.

About 30% of abused and neglected children will later abuse their own children, continuing the horrible cycle of abuse.

More than 90% of abusers are people children know, love, or trust.

79% of adults perpetrating against children are their parents.

57% of children will be victims of some form of physical assault during their lifetime.

1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys are sexually abused before the age of 18.

Nearly 70% of all reported sexual assaults (including assaults on adults) occur to children ages 17 and under.

90% of child sexual abuse victims know the perpetrator in some way; 68% are abused by their family members

Over 30% of victims never disclose the experience to others.

A typical child sex offender molests an average of 117 children.

20% of child sexual abuse victims are under the age of 8.

Sexual abuse is commonly associated with other family problems, such as parental alcoholism, parental rejection, and parental marital conflict.

One more of my opinions.....I am against spanking too. I don't want to hear, "Oh, I was spanked as a child and I am OK." I heard that too from people that got beat up by their parents.....and they use that as an excuse to spank their own kids.
And get drunk around their kids because this is what their childhood looked like. No, it is not are continuing the abuse. Spanking for some people would be abuse in another person's eyes.
I have that blue ribbon in my car. I feel sad for all the mistreated children in this world.

Now to animals. Abused animals can now get a voice in court, at least in Connecticut thanks to Desmond's Law. All other states SHOULD follow suit, do the RIGHT thing! Desmond was a shelter dog that was starved, beaten and strangled to death a few years ago. I get a really awful feeling inside when I read about children and animals getting mistreated. The DISGUSTING PIECE OF SHIT that did this to the poor dog is walking free in society.....he got away with "rehabilitation". Charges dismissed, record wiped clean. Do you think he is rehabilitated?
Would you like to take him home and introduce him to your children and your pets? New boyfriend perhaps? Honestly.....I could probably execute people that commit these acts myself and feel completely OK doing it. I can be Jihadi John but for the one's with no voice - children and animals. Animals NEED a voice, people that fight for their rights. I would like to do some volunteer work with either abused children or animals BUT I can't because I would be charged with capital murder. Seriously, I would.

Australia is working on a law to take away passports from convicted child sex offenders because so many of them take trips to Asia to fulfill their sick sexual desires on innocent child victims there. I think all convicted pedophiles should have their passports confiscated and get mandatory chemical castration. Most of them are repeat offenders.
You can't enter Canada with a recent DUI on your record but a convicted child sex offender can travel abroad and continue with his crimes? Is that OK?

And now to War Machine (Jonathan Paul Koppenhaver) that got sentenced to life in prison with a possibility of parole after 36 years in a Las Vegas courtroom the other day. I wrote about War Machine and Chisty Mack a few years ago when that drama had just happened.
In this case I have to say.....the punishment DOES NOT fit the crime. 36 years to life? Christy and the other dude that got beat up by War Machine but they are still alive. People that abuse and murder children, have sex with children and scar them for life, abuse and kill animals get WAY LESSER sentences, some even get away with murder and rape with basically a slap on the wrist and this guy gets 36 years? Hello, WHAT?! And NO, I do not think it's OK to beat women. But in this case I think the sentencing is a joke. War Machine and Christy Mack made a high profile case and he was made an example of. I actually feel bad for him. I hope somebody somehow will see how wrong this is and work on getting him a much shorter sentence. I feel 5 years and many hours of community service doing something useful would be better. And yes, I have read about his prior rage incidents, I think he needs work, in his case rehabilitation after a prison sentence would fit. I feel bad for Christy too, I understand she got severely beaten, it took her a long time to recover and I like her but I don't think this is right.
More statistics from

Domestic violence is the leading cause of injury for women ages 15 to 44.

21% of women report being raped or physically or sexually assaulted in her life.

I can say this much.....had I caught my boyfriend in bed with another girl there would had probably been some violence involved. Depending on my feelings towards him and the overall situation of course. But I have a hot temper and I would had not just walked away. It is called a crime of passion and often sentencing is more lenient in cases like those due to the amount of feelings involved.

A Glass Of Water

I called my Mom the other day.....for those who don't know, my Mom lives in Sweden a bit outside Stockholm. She told me about a situation that had recently transpired in the neighborhood.
My Mom noticed a couple of police cars outside a neighbor's house and about 8 plastic bags full of stuff close by. She asked one of the neighbors what was going on but the neighbor didn't know. Then my Mom saw the boy, a boy standing by the plastic bags and he was looking upset. So she walked up to him and asked what was going on. She knew that the boy lived there, part of a Muslim family, father, mother and three children that moved in not too long ago. The boy, actually 18 but my Mom thought he was a few years younger, started CRYING really hard when my Mom asked him how he was doing. My Mom is rather sensitive so she too started crying. The boy asked her for A GLASS OF WATER, because he was very thirsty. Ramadan has started and his father would not allow him to drink or eat during the sun being up, that is what dedicated Muslims practice during Ramadan. My Mom brought him water and he drank it and told her that he does not get along with his father, that he wants to live like the Swedish people, that he does not want to be a practicing Muslim, that he does not want to faint in school from being hungry and thirsty. Even I want to cry just writing about this. The young man goes to school, he told my Mom he wants to study and that he has good grades and wants to become a social worker.
And those plastic bags outside the house? That was his stuff that he took with him. He was leaving his family to go and stay with a friend, the police came to help him. I am not sure who called the police.
My Mom says that since Ramadan started the youngest child (a boy) is not outside playing soccer anymore, the blinds to the house are completely drawn shut all the time. The Mom of the family never spends time outside and her husband is much older than her. There is a teenage girl living there as well.
I am extremely opposed to people pushing their religious beliefs onto their children, whether it is withholding food and beverages from them during the month long Ramadan or forcing them to sit in church for several hours weekly. Once a person is grown, mature and can make their own decisons they can decide whether practicing a religion is something they want to be part of.
I feel bad for the other two kids in that family and the Mom, I am sure they are living a very oppressed life.
Not easy when two cultures collide, many children of Muslim families protest and run away or distance themselves from their families once they come to Sweden. When I lived there I knew of a teenage girl that ran away because her family were about to marry her off to some older man in a Turkish village. She did not want that, so she ran away. I would had done the same.
I think that a week at Burning Man yearly during childhood would teach children way more about life, humanity and getting along with others and helping others than any religion forced upon them during childhood.

I should add here that I feel strongly against any religion that forces children to practices that are in my opinion unhealthy, whether it's Islam, Christianity, Church of the Latter-day Saints, whatever other religion or the cult known as The Duggars.


Obviously most of you with access to a TV or a computer have heard about what happened in Manchester England at the Ariana Grande concert. I found out yesterday around 5 30 PM my time. Just unreal. Again. Why?
Right now the responsibility for the suicide bombing by one male named Salman Abedi is claimed by ISIS. But ISIS claims responsibility for most terrorist attacks whether they really are responsible or not so the details are still unclear.
Nobody should have to die this way. This is just not right no matter where in the world it is happening. Really there are no words that can be used in events like these to justify anything. All the "stars" are tweeting out their condolences but that doesn't mean anything. They are not doing any real difference in the world anyways, not many of them at least. A tweet? What does a tweet do? To get a family member or friend taken from you in any violent way must be extremely painful and traumatizing. I would had been devastated for the rest of my remaining days. I don't understand what is going on in this world but I do know that human beings are the most evil and viscous beings on this planet and we will be our own demise. I am so sorry that things like this are happening, I am so sorry that some people are cruel and hurt others and animals. Life is a struggle, for some more than for others. Why make it harder? Why add more pain to the struggles we face going through life?
I am sitting here.....I ate today, I am OK, the sun is shining, I hear birds chirping, the trees are green and there are fluffy white flowers floating in the wind. My heart feels sadness, sadness for everything that is wrong. It feels pointless to write about it anymore, we all either write or talk about it......tweeting, FB posts whatever it is - still no difference. Cruelty is everywhere.

Not Willing To Assimilate

Good morning, a bit before 9 AM here in sunny Las Vegas. Local news is that the Bellagio hotel roof was on fire last night but nobody got hurt. THAT would had been kind of interesting to watch, instead of the usual Bellagio singing fountains.
Now to other more important news.....a woman doctor, or should I more appropriately say butcher.....somewhere outside Detroit is charged with performing female genital mutilation, or FGM on girls between the ages of six and eight for at least 12 years. This is what is known so far. Nobody knows for sure how many girls in the US have had this procedure forced upon them, since FGM is illegal and therefore a hidden practice here but it is a high number.
But see even where women have rights, these things are happening, obviously. This is a great example of people not willing to assimilate to a new culture, whether they are first or second generation immigrants. They are willing to butcher their daughters, put them through a painful and dangerous ordeal just because their culture says so, it's "tradition". These girl are scarred for life and what message does this send to these girls? That they need to alter their body so some man will find them desirable enough to marry in the future. Because a woman's worth is all about that some man should find you good enough to get married to. Some man that will most likely watch porn and cheat anyways. All a woman is to a man like that is a servant at home that should give birth to his off spring, preferably boys, cook and clean and open up her legs and allow him to penetrate her mutilated vagina whenever he feels the urge. The message is - women have no rights. The fact that parents are willing to butcher their child's body and create long lasting mental and physical problems is DISGUSTING.
The "doctor" is a woman, she should have known better.
IF FOUND GUILTY (remember, innocent until proven guilty) I hope she gets sentenced to life.
Sweden was the first Western country to make FGM illegal, that was done is 1982.
A few days ago I watched some other special on labia pulling. That too is done to young girls and that means that you stretch out your labia minora by pulling on it, so your vagina looks and feels more desirable to a man later on when you are old enough to get married. And old enough to get married in some backwards cultures means basically after you get our first period.
I personally was in 7th grade when I got my period and having sex with some older man through an arranged marriage was not even part of my reality but for some girls, SADLY, it is. I was still playing with dolls and loved horses and dogs and was going to school - that was my reality.
Labia pulling is done in some African countries and FGM is practiced in Africa, Asia and the Middle East but both FGM and labia pulling can be found where people from those places have settled, as we can see now all over the US, all over Europe, Australia and other places.
And if people can't assimilate enough to not allow their own children to get butchered, I can just imagine what other backwards ideas they have a problem leaving behind in the old country.

From BBC news "The first recorded case of FGM in the US was in 2006, when an Ethiopian immigrant was jailed for 10 years for aggravated battery and cruelty to children for mutilating his two-year-old daughter five years earlier with a pair of scissors."

I have been around people from all over the world, personal friends, acquaintances and people I have briefly met but had interesting and meaningful conversations with, so I know that there are good, kind and intelligent people EVERYWHERE from ALL OVER.
But when it comes to inflicting pain on the innocent, that have no voice - children and animals, that is when I see red. NO EXCUSE for that. I feel that the harshest penalties need to be implemented on those who commit crimes against the ones that can not defend themselves.