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Getting colder

Snow is in the air. It got colder. Tatiana has two nights left here before heading home. YEAY! So happy over that!
She is going to cuddle Chhaya for hours. Tatiana already has a facial booked and she is going to get a massage, in dire need of one. Then she is going to have dinner with one of her awesome friends, Mikey and unwind. Go to sleep in her big, comfy bed in her warm house. Bliss!
Tatiana got work confirmed at another club today. A club that she has not worked at yet. This will happen in a few weeks. Where it is you will get to know later. You just have to continue reading about Tatianas adventures.


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Scott on :

  Hey T.   Cheeked your blog out wikiwiki. Looks like you spend  a little time on your P.C.    North Dakota is not for everyone and I can certianlly appreciate what you must go through at work. U Choose the proffession and should not bitch about some things u can change or not. Thanks for coming here and gracing us with your beauty.. If u get a second cheek out my  web site or let me send u a few Pics... All of ND,s Splendor my dog (mason.)  Horse Aladar.. And;( Iam serious about going to Wayne Newtons stables there "in" Vegas. Tell him You know the Parsons faimly that bred with Rumbus in 1988 or 89 and he promised a personal visit" By the way Aladar was a national Champ in Albeuqery NM. under my twin sister Jenny  in 92  and Wayne will remeber that ... Theres my in for u, and if u called me when y-all walked through with Wayne and you guys were next to him I  would do u one up! I know u dont belive me but why dont you and you Sister go try it? what u got to loose???  Anywho, not all of us can spend hours on PC.. Goodnight.. Bye the Bye. Thought Headpins "Just One more time ",or Nickleback " Shakin Hands" might make a kickin addittion to your already Spankin music arsenal.  take care T and would dig hearing from U... SP.

Tatiana on :

Hi Scott.
Ok, thanks for reading! : )
But let me put a few things straight here, I am not "bitching" about things I can change or not, I am just writing about my experiences.
I came here to work and get a new experience and that is exactly what I have done. As far as the club being the way it is, that is a fact and I can write about the truth without that being called "bitching".
I find it interesting that if a woman tells the truth or complains about something, it is called "bitching". Why is that so?
Maybe Tatianas awesome blog isn't for everybody, then don't read it. Thanks.
Also I do not spend hours on my MAC, I am fast and a multi tasker. I get many things done in a day, including writing my blog.

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