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Tatianas picture or rather image, can be found in the latest issue of Kurv. magazine. Issue 020, should be out now, the magazine can be found at various Barnes & Noble locations in the Lower 48.
Kurv. is an Australian fashion magazine. How did Tatiana end up in it? Well.......the photographer, WOLF189, submitted a series of images of nine different girls and Kurv. decided that they wanted to see more of Tatiana - only. They were thinking about giving her a multi page appearance, like a "story". In the end they decided against it because Tatianas outfits that she wore in the photos WOLF189 submitted to Kurv. were not high fashion enough. Kurv. likes to display high end fashion like Chanel, Gucci etc. Tatiana has nice clothes but hello, she is not exactly the Princess of Brunei (yet) and does not own any Chanel outfits.
Tatiana thinks that Kurv. should rethink this decision and give Tatiana her pages and her "story" like they were going to in the first place. If they want Tatiana clad in La Perla and Gucci, they can arrange for that. Tatiana thinks she is way cuter and way more fun than the other models in the magazine and she knows that she and WOLF189 can create many great images.'s the image in the magazine. And some other photos of Tatiana by Wolf189. Some of Tatianas favorite photos. She shamelessly admits that she is herself her biggest fan. : )
All photos Copyright by WOLF189.


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F trooper on :

There is no shame in being your number 1 fan. I'm proud to be #2. Everyone else can get in line.

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