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Awake now

Tatiana woke up about four hours ago, around 2 pm. A fine time to wake up.
It turned out to be a gloomy and chilly day. Fantastic! One of those days when you just burst with energy. Not. Tatiana was supposed to be back at The Bush, leave of absence time is supposedly over. Well, after some consideration Tatiana made the decision to strech out her leave of absence. She is, at this point not sure when she will be back at The Bush. Never say never, most likely she will be back but right now being there full time again is not going to happen.
Tatiana misses her girlfriends there, she is hoping that they are all making money. She misses her dj friends. And she misses asking Landis to play "Flaunt It' by TV Rock and some David Guetta, LOUD please. But for now, things are like this.
Where is Tatiana? Still out on a very secret mission...............


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Anonymous on :

Well some money is being made, August seems to be less painful than July, but you know how it is. Ill play some Techno for you tonite.
Miss you girl. A

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