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My own "flaws"

Since the incident last night about Tatiana’s friend feeling that Tatiana insulted her/was mean, Tatiana wants to point out her own physical "flaws' for ALL of you to read. ENJOY!
It's no big deal, Tatiana is not perfect and she never claimed to be either. Despite all compliments.
Not perfectly white teeth. But not awful either. And they are all there and the original teeth (no veneers) and they are strong. Tatiana could always bleach them, but whatever.
Some grey hair. Can't do much about that besides color the pesky strands to match the rest of the hair. The grey has been there since Tatiana was 18.
But besides that, Tatiana is happy with her hair.
Cellulite on thighs. When Tatiana got to the US she gained quite a bit of weight in the beginning. Too much junk food and not enough exercise. Her thighs and butt got large and she couldn't pull up her jeans above mid thigh. Since then the weight came off and Tatiana is ok with her body. She has days when she thinks it's a little chunky and days when she thinks she looks fantastic. But since the weigh gain there are some cellulite on the thighs that never went away.
Oh well, it is what it is. Tatiana is not aware of a cure for cellulite besides not getting them in the first place. Maybe some vigorous dry brushing?
But what she is really happy about is that her body is strong and can take Chhaya for long walks, runs and hikes and can handle 6 1/2 inch platform stilettos for hours and hours.
Tatiana never underwent any plastic surgery or drastic diets. Otherwise Tatiana would write about it. Tatiana loves food way too much to diet.



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Anonymous on :

You are too modest.
Another way to measure success in life is to count your admirers. If they are good looking or good in bed you may count them twice.

Mr.B on :

Narcissus would kill to have all of your flaws.

Tatiana on :

Oooooh Mr. B that is too nice!
: )

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