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Tatiana is at the laundromat.....again.
She already took Chhaya out for a walk and went running. Chhaya saw a baby squirrel, the cutest little thing. Now Tatiana has to go and buy some squirrel food and get to know this little cutie better.
After the laundry, Tatiana needs to get food, she is starving. The BEST place around here for a sandwich is Odie's Deli, that's in Soldotna. You better take Tatiana's word for it, she is a sandwich expert.
And after that Tatiana is going to shower and put a deep conditioner in her hair, much needed after the camping.
Then it's time for work, Tatiana has not been there for a week. It is time to get "serious" about work now. As much seriousness as Tatiana can manage to muster up reluctantly about work. July is here and Tatiana has a feeling she will be very busy indeed, good!
See you at Good Time Charlies!


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Josh on :

Driving through to Homer tomorrow, so gonna take your word and try them out!

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