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Tatiana makes a call

During a lazy afternoon of tv watching Tatiana saw a really good commercial. It was a commercial to make people aware not to throw their personal litter out on the streets here in Vegas. Tatiana thought it was so good she called the number that appeared at the bottom of the screen. The phone was answered by a lady at the Regional Flood Control office. Tatiana asked who was responsible for the commercial she had just witnessed. The lady sounded apprehensive at first but after hearing Tatiana's positive remarks she got happy and asked her to to record this on another persons voice mail. So Tatiana did.
Yes, Tatiana really dislikes littering. It shows no respect for yourself, other people and the environment. Hopefully more and more people will become aware and responsible and pick up after themselves. This includes the littering of cigarette butts, gross, or chewing gum which can be mistaken for food by a poor bird. Think about it!
Tatiana is going to learn more about what she can do to make her ecological footprint less noticeable. And so should you!
Go to to see how YOU contribute to damaging our planet and to learn what you can do to improve the situation.
Caring about the environment is definitely DA NANG!

Photo by KANE.


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