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What Would Lisbeth Do

Look at this little rascal posing with her new toys. I have to get her extra tough toys because she rips everything up, these toys although "tough" will be ripped apart in time. Chhaya gets very excited over new toys, or "binkis" like I also call them. She has two toy bins where all her binkis are stored, she has full access to rummage through the bins and play with her stuff whenever she wants.

Today I got myself a book, finally a new book to read! And about a character I personally very much like, Lisbeth Salander. The main character of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy. If you know anything about these books, the story is about a badass girl in Sweden - Lisbeth. The original author that came up with the story of Lisbeth, Stieg Larsson passed away unexpectedly and could not continue writing about her. He said that to him Lisbeth was Pippi Långstrump (Longstocking) as an adult and in one of the novels he makes a reference to Pippi's house (that is on an island outside Sweden called Gotland that I visited when I was 12) Villa Villekulla. I LOVE Pippi, I drive around with a Pippi doll in my car. Pippi is Swedish too and I think that both Pippi and Lisbeth are great role models to have for anyone. Strong, confident, independent, brilliant.....
This new book is called The Girl Who Takes an Eye for an Eye by David Lagercrantz. Interesting title as well, because the title very much resonates with me and where I am in life right now.....strange coincidence.
And prior to this book David also wrote a previous one about Lisbeth, that I wasn't aware of until today (talk about not keeping up on stuff) I need that one too. It is called The Girl in the Spider's Web .

What else did I do today? I went over a friend's house and together we installed a new battery in a Maserati GranTurismo. Never quite seen a car battery situation like that before but I was determined that we would get it done WITHOUT having to call a man over. Fuck that. I have tools in my car and we did it.
What would Lisbeth do? She would had installed that battery. Me too.

EDIT. Changing car batteries might not be that complicated with most mine for example. Although my car has a rather difficult access to the battery compared to most cars I have looked at. This Maserati though was a bit more complex than I had expected. And I am far from a mechanic....but I am stubborn.

Started To Fall

The leaves have started to fall slowly around here, the day's are getting colder and the wind is picking up. Me and Chhaya found that first yellowy orange leaf laying on the lawn in the yard the other day. Fall is arriving, Halloween and haunted houses are around the corner!

I am almost done with the after Burning Man stuff. Meaning cleaning, folding and putting stuff away where it belongs. I have four large plastic totes with Burning Man/camping related stuff. All I have left to do is to clean my bike and I have one pair of pants to hand wash. But yes, Burning Man is over and I am looking forward to the next time already. I get the Burning Man newsletter called The Jackrabbit Speaks and in the latest one it says, "It’s over. Can you believe it?
We can’t, either. This year’s Burn was so… much. How could it have all already happened?
Sorry, playa brain makes Englishing more harder."
Playa brain! There is a word for it and it makes total sense. I just don't feel "normal' for a while after Burning Man because I have Playa brain! And obviously I am not alone in feeling that way.
I usually do errands on Sundays and today it is today I have to or I should go and get some more food for Chhaya, clean at home, do a load of laundry, go to the store and get some stuff that I need. Tomorrow I work in the afternoon, I started that new job I mentioned briefly and I have worked for almost two weeks now. I am taking my car to the mechanic on Wednesday to put in a new battery and have a bracket put in. I found a great mechanic that I can trust, I am there the whole time he works on my car so I am learning at the same time. The other day we opened up my battery (the old one) and I learned about the battery cells and battery acid.
And let's see if I can wrap up my Burning Man story next week as well here on the blog.
Well, I better get going so I can get some stuff done already. I am going to an RV show in about an hour.

George Michael Video Wake

When I saw this event, a George Michael Video Wake in the Burning Man What Where When book I knew that I would be there.....

It was amazing and also sad. The ones that gathered for it all danced and sang along to the songs while watching George's videos on a big screen. Occasionally people would yell, "we love you George". The moon and the stars were out, was George out there somewhere watching us? I hope so. We all loved him very much right there and then.

Met Up

Today I met up with one of my camp mates from Burning Man and we went and had coffee. I noticed that his nail polish was still on his nails, chipping away just like mine. I always paint my nails at Burning Man and then I let the polish stay on until it disappears, another way to hang onto Burning Man for me. I have already started thinking about and planning for next will be here sooner than I think because times flies by. Even if it doesn't feel like it sometimes.

Losers' Club

Me & Desi - the self proclaimed Losers' Club, just got done with another movie night. More 80's movies.... The Breakfast Club and Weird Science .
When you grow up, your heart dies."—Allison
"Being bad feels pretty good, huh?"—Bender
I would be bad with Bender any day of the week.....yes please. And I don't want to grow up.
"EVERYTHING'S COOL! Yeah yeah. My dad's gonna castrate me. And my mother almost had like cardiac arrest. My parents are not gonna let me in the house again and if they do I'm gonna be grounded till I'm about 45. But other than that everything's great. Everything's cool. In fact things can't get any better." -

I am super tired....laying in bed. I have a very soft blanket that I am going to wrap myself up in and slowly fall asleep. Falling asleep can be pure pleasure.


Let me tell you about the effort and ordeal I went through to gather material for this blog entry....I SHOULD get paid to write this blog. It's like a full time job sometimes. Today I spent hours on this.....adventure.
It started at 12 30 pm when I met up Desi and another girl, Skyler to see IT . I read IT a long time ago as a teenager in Sweden. I recall having the two books in the bookshelf and I would puposely NOT look at them when I walked by because they scared me, yes even the books scared me merely by sitting in the bookshelf.
IT is a scary story.
I got the bright idea to take some pics with a red balloon after the movie. So I went balloon hunting this afternoon. I got three balloons.....and drove over to Desi's house with them.
Since it wasn't raining today and we weren't going to look for a storm drain we decided to take the pics on the train track because it has a bit of a scary/eerie feel to it.
We got to the train track and started taking pics. I asked Desi if the trains go by often and she said "only at night". So we are in the middle of the track.....and all of a sudden we hear a LOUD horn blaring behind us and turn around only to see a train coming full speed towards us, blaring it's horn. HOLY SHIT! We got off that train track as fast as we could and the train loudly rattled past us while we screamed and laughed at the same time, I think I hyperventilated as well. WTF!

I can say this much with conviction.....had the train driver not sounded that horn, me and Desi would be dead. We did NOT hear that train approaching, only the horn blaring.
After calming down we continue taking pics. As we were wrapping up Desi sees somebody coming our way and she says...."here comes the police". YES indeed, two uniformed officers walk up to us and ask us what we are doing and then continue to inform us that it is a FELONY to be on train tracks and something about trespassing. I must have looked like a deer caught in the headlights.....seriously I was like WHAAAAAT?!? I just had a vision of me getting handcuffed and hauled off to jail for innocently taking pictures on a train track, I started thinking about Chhaya and getting bailed out.....We explained that we had seen IT earlier, felt inspired and wanted to take some pics with red balloons.
I wonder what the officers were thinking when they were talking to us.....anyhow. We got off with some talking to. I will NEVER again walk on train tracks unless I have to cross them. I almost died and then I thought I was going to get a felony......FUN TIMES!
So, the pictures! Here are the pictures from our little adventure on the train track or should I say railroad tracks? I'm not sure which one is the right one to say.

A pic of Desi.....

So after that I went on my way and we decided to meet up later for some sweaty gym time. On my way to the gym it dawned on me....ONE balloon, it should had been ONE balloon. I got three at the store because I was going to give one to Desi and do something else with the other two. Not use all three for the pictures (except one pic from the front that I am not showing here).....but when we got down to the train track I totally did not even think about it. So I sent Desi a text.....

Seriously, I have been in a fog since Burning Man. I can be confused and forgetful sometimes but not like THIS. Welcome to the Loser's Club indeed! Then we went and worked out. I had the balloons in my car, so after the workout I just had to get it right. ONE balloon. Here it is.....

I still had a vision of a pic in my mind, the last one with a storm drain. So I set out to find one.
We all float down here..... was the movie? It was OK. Scary and not scary. I liked the acting. Remember it's based on a book and supposed to follow the storyline. If you are scared of clowns you should DEFINITELY see it!

Random Pics From The Playa

Here are some random pics from the Playa.....
When I was at Center Camp a stranger gave me this, she said it is a mixture of several essential oils. Thank You!

My iced latte. Note the sticker on the espresso machine.
Work free drug place - I like that.

I went to a Swedish party.

An example of MOOP. Which in Burning Man lingo stands for Matter Out of Place. Burning Man is about Leave No Trace. You bring everything out that you brought in, at least attempt to. I don't litter in general so the whole Leave No Trace definitely resonates with me. Burning Man advises against feathers, people bring in stuff made with feathers anyways.

I like this photo.


Two of my fave places were missing at this year's Burning Man. Planet Earth and White Ocean. That is probably where I spend majority of my time dancing the past years. But they are taking a break. I know Planet Earth is coming back next year, I am not sure about White Ocean.
Some of the Planet Earth people built a very impressive indoor place called Red Herring. I spent some time in there.

Robot Heart.

DJ stuff, I like DJ stuff.


I can't believe this year's Burning Man is is always weird to get back to real life after this experience. And look at all the pics, feel all nostalgic and NOOOOOO it IS OVER!!!
I still feel like I am in a fog. If you think it is because I did too many drugs, because supposedly all that people do at Burning Man is get fucked up (some seem to think) then you are mistaken. I was completely sober the whole time, not even a drop of alcohol. I have enjoyed a cold beer or a drink at previous Burns, this year nothing. But next year I might indulge in something to enhance my experience a bit....

Biking Around

Biking around the Playa is usually great. Unless you are cold and have a distance to go still or if you get caught up in a dust storm and get dust in your eyes. This year the weather was PERFECT. Sure, hot during the day but nice at night and very little dust. I was probably the cleanest I have been at the five Burning Mans I have attended. I did not get super dusty.
My first two Burns I was in awe and everything was WOW. I remember taking a bunch of photos of the bikes, well I am kind of used to the bikes and most of it by now. I only took three pics total of bikes this year and here they are.....
These parked outside Center Camp were nice.

And these were cute.

Felt so happy when I got on my bike again, biking around Black Rock City and the Playa is the best exercise ever.

This was around 8 am, been up all night. Here I was trying to find Robot Heart. The very elusive Robot Heart. The really fun and interesting people come out after Midnight and stay up until the music stops and that is after sunrise, we all need rest at some point.

On Fire

Oregon is on fire. People are getting evacuated. Returning from Burning Man and coming into Klamath Falls the air got hazy and grey and I got a headache and felt slightly nauseous. The air quality is poor in large parts of Oregon and Washington. This is rather serious. Some beautiful places burned and people are sad.
Where are the animals supposed to go? The air quality right now at my location is considered very unhealthy according to the Environmental Protection Agency.
204 air quality index.

Fires, hurricanes.....there is a lot going on in the US now.
I am wondering if I should run an errand this evening or if I should just stay at home.....I feel very tired.

The Playa Delivers

If you have never been to Burning Man you might hear the people that have talk about that it is life changing, eye opening, amazing, emotional etc etc. You can't describe the experience fully to somebody that has never been, you have to go to get it. Some people go and don't like it (the ones that can't deal with a broken fingernail, messed up hair, dust, heat and feeling "dirty" for example).
Sure there are those that go only to get fucked up or get pics for their Instagram (in my opinion a complete waste but perhaps they get something deeper out of the experience anyways). Then the rest really do make some sort of a connection with their soul and that what is Burning Man.
You can't explain it but somehow the Playa delivers, always. You get messages, and make connections that somehow make sense. Not always of course but some really do.
My first night I came across this art piece shrine that was called "The Shrine Of Lost Moments" (I believe, I did not note down the name of it but I am almost sure).

"In December 2016, a tragic attack hit near one of the memorial places in Berlin at Gedächtniskirche (Church of Memory in the center of the city). A man drove a heavy lorry into the crowded Christmas market. This incident (which happened near to most of us living in Berlin) inspired us to develop the Shrine of Lost Moments as an art project at Burning Man 2017. The visitor of the shrine is encouraged to interact and engage: he or she takes a colored piece of cardboard ... and writes a name, life period, situation they want to remember, embrace, or eliminate from their lives."

There were 270 pieces of art installation on the Playa this year. I did not see all, there are a few that I wish I would had seen now that I see the pics of them in the news.