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The Fargo Sisters made it to North Dakota!

Wow! So Tatiana and Julia arrived in North Dakota about two hours ago. They are in MINOT. They had some intense discussions about how to pronounce MINOT and decided on that there is no right way, so they just say it as obnoxious as possible.
Yep, they are here for work. It seems exciting and prosperous.
They are actually leaving MINOT tomorrow morning to go to their final destination, which is still in North Dakota.
Tatiana will give all of you an update of this new adventure soon.
Here's a fresh pic of Julia at the airport, inspecting a bra she is planning on wearing.


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Sarah Jane on :

Why not in Minot? That's the saying I learned to help me remember how to pronounce the city.

Your blog is crazy and you look like a lot of fun! I want to meet you some time :-)

Tatiana on :

Thanks! : )
XOXO Tatiana.

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