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Do not like people that do this

Tatiana just read this about some elephants that have been killed......

"An elephant named Marani was shot to death in October. A second shooting death came in February. Two others were killed last month, including one suspected shooting death and one death caused by a snare.

Douglas-Hamilton described the agony of the last death, after a team member hiked through thick mountain terrain and through two gorges to find the starved corpse.

"She had been snared with a big rope round her leg and was tied to a tree," he said. "In her last days she had thrashed around and flattened the vegetation, but he found her emaciated. She must have died of lack of food and water."

Susie Weeks, who lives near the 17,057-foot (5,199-meter) mountain for her work with The Mount Kenya Trust, said the region is "rife" with snares and traps. She said ivory poaching began on the mountain in 2009 and has steadily increased.

"Although the snares seem to be laid for smaller game, like buffalo, we find dead elephant calves in these brutal and indiscriminate traps, and amputated or snared calves wondering around with serious infections they cannot possibly survive," she said."

SO MEAN! Sometimes Tatiana just loathes the human race. People are so mean, so selfish. There are days when Tatiana just loves life and being alive but then she gets reminded of certain things, like this for example and she gets snapped back to the harsh reality of how shitty people really are.
In every aspect. Loyalty. Friendship. Violence. The list is never ending. It's not often that you meet a nice person anymore it seems.
Tatiana got rid of some nasty people from her own life not too long ago.......selfish, nasty, envious, liars and she is very happy not to considered them friends anymore.
They were not worthy of her friendship anyway, looking back at things. But it's ok. That's life. And Tatiana is more concerned for these elephants and all other animals that get mistreated than these individuals she is no longer friends with anyways.
Poor elephants! It is so awful that this is happening! Tatiana loves animals. They are beautiful and innocent.


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