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EDC is on it's third day in Vegas.....right now.....
Tatiana is in Alaska......did not go this year but she is there in her thoughts.
All of a sudden EDM (Electronic Dance Music) as it's called now, is sooooo "popular". Tatiana calls is Techno. Whatever. Tatiana loves it, it's in her veins. When the people that think they like it now because it's trendy to, decide to stop liking "EDM" after a while, Tatiana will still love it.
A few years back, it was not cool at all (for the masses) and people would look at Tatiana like she was a weirdo when she talked about raves and House music. There would still be 40 000 attendees at Monster Massive though. Well, the people that really love it, get it. It's not only about the music (or the drugs as a popular opinion is for people that don't understand) it's about emotion and consciousness too. There is nothing like being there, in the moment. Some of Tatiana best times in her life have been either at a rave somewhere, or in some dark, sweaty club, dancing all night to some amazing beats. It's THE best!

Here is Tatiana's fave Guetta song, a fave since 2002 now, when Guetta was only known to the people that really love this music. Tatiana likes his old stuff, now everybody wants him to produce their songs and it's not the same at all, but good for him. He is still a great dj.

And this one here, an oldie but still so good, used to be one of Tatiana's songs at Crazy Horse Too, when Utopia was around. Tatiana dug it up and plays it at Charlie' fishermen look bewildered but who cares?

EDC coverage and pictures if you are curious to get a glimpse of an event like this.


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Egypt from AK on :

TATIANA!!!! WRITE MY EMAIL WITH YOUR NUMBER ASAP PLEASE! lol i was looking at north dakota clubs and i found this and i was like its tatiana!!!! you are so lucky u are not in alaska. MISS YOU! EGYPT/AK

Tatiana on :

Girl......I AM in AK, in Kenai, I will e mail you right now, miss your HOT ass!
: )

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