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More boots

LOVE these boots too, they are super comfy actually and still look really good, although Tatiana bought them in 2002! In London. She saw them on display in a window and thought about them for about a week before she went back to the store and got them, Tatiana LOVES them. They don't look like they have been around that long and they still look very trendy. Super power boots!

Photographer Barry Gallegos.


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B. on :

Your photos are schoene! Sie ist sehr nett! I have trying for several years to get my resting heart rate below 100 and you have caused me a relapse -lol. You are why men are alive. Your hair has a reddish tinge and the wood siding has a reddish tinge that matches? reflects? Very nice. The boots and Dr. Seuss socks and the unbuttoned shirt -- I had to stare - alot! It is not the photographer - it is you.

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