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Going West

Tatiana decided to head WEST today. She is going to some very small place with a population of about 130. Will they need Tatiana there?
Most likely, lol.
Check out Tatiana license plate on her rental car.

Famous potatoes! It's kind of funny.
To sum up her experience at Scarlets.......
Hmmmmmm......let's see. Very slow. Though Tatiana heard many of the girls complain that it was unusually slow. Like Tatiana already said, she heard it gets busier when there is snow on the ground. But Tatiana does not have time to wait for that.
Nice club, nice girls (standoffish at first but warmed up later, that's how it is in the strip club, they have to feel you out first, lol), friendly staff.
BUT loooong hours and not enough money. Too many young party kids hang out in the cub.
The dollar dances cheapen the experience and the stage antics of leaning on, rubbing on, licking,
fondling etc etc people that sit at the stage for a tip is NOT in Tatiana's taste either.
She feels that there is not enough incentive for people to want to spend money on a lap dance
when they basically can get it all on the main floor for one dollar.
Many of the girls make money from regulars, so if you travel you don't get that.
But in the end, Tatiana made enough to break even with the ticket to get here, the rental car and the room.
Now it is time to make profits. Will Tatiana ever try Scarlets again? You know what she says.......never say never!

Mmmmmmm.......the whipped cream at Starbucks is the best !


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