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Lots of drama

So far lots of drama here......
We only had 8 girls working last night but there is more drama and confusion than in any club Tatiana has ever worked in. In Vegas there are 200 plus girls a night and there's not this much drama. At least Tatiana was never involved in any.
But then of course Tatiana doesn't live together with other dancers either. She goes home to her own place. Here we share a kitchen and bath with each other.
And although there are not many of us sharing it seems to be very difficult for some to show consideration for others.
Last night after work a big discussion erupted since one of the girls declared that "she does not clean or do dishes - ever.” Even when she is the one that got the dishes dirty. Those chores she has "servants' do for her.
WTF? Tatiana got really pissed. What a low life. Until now, Tatiana thought this girl had some good sides to her, she has been very helpful in giving information to Tatiana about different clubs to potentially work at. But after what Tatiana saw and heard yesterday she decided that she does not want to be friends with this person. Very selfish, talks bad about EVERYBODY, is negative about everything, Tatiana has not heard a single positive thing come out of this girls mouth since she has been here.
She also informed everybody that, besides being spoiled and bla bla bla, that once some guy have her half a million dollars.
OK? Who gives a fuck really bitch? And if you are so wealthy and "spoiled" then what the fuck are you doing in Williston, working in a hole in the wall club, sleeping in a super small room, sharing kitchen and bathroom with other people?
Go back to your six million dollar house in LA that you claim you live in. LOL.
Tatiana believes that if you share common areas with other people, it should just be basic common sense that you should clean up after yourself.
Do you agree? Tatiana also asked everybody to flush the toilet with the lid down, so far this person, the spoiled beotch is ignoring this request, though she thinks of herself as very sophisticated and well traveled.
Tatiana does not care how other people live, flush, clean etc in their own home. If you want to be dirty and nasty that's up to you, but keep it to yourself.
Actually Tatiana thinks it is a reflection of how well or not you care about yourself, the way you keep your surroundings.
This persons room reeks of something, it just smells bad. So bad that the manager brought it up last night and asked this girl to clean her room and get rid of the smell and wash all of her clothes. Wow.
Tatiana ended up doing the dishes, though she has not used a single dish since she has been here, all food and drinks has been brought from or consumed outside. She just did the dishes because it is not beneath her to do something for others.
It's too bad because Tatiana though maybe she could make friends with this girl when she first met her but after being around her since last Friday and seeing her behavior, most likely the friendship won't happen. But that's ok, this girl wouldn't make a good friend anyway.
Anyhow, this is just a fraction of the drama.

Tatiana got up around 10 am this morning, went to the park for a run, some sunshine and fresh air, went back to the apartment, took a shower and walked to the coffee place, Daily Addiction, where she is sitting now.
This is Tatiana’s breakfast. Egg sandwich, vanilla latte, fruit smoothie and chocolate bar.
Tatiana is counting the days until she can go home!!!!

One more thing. If somebody asks you a question and you answer honestly what you think and the answer upsets the other person, who is to blame?
Then why did they ask it in the first place?
Yesterday a friend of Tatiana asked her something about her appearance. Tatiana answered the question. This person is feeling "fat". Tatiana did not say the person was fat or ugly, she just answered the question, without sugar coating the answer.
The results? The friend got very upset and cried and told everybody that wanted to hear how mean Tatiana was.
????? Tatiana felt bad and apologized but at the same time she feels like she just answered the question.
Yeah, lots of drama. Too much. It is dumb.
Counting the days to Chhaya’s beautiful face and my own bed.


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Anonymous on :

Sounds like you women need a manservant to handle all of the cleanup chores. You oughta be on TV too!

Mr.B on :

Tatianite- Tah.tee'.ah.nite n. var. Tatiana'sright
1) Naturally occuring wisdom(s) found spilling out of liquid crystal displays ensconced in glorious color, sometimes accompanied with hysterical laughter or great photos. syn chaos

2) An essential nutrient that you and I NEED and without which humans and puppies cannot thrive.

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