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New Years Eve fun....

We can't believe it's New Years again!!
Tatiana is certain that time is going by faster and
faster. There is something not right about the
concept of time, maybe it's all some sort of

We drove out to Los Angeles with our friend Jake
on the day of the party. This year we decided to
go to the Giant party instead of Together As One.
The party turned out to be OK..not bad but not
quite as good as we had daydreamed about .
We wished we had gone to Together As One.

Most of the people at Giant were boring and serious,
not dressed up in fun outfits. We, on the other hand,
looked awesome with lots of Hello Kitty accessories.
This lead to us being bombarded with requests for
photos. Even the LAPD became our fans that night!

Tatiana and Julia's New Years resolution is to never,
ever become boring or uninteresting. DA NANG on that!

We stayed until the end (of course!), which was 6am.
Then we walked back to the Sheraton, our hotel.

The next day we drove back to Vegas but not without
a mandatory pit stop at IKEA for our dose of the
delicious Swedish meatballs. Yum!!

(Written by Tatiana & Julia).


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It's Kob on :

You guys are f'ing nuts.



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