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Plenty To Say

Started today with a boring day at work. Very uneventful.....kind of like this.

Did errands afterwards. Got cleaning vinegar. So everybody knows that you can use vinegar for cleaning stuff....for example floors, coffee and tea pots, faucets. But did you know that there is CLEANING vinegar? I didn't until recently. Cleaning vinegar has a higher level of acidity than regular white vinegar. Well I got some of that today since I like to clean. It is therapeutic.
Then I went for a walk. It looked something like this.

I can't get enough of the amazing cherry blossoms. They are SO pretty.

Hello, is it me you're looking for?

And now I am going to talk about some stuff. That is why you are here reading right.....cause you want to know my thoughts on stuff. And I have plenty to say about a lot.
I can't remember last time I watched the Oscars. Does not interest me, feels stuffy, outdated and full of annoying ass-kissing hypocrites.
But of course this year's debacle blew up larger than things that really matter, like wars and injustices and people and animals getting hurt.
I am not surprised.
My thoughts on the drama? My initial reaction was that it must had been fake or staged when Will Smith indignantly stomped up on the podium and slapped Chris Rock. But I guess it wasn't fake. And if it was indeed fake then everybody should cancel Hollywood, enough of that bullshit already. I should add here that I only watched the slap incident once. So I do not care for either Will or his wife Jada, their kids are annoying as well. That whole family is CRINGE. I am pretty sure that Jada can defend herself, she has mused about her past drug and alcohol issues and she used to hang with Tupac after all so she is not a defenseless fragile flower. The stuff she has revealed about her and Will's marriage is kind of embarrassing so no wonder Will has lots of pent up rage. I would too if my significant other looked outside the relationship constantly. And the alopecia.....really now? You are a millionaire and openly talking and complaining about hair loss that might actually be due to the way you have been treating your hair for the last 40 years. Put a wig on, or one of the head wraps you claim you love wearing or be bald and fab, now sit down and shut up. And not everybody is aware of your sorry traction alopecia issues.
Perhaps Rock wasn't, did that occur to you? A guy that produced a documentary called Good Hair (and yes I watched it) so he is not completely unaware about hair struggles in the black community.
And the joke wasn't even that shocking, I consider it mild, nothing to raise an eyebrow over, certainly didn't warrant Smith's outburst.
The Hollywood crowd is so fake. Ten years ago they were all kissing Harvey Weinstein's ass knowing damn well that he made the ladies go the ole' casting couch route to win a role in one of his productions, which the ladies also did but later on when the Me Too movement swept the globe he was suddenly a pariah. Hypocrites. They should have somebody like Ricky Gervais hosting the Oscars but the hypocrites are too scared to be outed for the sorry hypocrites they are. There are wars going on and Smith decides to lead by example and slap somebody. So I am team Rock all the way on this one.
Sit down Will Smith. Good that Zelensky was kept out of the Oscars.....he does not have time for that kind of Hollyweird stupidity.
And speaking of Zelensky. I feel that he should allow Russia to have Donbass and declare Ukraine a neutral country. Enough of death, suffering and destruction. It is not worth it. What other solution can there be to put an end to this? I am so disappointed at Putin at this point. He too needs to sit down.
And I think that was it for me tonight. Shower and Wordle next.
Then sleep.

Mask Requirement Will Be Lifted

In one hour, when we go from Friday to Saturday the indoor mask requirement will be lifted here in Oregon. It is up to the individual if they still want to wear a mask and private businesses can also decide whether or not to implement mask wearing indoors. Some settings will still require that people wear a mask though, like on public transportation. Oregon has declared that the emergency phase of the Covid pandemic has ended. This of course can be reversed should some other Covid variant surface for example. Oregon had some of the strictest Covid restrictions in the US. Although I think California was stricter when I went there in September 2020. They wanted people to wear a mask outside when you got within 30 feet of each somebody.
I am not vaccinated and I am satisfied with that choice for now. You do not have to agree and I am not having any opinions on what other people chose to do as far as vaccinations go. Take three more boosters if you so wish. I can say this, one of my friends passed away within three weeks of getting the Johnson & Johnson vaccine from a blood clot that went to his lung. He seemed pretty healthy prior to that. And somebody else I knew was vaccinated and boosted, got Covid in December and passed away in January. But on the other end of the spectrum I know somebody that got Covid and lost her baby within a month of the due date and she was unvaccinated.
All of us probably have stories about Covid and how we got affected by it by now. It's been two years since the first shut down here in Oregon, if I recall it right on March 20 2020. The freeways were kind of empty for the three first weeks or so then people started moving around more. The unusual lack of human activity out in public was refreshing. I know people that did not leave their house at all for the first three weeks. Total isolation. Did not touch their mailbox for even longer than that in fear of contaminated surfaces. I disinfected most of the heavy touch surfaces in my place twice at the beginning.
And upped on the hand washing. But besides that I did not change much else. I am not in the habit of flying to various locations to get a tan or have a desperate need to dine out anyways. Of course I have been wearing a mask when needed to but not outside (except when I spent a few days in CA in 2020) and not inside my car when driving.
I think some people definitely took their fears to another level but it is their life, not mine.
I talked to my Mom today and I asked her what the situation is in Sweden nowadays with Covid and she was like, Ha Ha nobody talks about Covid anymore, all you hear about on the news is about Ukraine. Now that the medical companies made money on the vaccines.....the propaganda quieted down. There you go.
I wonder what the truth behind this virus is? Is there some sort of hidden agenda or is it simply another virus that happened to spread among us filthy humans and become a pandemic?
As far as wearing a mask goes....I feel that wearing a mask in public when you are feeling under the weather yourself is a considerate way to act towards others. I like various forms of consideration. Like they did and still do in certain Asian countries, prior to Covid. Just like knowing how to cough and sneeze in public out of consideration for others. And just like not littering in public out of consideration.
Stuff like that.
I personally get irritated when people stare at me, so the mask definitely removes some of that feeling. A face mask adds a level of privacy. I get stared at enough at work. Don't need it outside of work. And at work a mask adds a layer in between me, my private space and people's breath. Don't need any breathing in my direction and on me either. Yuck. I do not like that at all.
We had two about three month long shutdowns here in Oregon.
I enjoyed that. I love being at home doing "nothing" because I can get busy with reading, writing, taking pictures, communicating with friends, being outside, sleeping in, watching silly and interesting shows etc and still not have enough hours left in the day to do "nothing". Basically enjoying life. I could easily live with two three month long stay at home orders a year.
I totally understand why hordes of people left their jobs and that they do not want to return to spending meaningless soul destructive hours in some depressing office or other work space. Getting up early (I hate getting up before 9 am), having to squeeze into some appropriate office attire, spending sometimes an hour or more (!) commuting to a place of employment and then spending that same time going home. Humans are not made for living to work. And most people do not looooooove their work and should know that work does not love them back. Some are fortunate to love or at least like what they do for a living and that is great. But many don't and that must be a sinking feeling to feel on a regular. I am for a shorter work week for those that want it and I am also for universal basic income. There are ways to go about that and make it work. Just because a 40 hour plus work week Monday through Friday is the norm doesn't necessarily mean that it is the way it should be. Like what is the reason for that norm?
The history of that norm?
So yeah.....I do not have to wear the mask tomorrow in the grocery store or at work. And I can if I want to. It will be my choice.

A Cold Day For The World

I woke up to a cold morning and flurries of snow on the ground and the alarming news that Ukraine got invaded. Not only a cold day temperature wise but also a cold day for the world. Although I have carried a soft spot for my Volodya (Vladimir Putin) for a long time I have to say that lately he has disappointed me. With the treatment and uncalled for arrest of Alexander Navalny and others before him (some that did not make it alive) to now this.
It is easy to sit around and have opinions about matters of the world, politics and its leaders but actually understanding and having knowledge about even a fraction of what is going on is a completely different story. Yelling epithets about Biden this and Biden that is not the solution. You need to do a lot of reading, listening and research about the current state of the world and the past, understanding the struggles for power and why.
I feel very bad for the people of Ukraine. I can't even imagine how worried and upset they must feel. I do not think an invasion is necessary no matter how Putin looks at it and I have somewhat studied where he is coming from.
Just like when Dennis Rodman spent time in North Korea like the self appointed ambassador for the United States I feel like I should be the official appointed ambassador for the World right now and get sent to Moscow to spend some time with Volodya and find his soft and kind side because I know he has one.
We can play and cuddle with his dogs, enjoy some piping hot borscht, sip tea and talk for hours with classical music playing softly in the background. What the World needs is a softer female touch to disturb the toxic male dominance and make order of things. And I do not think my Volodya wants to sit down with Angela Merkel again, even though her education on these matters vastly surpasses mine but sometimes it is not about how educated you are, it is how you approach things and deal with other people.
So my Volodya, if you read this.....I can pack a suitcase and head over to you as early as today.
I feel sadness that we have not evolved further as human beings in 2022. There is no need for war and destruction. It is time for peace and understanding.


One thing that I do NOT comprehend is how people can follow any of the Kardashians and their entourage on social media? No way would I contribute to their wealth by following them and liking their pathetic updates. If you are curious about people’s Instagram but do not want to follow them you can type in their IG handle on There you go, a small tip from me in case you were not aware of that already......
Like WTF is this? I must be old and completely behind on the trends because I do not see the appeal in any way shape or form here.
Or perhaps it is not me, it is them. Kanye or YE and his new hanger on Julia at some fashion event in Europe.

(Source of picture TMZ.)

Julia’s “dramatic” eye make up looks like when a toddler gets to rummage through Mom’s make up bag and smears their eyes with some black color. It was actually Kanye that did his magic here, not only with Julia's outfit, her make up as well. Kanye is a MUA also, next thing he will be painting the faces of the models walking in New York Fashion Week. Julia's way too large earrings look painful. And Kanye…..well the ski mask hood makes him look like a headsman for ISIS (Jihadi John). Those oversized boots that he has been stomping around in lately belong on the floor in a slaughterhouse. Combined they look like they are going to an S&M party. And those gloves, like why? Everything about this is CRINGE.
Kim did not do much better herself the other day when she met up with Hillary and Chelsea Clinton for coffee dressed in something similar. A long black shiny leather (?) coat, yeah…..a tough Matrix bad ass babe right there! You have to look extra special when grabbing some caffeine. And those terrible gloves, their hands must be cold hence the gloves. Thigh high boots and a long fake braid to top off her “look”. I should take notes cause I look like a bag lady when I roll up for my London Fog in the morning, I could maybe muster up a bit of effort tomorrow and at least wear my black thigh high boots. I bet my baristas will love it.
Kim recently announced that she passed the baby bar exam on the fourth try. Mind you the way she is going about getting her law degree according to her, is close to impossible and harder than the traditional law school route. Impressive! Yep, Kim is not only a busy Mom of 4, she is also managing several successful businesses (like SKIMS and showing off her rear end on IG) AND pursuing a law degree the almost impossible way.
The rest of us peons should just sit down.
And even after all the money she invested in changing her body with surgeries, implants, BBLs and fillers, she is still not happy and tweaks the pictures she puts up of herself on IG. CRINGE.
Khloé also after all her surgeries changes her whole face with filters on IG and her body. She must be running low on funds because she is selling her daughter’s used clothes. For a lot. The thought of giving the clothes away must not resonate with her. Especially since some of those items were probably given to her for free. So many millions but still wants more. CRINGE.
And the rest of them are CRINGE as well, Kylie, Kris and bla bla bla.
Seriously if you follow them you are contributing to their wealth and the dumbing down of society. So please do everyone a favor and unfollow them. Why they are even relevant is a sure sign that people are dumb.

Some Brilliant Input

I spend a lot of my time at work in the dressing room in front of my laptop, either reading or writing. In this entry I thought I would cover some of the latest stuff in the news. Although I feel like I have brought up my thoughts and opinions on most topics over and over here in the blog and I do not want to repeat myself. Therefore I don't write as much about some stuff anymore.
For example, last night my friend Fatima asked me if I had heard of this thing when you steam your vagina cause she wants to try it....maybe. I was like DUH, I wrote a blog about that in 2011!
So contrary to popular belief Gwyneth Paltrow was far from one of the first to write about V-steaming but her platform reaches millions. Mine doesn't (but it SHOULD, right?). Besides, Chai-Yok has been around in the Asian communities for a long time. Way before Gwyneth Paltrow.
Anyhow.....let's get started. Some brilliant input on some of the latest from me.
A few weeks ago the current Pope (Pope Francis) made this statement, "We see that people do not want to have children, or just one and no more. And many, many couples do not have children because they do not want to, or they have just one -- but they have two dogs, two cats ... Yes, dogs and cats take the place of children," the Pope said. "Yes, it's funny, I understand, but it is the reality. And this denial of fatherhood or motherhood diminishes us, it takes away our humanity. And in this way civilization becomes aged and without humanity, because it loses the richness of fatherhood and motherhood. And our homeland suffers, as it does not have children."
Ehhhhh....what now? I think it is GREAT that people do not have kids or decide to have "just" one. In fact I wish that everybody that reproduces stops at one or two. First of all, the world IS overpopulated. There are not enough resources for all here now and for future inhabitants of this planet, so stop having so many kids! I feel that people that squeeze out four or more kids are selfish and careless. Second, many of the people that do have children should NOT have any. So many bad "parents" out there. Children SUFFER unspeakable abuse in the hands of "parents". That is not parenting!
Currently in Afghanistan parents are selling their children because they can not afford to feed their family. Selling their children on markets. Hard to imagine that some have to resort to that. No child should be born into those kinds of circumstances. So that some of us are RESPONSIBLE and opt out of traditional parenthood and have four legged children instead should be recognized as something positive. I decided as a teenager that most likely I would not be putting children into this miserable world and I have not regretted this decision. Besides I think that I love animals more than I love random people. Well....I know I do.
Then Pope Francis talked about adoption. He suggested that people that can not biologically have children should adopt instead. I think that people should adopt instead of having biological children. There are abandoned children in every country, take those in and care for them. But ONLY if you intend to be a good parent.
The Pope should address all the sexual abuse the priests in the Catholic church are guilty of instead of suggesting that people have more kids. The Pope should also look over draconian abortion laws that force little girls as young as 11 to give birth after they been raped because abortion is illegal in the country they reside in. I am also really bothered by the government of Poland's abortion stance.....shameful.
Pope Francis gets a big thumbs down from me. His views are backwards.
In New York City a vigil was held this evening for a young woman, Michelle Go that was showed to her death in front of an upcoming subway train. Some say that this is one of many Anti-Asian hate crimes. And I looked into some of the perpetrators of Anti-Asian hate crimes and many of them are black. Just like the man that pushed Michelle Go in front of the train. Had this been a white man showing a black person in front of that subway, Portland and other cities would had been on fire (again) tonight. With crowds yelling Black Lives matter. I guess no other lives matter for some huh? Instead people are peacefully gathered in Times Square for Michelle Go. I can not imagine how Michelle's family are coping with this. From what I have gathered Michelle was a wonderful and kind human that contributed to society, so it is a huge loss that she is gone.
And two other young women lost their lives recently in senseless murders while at work. Kristal Bayron-Nieves got shot in New York City while working as a cashier at Burger King over $100.
The offender got caught and yelled at the crowd, "Fuck You all" and ranted about reparations for 400 years of slavery. Is that how you do reparations, by shooting an innocent 19 year old girl while she is working?
Brianna Kupfer was found stabbed to death inside a store in Los Angeles while at work. Only 24 years old.
In 2019 Tessa Majors got attacked and stabbed to death by THREE guys in New York City, they wanted her cell phone. Tessa was only 18. The defendant's pro bono attorney pointed out that "the boy was born while his dad was incarcerated and had a “turbulent childhood,” growing up in public housing and homeless shelters." OK. A bad childhood. I feel for children that grow up like this.
How about we start pushing for NOT having children when your life is in shambles and you cannot provide a stable and safe environment for your offspring? Maybe picking better Fathers for your children? Simply hold off with having children until you ACTUALLY CAN provide what they deserve.
All those young women murdered over nothing. They will never come back. And there are more.
ALL the offenders are black. I see a problem. I guess some people would be quick to label me a racist after making that statement, I am just giving the facts.
Almost daily I read or hear that mental health is dwindling here in the US and most likely in other countries as well. It is very obvious to me that poor mental health is raging. Yes....have more children people! Poor mental health + having children = disaster. Just look at people's behavior at airplanes. Like I don't want to get on an airplane, simply because I don't want to be potentially stuck with some psycho having an episode.
A rat, Magawa recently passed (from old age I hope) that sniffed out landmines. A man got a pig heart transplant. I don't know if that particular individual deserved this grandiose gesture after reading about his past but he did receive the world's first pig-to-human transplant (I hope he is grateful). Dogs are seen as man's best friend. Cats are beloved pets. So are many other animals as well. ❤️ Animals are giving SO much to us, having said that I feel it is time, it has been time to seriously look over how we treat animals.
Treat them better, give them MUCH better living conditions and stop eating so much meat. I promise, your ass won't starve if you start eating less meat. In fact you will most likely get healthier.
And severely punish the lowlife scumbags that mistreat animals, big AND small animals. Make trophy hunting illegaI everywhere.
No animals should be used for human entertainment. People that abuse animals should get locked away for a long time, they belong in the same building as child molesters. Locked up for life preferably.
Jamie Lee Curtis spoke on her striptease scene in 'True Lies', saying that it was a powerful experience and that she felt like a bad ass. She is getting applauded for this statement. I am sending applauds to all the ladies that strip on a regular in clubs across the US. Badasses all of them. YOU got some dusty backwoods view of strippers (I personally refer to myself as a dancer)? Shove them deep up yer ass where they belong!
"Prince" Andrew of the United Kingdom.....WTF? I know I am not the only one that feels that monarchy has got to go. That is a prince? Not my kind of prince. To mention some other winners, how about Albert of Monaco and Juan Carlos of Spain that abdicated only to give the throne to his son (of course), look into why he abdicated. Such bullshit. These families, often inbred for ages, born into a lavish lifestyle funded by working people. Retire monarchy.
Do something useful with taxpayer's money instead of supporting this madness.
And lastly just for giggles......some white trash wedding party in Barstow got broken up by the police. I guess there was just too much fun, like violent wrestling. Who doesn't want that at their wedding? Even the pregnant bride got tasered (!) and detained and there were children present. Beautiful! That is #GOALS right there! What advice did the Pope give to human kind again? Have more children? A great example right there of idiots that should NOT have children. Collect cars and beer cans instead. Reminds me strongly of somebody from my past, that is why I am throwing it in here.
That shit is right up his alley. Fun life.....NOT.


The world is a fucked up place with snippets of goodness scattered throughout.....otherwise it would be unbearable to live and life would have no meaning. It is probably better not to care because caring hurts and it is frustrating too because you can only do so much on your own. Ignorance IS bliss.
Two well deserved guilty verdicts came down yesterday.
Smollet. WTF. He had a great career making more money that most will in a year per episode by acting in some TV show that I never watched. Decided he wanted more and got his dumb ass in all kinds of trouble.
Wasting the resources of law enforcement that could had been spent on something useful instead of investigating something that he staged. Great acting there. How embarrassing. I wonder if he even feels embarrassed? He deserves that guilty verdict.
And then Josh Duggar. I have mentioned that sick family here before. I hope that his wife somehow finds the strength to leave him but she is probably brainwashed by her "faith", thinking she needs to stand by her husband no matter what he does, plus she has SEVEN kids with that perv. WTF, stop squeezing out innocent kids into that sick twisted family! Poor kids to be subjected to that life.
If there is something I cannot stand is when people abuse the ones that can not defend themselves and those are usually children and animals. I am for lengthy prison sentences, mandatory chemical castration and even the death penalty in some instances for the ones that are found guilty of these kinds of crimes. There is NO room in society for these kinds of "humans". The oldest Duggar offspring deserves the guilty verdict. Go be a perv in prison. Have fun.
Something else that irks me is that these high and mighty self proclaimed people of faith are the ones pointing their filthy fingers at people like me saying that I am a sinner. I might be a sinner but not THAT kind of sinner. I hate hypocrites. I have known a few examples like these in my past (well one in particular). Glad those days are over! High and mighty full of wonder of their own self imagined importance when in fact all they are, is a sorry boozy porno obsessed perv. A Duggar basically. Pathetic.

Met Gala

Have I written about the Met Gala on here before? I think I mentioned it a few years ago. Well anyhow, the Met Gala is a yearly fashion event where the fashion crowd and whatever other individuals that are on Anna Wintour's current worthy to attend the event list get invited. Lots of kooky looks and ensembles that barely pass as fashionable or beautiful (in my opinion). Every year there is a theme (just like Burning Man) and this year the theme was American Independence. Not sure if the theme was followed for the most part, did not look like it to me but whatever.
Let's are who got on MY beautiful list of the attendees and some of them I've never heard of and I am somewhat in the loop (or at least so I think).
Kendall Jenner's dress was beautiful and fit her well. I like her body and that dress complimented her figure. Gemma Chan looked good, Anok Yai looked beautiful, I very much like the dress she wore (I want that dress) and the jewelry paired with it, Karlie Kloss's dress was fierce, Emily Blunt I approve of, Iman although looking like she belong at Carnival in Rio pulled it off and looked gorgeous, Keke Palmer reminded me of Diana Ross back in the day and the dress looked good and looked good on her, Amanda Gorman wore an amazing dress (I want that dress as well), Yara Shahidi looked good, I liked Irina Shayk's pretty dress and I think that she is very pretty in general. Rihanna absolutely stunning and beautiful as always, Jennifer Hudson's dress was a yes, Megan Thee Stallion looked better than I have ever seen her, keep it classy Megan it looks nice on you. I liked Khelani's pant suit (but a no on the hair). Normani's dress was so gorgeous. Joan Smalls - WOW timeless and gorgeous. KiKi Layne wore a beautiful dress and so did Laura Harrier. A pink pretty princess gown on Carey Mulligan. Gabrielle Union's dress was futuristic and interesting. And Imaam Hamman's was a starry mermaid kind of dress, definitely my taste. Julia Garner a yes as well. A sleek and sexy Prada get up on Gigi Hadid. I have a soft spot for Prada.
Now to the WTFs and NOs. Yes I KNOW it is fashion and I am sure people gave out fake compliments to each other non stop. But I will keep it real.
Kim K. OK whatever, trying to look inspired by the ex hubby (are they still married?) to be original and whatever else she is trying to achieve, maybe mysterious? To me it just looked bad. Like a new way for women to wear the burqa. Cover every inch up. Feels about right in these times when women's rights in Afghanistan are basically gone.
Rihanna's BF wore a giant quilt, not a good look. Tessa Thompson fail. Serena Williams looked like she belonged at the annual Players Ball and not arriving as the Player. Wearing a pimp cape and a body stocking underneath with heels to match. Girls I work with wear better outfits. Ciara....the dress would had looked so much better without the giant number 3 plastered all over the front, Billie Eilish looked like a stuffed pastry puff, wrong color dress and wrong fit for her, Lil Nas X WHAT?, channeling a character from Star Wars or? A WHAT to Naomi Osaka as well. Barbie Ferreira reminded me of a chandelier (also Barbie, like is that her real name?), Jeremy O. Harris posing with a gross cigarette (I guess posing with cigarettes was a thing at this year's Met) in that yellow safety jacket tent gets a big NO (an extra NO for the cigarette), Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello looked tacky, he needed a shirt and her outfit belonged at the Rio Carnival plus a bad fit for her body, Kim Petras tried to do a Björk swan dress by wearing a horse dress, Eva Chen's dress reminds me of what the TV screen looked like back in the day in Sweden when the programs were done for the evening, Grimes....I am torn, I like the dress but the sword is a no and the boots no as well.....belongs on an episode of Game of Thrones. Lourdes Leon absolutely terrible, nobody cares that you have armpit hair, like it is truly not a big deal and that whole posing with your tongue out is so tacky and thirsty. That belongs on a low budget OF account, also dress did not fit and looked like a Bollywood outfit. And her hair also a NO.
Yes, I know the Met Gala is about fashion and fashion can be crazy and different but some things just don't look good. For ex Lady Gaga's disgusting meat dress back in the day.
Or posing with your tongue hanging out of your mouth. Read up on "ahegao" to understand why so many women think it is "cute" somehow to do that and think they look sexy while doing it.
Then there was the presence of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, also known by her initials AOC. First of all I do not think she should be at the Met Gala at all. For many different reasons. Mainly because a ticket to the gala is around 30K and a table is way more than that, I do not think a politican has any business spending that kind of money while doing public service. Stick to your field. And yes I know that she most likely did not pay for the dress (I sure hope not) or the ticket to attend.
She wore an all white dress with red letters that spelled out Tax The Rich. I hope she approached the rich at the Met Gala to explain to them face to face her reasoning behind that statement. I am ALL for taxing the rich. That includes AOC, since she is making a good living nowadays. So I do not oppose that message. But I am also all for standing up for your beliefs and not being a hypocrite. Therefore I hope that AOC stood up for her beliefs at the Met by approaching the rich all night long about paying more in taxes.
Overall I think that the Met Gala is lame. And way overpriced. Do they donate to charity at least? I prefer watching the now retired annual Victoria's Secret Show (way cuter outfits) over the celebs strutting down the red carpet at the Met Gala hoping to get a nod of approval from Anna Wintour.
Check out my very cute outfit at this year's Burning Man aka Renegade Burn! I got the poncho at a thrift store in Astoria OR (The Underground Shops) for $10. Great price and super cute! My shoes I got at Target especially to wear only at Burning Man.

First Of August

First of August is here already......NOOOOOOO! I am feeling panic inside. Panic that it is August ALREADY and that means that this summer is almost over.
I sat on a bench located on the Sellwood Bridge this day of August 1st 2021 and watched the sky over Portland change colors as it got later in the evening, feeling nostalgic thinking about the summers of my life that went by (too fast as summers often do) and also feeling sadness. Sadness over the state of the world which is terrible.

I feel like we (and when I say "we" I mean humans) are destroying this planet. It is happening. I feel bad for all the teenagers and children that have to take on this mess. What is their future going to look like? I feel bad for all the innocent animals that suffer every day because of us and experience their natural habitats shrinking and getting progressively polluted.
Things are getting more and more out of control. This COVID thing. It doesn't make any sense, what's next in this constantly evolving virus? People's crazy is coming out more and more. The ugliness of human behavior is all over. Increasing random violence. For the first time ever I am thinking that being outside in public might not be safe because there are too many daily random violent acts committed everywhere now. Like everywhere. If you dare flying there might be an episode of rage by somebody fueled by some substance cause sobriety seems to be rare.HOW SAD! I know I am not the only one feeling this way.
Please everybody, face and take on your personal responsibility when possible. No need for more stuff if you already have enough. No need for a new cellphone every year. That new car on a regular. No need to jet off on far away vacations every year. No need to flaunt massive wealth, do something good instead! Do NOT litter. Pick up other people's trash.
Consider the animals. NO it is not your right to abuse them, kill them and eat them. Actually it is NOT. People are complaining that the price of bacon might go up because new animal welfare laws are going to take effect. The new legislation establishes a minimum space requirement for breeding pigs, calves raised for veal, and egg-laying hens, and bans the sale of eggs, pork, and veal from producers who do not comply with those minimum space requirements. Finally I say! Eat some salad you selfish assholes. You are OK with eating veal? A BABY calf? Or eating an animal that lived its whole life under terrible conditions? Some people can't even understand that animals should AT LEAST be humanely treated before slaughter. No wonder this world looks like it does. There are so many delicious things to eat besides meat. Wake the fuck up and evolve into a more compassionate human being. I honestly loathe humans. Ye I know I am not perfect and free of faults but I TRY to better myself and do my part when I can. Some people are so deeply selfish and do not care about anything besides their own wants and needs, I guess those are the ones I loathe. I know there is good out there. But sometimes I feel like the good that is out there is not enough.....that the bad is taking over.
Some of my thoughts on this beautiful summer evening while watching the colorful sky slowly turn dark over Portland.


2020 is almost over and I first mentioned COVID-19 in the blog back in January, although I did not call it COVID-19 then because I do not think the virus was known as that yet (at least not that I can remember). I talked about a virus in China.
The novel coronavirus or COVID-19 has been the biggest story of the year and the virus has ravaged the world. There are several coronaviruses, COVID-19 is the latest but most likely not the last.
This new virus has divided people depending on what your personal beliefs about it are.
Oregon got the first vaccines shipped here yesterday and I am not considered to be in a risk group so me rushing to get the vaccine is not on my to do list. Actually I do not want to take the vaccine. Never say never but no vaccine for me for AT LEAST one year but most likely more than that. Or never. Why? Simply because I am not volunteering myself as a lab rat.
I have also never taken a flu vaccine. My advice to the people that do get the flu vaccine is to ask for a thimerosal free version. Thimerosal is mercury. I do not get why mercury needs to be an ingredient in any vaccine, supposedly it kills fungi and bacteria in the vials and added for preservation or something like that. adding mercury is a good thing? Doesn't sound like it to me. So no thank you to flu vaccines for me. I would like to know all the ingredients in the COVID-19 vaccine. And I would like to see all elected officials that preach about the virus and the vaccine to take it with proof that they did. I have also noticed that many elected officials have not followed their own COVID-19 restrictions. If anything they are the ones that should be leading with example.
My concern is that in the future, perhaps the not so distant future you won't be allowed to do certain things if you can't show proof of a COVID-19 vaccination but I will handle that issue if that day ever arrives. Hopefully it won't.
I am not an anti-vaxxer but I do think that vaccination has brought on problems in some cases.
If you read up on poliomyelitis (polio) and how it transmits you will think a bit about people and their personal hygiene and feces. I am thankful that there is a vaccine for polio and other diseases.
I do not think this is the end of corona type viruses and we will get faced with more outbreaks of other viruses and diseases as the world's population increases daily. I do think that better interactions with animals is a key factor to lessen outbreaks and lessen new strains.
Wet markets should be banned and how animals are treated leading up to slaughter and the handling of the meat before it ends up on a plate is crucial. The culling (SLAUGHTER) of the minks in captivity due to COVID-19 was horrible and I read that the virus has been found in minks in the wild as well. Other animals have been found to carry the virus, supposedly it transmitted from infected human to animal. If all humans were vegetarian there would be so much less suffering on many levels.
How we have related to the COVID-19 shut downs and restrictions have varied wildly, again it depends on what you believe and where you live. Some believe this is all a hoax, others take it very seriously but in the end humans do what they think is best and most convenient for them, everybody (with a few exceptions) is an egoist. Included myself.
So before I point my finger in any direction let me point it at myself first.
I visit various grocery stores on a regular basis. Some stores are better than others in enforcing some sort of limitation on crowds and how they sanitize. But we all need to eat and I am NOT going to order my food online and let a person that I do not know and trust handle my produce and food. No, I just won't do that. Have you ever paid attention to random people in the produce section? I have. Touching all over fruits and squeezing 10 tomatoes or apples or whatever before finally picking a few or deciding not to is just gross to me. Like I do not know if those fingers scratched a poopy butt crack or were deep inside a crusty nostril five minutes ago. There are some seriously repulsive people out there that do sick shit. I do not touch produce with my bare hands (not because I scratch my butt before I enter the grocery store but out of consideration for others). HELLO......put your hand inside a bag, yes the plastic bag you put your fruits and vegetables in and then touch the produce.
I also went back to work once things opened up around here (I actually enjoyed three plus months of not doing much of anything) and some places I worked have been very strict on following restrictions but one place that I worked twice is basically a great place to either catch the virus or pass it on. People there were very careless and it was actually a bit disturbing. So yes I have been breathing near people while wearing a mask.
I ate inside a restaurant once (an almost empty restaurant I should add, only one other person in there besides me and my friend and the server) since all of this happened and I ate at outside food cart areas a few times.
I had one hair cut and yea maybe I could had waited but the cut before this last one happened at least two years ago (I guess I must be lazy) and after inspecting my hair I decided that it was time. So I am good for another year at least. Only one person was allowed in the salon so it was just me and the hair dresser and she took my temperature first.
I had aesthetic acupuncture a few times and yes I could had skipped on that but vanity took over. That and a Groupon that would expire if I would not make use of it. Same scenario here, it was only me and the acupuncturist and temperature was taken plus a health screening in advance.
No pedicures though, I decided before the virus shut things down the first time back in March that I would not have a pedicure and nail polish on my toes for at least a year. It’s good to let your nails breathe. I still take care of my feet, at home.
No gym visits for two years....again I must be lazy.
I drove to San Francisco to see if a Burning Man type event would happen at Baker Beach which me and about 1000 other attended. I was there for maybe 1 1/2 hour before I left and talked to like three people and majority wore masks and kept an OK distance. The mayor of San Francisco was not happy with us Burners the next day but it was OK that large crowds were hanging out at some other local beach during the day. By now we all know that the rules for gatherings differ depending on what kind of gathering it is which of course makes no sense.
Oh and let me not forget that I went to the store to get Excedrin when I could not stand having a headache anymore although there was a chance that MAYBE the headache and a stuffy nose meant that I had COVID. I did not find out if I had it or not because I did not get tested. I felt normal the day after I took the Excedrin.
I committed these COVID-19 sins when things were opened up (so the restaurant was open for inside dining, the hair salon and the acupuncture place as well). Opened up BUT with COVID-19 happening. Irresponsible? I guess. Depending on how you look at it. During the lock downs there has been only the grocery store for me. Gas station once a week.
And volunteering two, sometimes three Sundays a month with the Pet Pack. No other extra stuff.
As far as flying for leisure during a lock down? Why? Or going to bars, sex parties and other things that were still happening somehow during lock down.....ummmmmm no. Your needs are obviously more important for you than anybody else's. This is human behavior. This is why we have this thing called COVID-19 lingering for most of the year because people do what they think is best for them.
I wanted to go to Sweden this summer and Japan in the fall but of course that would had been unnecessary.
Some countries have been strict during COVID and others more lenient. People in Sweden are are complaining and freaking out when in fact they have handled the pandemic poorly compared to their neighbor countries. The US in my opinion have been rather lenient but stricter than Sweden and people are freaking out here as well. Some countries have been imposing fines for breaking the restrictions and use a text message system where you have to report an outing and get it approved before being able to leave your residence.
Imagine that. People would lose their shit if that happened here in the US. The US would be deemed a socialist communist country by it's inhabitants, when in fact maybe if we would had been extra firm at the very beginning of this things would had been different today.
Do restrictions help? I don't know but if it is possible that they can curb the spread and the deaths then perhaps listening to the recommendations and following them would be a good idea.
A lot of the information we have been getting about the virus make no sense. One week we get told one thing and the next something completely different. So I get it that people are upset, confused and frustrated. People have clashed verbally and physically over this. I've had a few discussions about it as well. The information about COVID-19 has shifted wildly to where it first started (Wuhan or somewhere else?) and from when to how it is transmitted and how to prevent getting sick. Who is more at risk for getting sick and who is not. I have always been a rather clean person but I upped my hand washing and my hands got really dry at first. Got more mindful about not touching my face when I am out in public. Coughing and sneezing in public is something a lot of people don't know how to do properly. So gross. I wear a mask where I have to but I am not going to wear a mask while driving in my own car (sorry if I offend some of you that might do this but that is just weird to me) and I also do not wear a mask when I am outside, like walking, hiking, going from my car to my house. I have seen that some sit at home during online meetings with a mask on. Like why? You are inside of your own residence. I don't get that.
Back in March when the first shutdown happened for the first two weeks I disinfected most of the surfaces at home a few times but it's good to wipe down surfaces now and then anyways COVID or doorhandles, light switches, cabinets etc. I would wipe my hands with alcohol wipes after being in the grocery store but that lasted about two weeks. No more.
I do think some exaggerate, a neighbor did not open her mail box for FIVE weeks thinking the mail could possibly harbor the virus and sprayed down all her groceries with some sort of disinfectant. That is just way too much hysteria for me....perhaps if this was Ebola but not COVID, unless it mutates and becomes deadlier than Ebola. It will probably mutate though. It probably already has.
Now to the three people I personally know that got the virus. I will call them A, B and C.
A is the biggest germaphobe I have ever met. So how A got COVID is a mystery to me. A is the ONLY person I know that isolated when this first happened back in March. Did not go outside AT ALL for three full weeks. No interactions with people. And when A finally had to go outside (grocery store and other necessary stuff) A would take off the clothes A worn outside and washed them immediately. Wiped everything down that was touched.
Anyhow, A got infected when A went back to work. Got tested only because somebody at A's work tested positive, no symptoms at the time of the test. A did experience fatigue and flu like symptoms, recovered and is feeling fine now, did not take any meds to recover. A did not infect the person they are in a relationship with although they got close. A is 46 years old.
B leaned towards the Covid is a hoax theory, thought masks were stupid and still does. B's live in partner got sick first but not tested and most likely infected B. B was so sick that B wanted to die for three days, their own words when talking to me about this. Lost taste and smell for about a month. Both B and their live in partner attended a wedding and infected several people at the wedding. One of the people (the bride of all) ended up in the hospital. B shared drinking glasses with several people at the wedding, not all of them got sick. B got prescribed antibiotics and took zinc, vitamin D and C. Recovered and is feeling fine now. B is 44.
C only got tested due to a runny nose. No other symptoms. Recovered fast and without meds. C is 22.
There you go....those are the three people I personally know that had the virus. Then I have of course read about several cases online, some that recovered and others that didn't.
Most people I have talked to do not understand the meaning of quarantine and isolation. I never quarantined because I went outside and I to the grocery store during shutdown when only essential places were open in Oregon. If you stayed inside and did not go anywhere for a certain duration of time (usually 14 days) you can say you quarantined. Yes perhaps it makes you feel good about yourself to say you quarantined but most likely you didn't....Quarantine is a word that people throw around while not understanding what it means.
I am not sure what to make of all of this. I do know that I won't be rushing to get a vaccine, I do believe that our treatment of animals is linked to our health including the spread of diseases. I feel that hand hygiene and overall cleanliness is important (I am aware that some do not have access to soap and running water). I think that majority of people emphasize their own wants and needs and do not care about the impact of their actions. I think that masks can hinder the spread of germy droplets if worn correctly and changed out or washed on a regular basis. I like the way some Asian countries adapted to the wearing of masks long before COVID was an issue, due to consideration of others.
I know I have said this many times already, human beings will bring on the end of life as we know it. Humans are the biggest plague on this planet.
Having said that....CHEERS, be mindful and take care!
I have been holding on to this pic since the beginning of March. I can finally put it to good use.


I can't stand hypocrites but the world is full of them. I get it that sometimes even the best of us can engage in acts of hypocrisy, it is only human but there are degrees of hypocrisy.
Just like there are degrees of stupid.
Let's look at a few fine examples of 2020 that immediately come to mind.

Shannon Walker, the wife of a Mayor in a town called Alton located in Illinois decided to attend an illegal "bar party" and throw back a few although there were restrictions in place. But for some getting wasted is MUCH MORE important than anything else, I have seen MANY sorry examples of this myself. Of course she was very remorseful when caught (like we all are when caught doing something we shouldn't be doing). I looked at the City of Alton IL webpage and the Mayor is elected for a four year term (standard) and the yearly base salary is $88,993. Not too bad.
Also, "The Illinois Liquor Control Act requires the Mayor to serve as the Liquor Control Commissioner, with the power to enforce all laws relating to liquor control and liquor licensing". Dude, have a talk with your boozing wife, tell her to at least curb her drinking for the four years you are the Mayor. I guess the Mayor (Brant Walker) put out a post that there were some issues in the marriage and that the missus and him were living apart.

And how about Jerry Falwell Jr. and his wife Becky that like to have some interesting sexy time outside of the marriage. I don't care if that is what you are into as a married or un married couple BUT if you preach about anti-gay stuff and upholding strict Christian "values" then perhaps watching while wifey is getting it on with a 20 year old pool boy is colliding with the other stuff you are preaching about. Jerry was the president of Liberty University (a private evangelical Christian university) in Virginia but he resigned a few months ago.
Loudly proclaiming that he was "free at last, free at last. Thank God almighty, I am free at last!" Excuse you? Yeah.....those are certainly appropriate words to use when you resign a high paying position. Free at last from WHAT? In case you do not know where those words come from, Martin Luther King spoke those words in his "Free At Last" speech. What a complete moron Jerry Jr. seems to be. I guess he also said that since his resignation he can now spend more time on his neglected wife and children. That's right Jerry! Now you and Becky can have ALL the kinky threesomes and whateversomes you desire. Please stop preaching to others about morality because YOU are a hypocrite! Jerry has since his resignation from Liberty University (which was founded by his late televangelist Father) filed a lawsuit against the school for forcing him to resign. I guess he misses the annual salary of around $1 MILLION he used to receive. Who the fuck needs that kind of a salary for being the president of a university? There is MUCH more questionable stuff on Jerry and his money dealings to read for those who are curious.
Jerry Jr. is not hurting for money, his net worth is estimated to be $100 million.
Remember Jerry, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the kingdom of God. You better do something truly good with all those millions, think with your heart and your brain instead of your ego and your dick.
And if you still can't figure what to do with your fortune, send me an email and I will help you. I truly believe in altruism.

Ragina Gray a protester and activist in Portland got arrested for interfering with a police officer, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. So another Portland activist released Ragina's name and mugshot on Twitter. This resulted in a visit to Ragina's residence by a white man asking for her. Ragina is black. According to Ragina's Mother that opened the door, the man had a gun in his hand but took off, so this is a non verified statement. Now Ragina is scared, understandably so because random home visits from strangers is undesirable, that something bad might happen to her and her two children (ages 4 and 9) that she frequently brought with her to the protests in Portland.
OK, I have MYSELF been to several of the protests in Portland and almost every time they turned very loud, chaotic, people running and screaming everywhere and often teargas.
This is not an event you bring a 4 and a 9 year old to, leave children and animals at home. I do not understand why you willingly subject children and animals to crazy and potentially violent events? WHY people? Ragina's Mom could had watched the children while Ragina was out protesting. And if you are out protesting for BLM and want to defund the police, perhaps calling the police when you encounter a scary situation yourself is a bit off? Maybe call your local crackhead instead and see if they can be of assistance?

Another pastor got caught with his pants down. Again. Hillsong Church pastor Carl Lentz got let go for "moral failures", he cheated on his wife Laura. I guess Carl was unable to practice what he preached.

Portland City Commissioner, Jo Ann Hardesty called 911 to report that a Lyft driver dropped her off at a gas station, which was not her destination. The Lyft driver reported that she was acting difficult and he decided to cancel the ride, which is his right. She refused to get out of his car and a disagreement arose.
If I was a Lyft driver and somebody acted inappropriate in my car I would kick them out on the freeway if I had to after tazing their ass.
Note here that the Commissioner wants large budget cuts to the Portland police and thinks that most 911 calls are unnecessary. But her 911 call shortly before 10 pm for a Lyft incident that angered her was necessary? A Portland Commissioner's salary typically falls between $74,553 and $117,022 and the average is $86,433. WOW.....I think Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty should resign.
If Portland needs a new Commissioner I will volunteer to step in and try to conduct some order around here, Tati style.