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Tatiana is aware of that there has not been any new blogs here lately for you to read. Poor readers of Tatiana's blog, you must be suffering so much from this!
Tatiana had to entertain visiting guests for a while. It was great, lot's of sightseeing, Vegas stuff and eating out. Tatiana probably gained 6 lbs of extra fat. Funny how eating out almost every day and no exercise makes the jeans feel a lot tighter after just a few days. When Tatiana works on a regular basis it is easier to keep thin, Tatiana usually does not eat at work. But as soon as she spends longer stretches at home, she gains some weight.
It was fun and great to be a host. Now Tatiana is by herself, with Chhaya of course, things feels quiet and weird.
So it's time to get back to the normal day to day life and there will be new blogs soon.
Meanwhile you can read all of Tatiana's old blogs. If you haven't done that, you really should!


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