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2000 K/night

So, I guess there was some dancer talking to CNN saying that she makes $ 2000 every night she works in North Dakota. I did not watch this myself so I can't give any specific details but from what I understand she was referring to working in Williston. A small town with two strip clubs, wall to wall, literary. Whispers and Heartbreakers.
If you remember, I worked at Heartbreakers for 12 nights last year in October, in fact I was the first girl on stage.
Since I was there I heard that the house fee went up to $100/night if you come in after 6 PM. How much it is before 6 I do not know but when I was there the club opened at 5 in the afternoon. And I paid $60 to work after 6 PM.
Also the lap dance price got lowered, now it's $20/song and the girls have to give the club $5 out of that, so the girls keep $15, that is total BS I think. If a club charges the girls as much
as $100 to work per night, the full amount of the lap dance should go to the girls. Absolutely.
And then the girls are also expected to tip the bar and the bouncers. Ridiculous.
Also when I was there, the dressing room was tiny, no lockers for you stuff, you had to keep your stuff on the FLOOR, I had a small suitcase that I could lock, luckily. We were 9 girls crammed into that tiny dressing room that was FREEZING btw because it also functioned as a storage space for beer and liquor.
Now I head that Jared, the owner, got rid of the dressing room, because he noticed some missing beer bottles that he decided the girls were drinking.
So, now there supposedly is no dressing room, you have to get ready in a bathroom. A bathroom! Really?
To me that is gross. Me personally, I would not like to touch up my make up and have a moment of rest and "me time" in a place where people take a shit. Totally nasty and I am sure against employment laws. Because the dancers are employees after all? Human beings?
Also, my cute Hello Kitty make up bag does not like stinky bathrooms. Poop particles on my pink MAC lip glosses? Oh the horror!!!
Then there is the housing situation in Williston, basically non existent, unless you know somebody that you can rent a room from, that would be good. Or book a motel/hotel far in advance.
We stayed in Jared's garage that he had converted into small rooms. I am far from a prima donna, so I can deal with that for 12 -14 days. I shared my bed with my suitcase, just to give you an idea of the size of my room. But the place was totally freezing at night, no heat, we borrowed blankets from the nice neighbor and Jared tried heating the place at night by blasting all four burners and the oven on the gas stove, I told him not to do that because I wanted to leave there alive.
I am not bad mouthing Jared at all here, he was always nice to me. I am just stating the facts. Keep in mind that he was totally stressed out with figuring everything out regarding the club. Plus dealing with dancer drama.
I heard that dancers now can live at some place across the street from the club for $60/night. Per person. I think that's a lot.
And upon going there, me too, I heard that I would make sooooo much money. Well, it was good but not fantastic. $2000/night? Not for me.
Just think about how many lap dances you would have to do every night to leave with that amount if you keep $15 out of each dance. Like around 120 dances if you do not count the money you make on stage. I do not think it is possible. 120 times 15 = 1800.
Not enough time in the night, the club closes around 2 AM.
Sure, there is stage too. I think the most I made from a stage set was about $80 if I remember it right. And I would go up between 3 -6 times/night.
So this girl that makes $2000/night every night is either so absolutely drop dead gorgeous that the men in the club just hand her their entire wallets when she walks by (GOOD for her!!!), or she tends to exaggerate a bit to make herself feel better, from my own experience a lot of dancers seem to do that, or she had a few high income nights and made it sound like every night is like that..........or she is including the money she is making after the club is closed, and I do not mean by playing black jack - Williston is not Las Vegas.
I have worked at the large clubs in Vegas and even there the girls do not make $2000 every night on a regular basis. Unless they do something more than dance. My friend Angelica made $3000 one night at Crazy Horse Too, from one guy in the VIP room.
And Shelley, that is soooooo beautiful, currently working at Spearmint Rhino in Vegas, lately she has been making $100/night after tipping out.
With some occasional good nights here and there. But she did make $10 000 two nights in a row, yes TEN thousand but those nights are rare and it's more of a luck thing than something that happens frequently.
Another thing with making statements about making $2000 every night is that the guys that go to strip clubs have a false view of what the girls really make and feel like they shouldn't tip or get a dance because "you girls make so much money anyways". That is NOT good.
I heard that often in Vegas from guys. Girls would tell them all these stories about how much money they made, totally exaggerating.
Personally I have no problem with telling the truth, the last time I worked I made a little over $700. But that same week I had four bad nights and I made $0, $29, $31 and $65. Shitty for a dancer but reality. To be fair, the night before I made the $700 I made $398.......and I am totally ok with that. The bad money nights have nothing to do with what you look like (for the most part, unless you really ARE unattractive).
If there is no one in the club, or the people aren't spending money,
or you have an off night -then it will reflect in your earnings.
BTW I have never done any after hours work. Like sex I mean. The money I am talking about is made inside the club. Also, I never compare my money to other girls, I am rather "conservative" and I do not ever let people grab/touch/lick/suck on my boobs, touch me "down there"- ever.
Even when offered more money, because my personal comfort and integrity is more valuable to me than $$$. Neither do I grab guys "down there area".
Aaaaand, I am polite and not a super hustler.........I would never take advantage of, or con somebody to give me more than they actually owe me for lap dances.
Anyhow, the girl making these statements about her earning sparked a discussion on an online group for dancers, that I read once in a while.
I will not disclose the name of the group here because it is for dancers only . If you want to read similar stuff you can check out
Here, read some of what the girls are discussing. I am no responsible for any spelling errors on their part......
Thought ya'll that read my blog would find this interesting.......enjoy!

Alright... addressing the CNN report on stripping in Williston. I wanna know what else that girl is doing to bring in 2000 per night here. I'm a pretty signifigant hustler and can lapdance my ass off and bring in 1100/night tops... and I average 5-800 a night... just getting facts straight.

i was laughn pretty hard when i saw it.....

I was thinking the same thing... I guess during the interview she neglected to mention that alot of her income is after hours.

kit that did that interview is a hot asian....she could make $2,000 sittin on a park

You never know what someone else makes!

I know kit too... still debateable. 60 lapdances at 15 a piece = 900... the math doesn't add up

translated= $2,000 a night sure....possible...from a regular or something....sometimes.....but not every damn night....lmao...

But she does have guys that just love her too. She also may have stretched it to make the club / area / herself look better to CNN. Not sure, not saying she does or doesn't, either way, she banks. (=

I used to work/travel with Kit when I first started this gig....she is a hustler and while I don't think she actually does after hours I do know she is good at getting the men to fall in love...with regulars and some hustling I would believe it....nobody ever knows how much one person really makes a night.

It still doesn't give the whole truth... no credit cards, cash only, no VIPs, dances in bar chairs, and no hotel rooms... and most Vegas Strippers(not all) are spoiled and have nooooo idea what they are up against....

And nobody ever knows what one does after hours when the club is closed. There are an uncomfortable amount of girls that do indeed add to their income with extracurricular activities.

I just wish girls would be honest about what is possible WITHIN THE CLUB. I just came back from Winner SD, where I was told I would make this great amount of money. Again 2000 a night. I get there, and when I asked again, they then mentioned, "oh yeah, that average is with going out with them afterwards." Frustating to say the least. False advertising! Not every girl wants to do extra work outside the club.

Yes and while I don't agree with it Id rather know girls are taking their business outside of the club so I don't have to know about instead of watching some girl provide dirty service inside the club for the same amount of money that Im trying to get by providing a dance with the club rules. It just makes our job more difficult then it already is.

If she's taking it outside.... that Guy tells his friends who what how til everyone is coming in for that reason alone...

Exactly....and guys tell their friends to come for the ones providing dirty service as well....I don't condone either one...I just prefer to not have it in my face. Both ruin good clubs and drive out the good girls working there.

Anyone can make thousands per night if they hooked outta the club.

I know that everyone has their own personal working style, but I would much rather take a guy into the back who is fully aware of what the rates are, and is willing to pay it. aggressively pushing guys back there and surprising/tricking them with a huge bill may get you paid sometimes, but in most cases just creates unnecessary conflict.

i was at hb last night hangn out. customers were talkn bout the article. they said they werent gonna tip as much anymore if the girls r makn 2-3,000 a nite.....

Whoa!! That sucks! We need to tell these fools that these "women" stretch the truth. Or we can just tell them if they don't spend on the pretty girls, we wont come back, and then they'll get a club full of ugly bitches happy to make 200 a night. Is that what they want?

I am at HB day in and out, as a cocktail and a dancer, no one is averaging $2000 a night in the club. HB is just like any other club you can have really awesome nights and you can have slow nights.
This article was a joke and I think that it was a bit ridiculous for club owners or dancers to claim that they make any amount of money. Both should have done the respectable thing and declined to answer any questions. Its no ones business to know how much we as dancers make, as for how much the business makes a year, that is public record and anyone who really cares can seek out that information.

Hey is the owner still a wack job to the girls?I would like to work there but he is creepy.

This is far from the truth...I've seen the dance cards an average of 25 dances on a good night and 50 on a high night at $20 a dance in shared rooms you only keep $15 per dance my feonce is a DJ at a club in Williston. I will post specifics about Whispers later when Im on my computer.

I actually laughed when I saw that on the news and so did my feonce because we thought it was hilarious a girl from Whispers was saying that but sad how many girls are going to flock to this town where there is nowhere to stay and be very disappointed.

Yea top hustlers at Heartbreakers are doing 40-50 dances a nite. And there is only 2 girls getting that many.

Ya and the girl who does 50 doesn't even go on the stage

I got 35-40 dances a nite there.

I agree Kit Is a Great Hustler with out even trying! lol Worked with her years ago in superior Wi

Well now everyone wants to go there. So if she was making that much she won't be getting another chance at it for awhile. One of the bartenders at HB told me the most she ever paid out was 72 dances in one night to an Asian girl. One man saves up all his money each year just for her when she comes to town.

Pretty fun to read huh?! Interesting......
I do want to add that it is good to travel around and try out places for yourself. You never know. And it also adds to personal experiences.
I do not regret working at Heartbreakers, it was fun but rowdy and way smokey inside. Would I go back there? Maybe. Never say never. But I'd rather try other clubs instead.........


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Christina K on :

What a great article!

Ala on :

Tatiana, your blog is great, Im so glad I found it!
Thanks for posting about this, I read the CNN article too and thought it was too good to be I am sure it was because at 15$ a dance with such a high housefee, tipouts, NO housing and this place being in the middle of nowhere with expensive tickets to buy, its definately not worth going to :-( I agree, us Vegas dancers (even those who travel there occasionally) are kinda spoiled :p , but I would really like to know what other clubs you have tried around the country that were actually worth going to?
Hope to hear back and I will probably email you :-)

Tatiana on :

E mail me and I will give you more details about Williston and other places.
Glad you like the blog!

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