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Random Pics From The Playa

Here are some random pics from the Playa.....
When I was at Center Camp a stranger gave me this, she said it is a mixture of several essential oils. Thank You!

My iced latte. Note the sticker on the espresso machine.
Work free drug place - I like that.

I went to a Swedish party.

An example of MOOP. Which in Burning Man lingo stands for Matter Out of Place. Burning Man is about Leave No Trace. You bring everything out that you brought in, at least attempt to. I don't litter in general so the whole Leave No Trace definitely resonates with me. Burning Man advises against feathers, people bring in stuff made with feathers anyways.

I like this photo.


Two of my fave places were missing at this year's Burning Man. Planet Earth and White Ocean. That is probably where I spend majority of my time dancing the past years. But they are taking a break. I know Planet Earth is coming back next year, I am not sure about White Ocean.
Some of the Planet Earth people built a very impressive indoor place called Red Herring. I spent some time in there.

Robot Heart.

DJ stuff, I like DJ stuff.


I can't believe this year's Burning Man is is always weird to get back to real life after this experience. And look at all the pics, feel all nostalgic and NOOOOOO it IS OVER!!!
I still feel like I am in a fog. If you think it is because I did too many drugs, because supposedly all that people do at Burning Man is get fucked up (some seem to think) then you are mistaken. I was completely sober the whole time, not even a drop of alcohol. I have enjoyed a cold beer or a drink at previous Burns, this year nothing. But next year I might indulge in something to enhance my experience a bit....


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Carla on :

Your "random pics" tell your photographic story... great pictures as always
Hmm... in your first picture... the small blue bottle with the medicine dropper top that you were given to you by a stranger when you were at Center Camp... she said it is a mixture of several essential oils. Tell me now, what do you do with it? Rub into your skin? Add it to your espressos? .... Or option 3, don't open it and keep it as a souvenir? You might have more trust that I do since you have been going to Burning Man for many years.... and you seem to be a good judge of character BUT I would not open or use it, perhaps I would just put it in the trash !!!

At the Swedish Party were you able to meet many of your Swedish countrymen??? Were they ex-pats or did they make the trip from Sweden just for Burning Man?

I am glad that you made it home safely to be a first hand witness to the fires in Oregon. Are any of the fires near where you live?

Stay safe. Welcome back.

Tatiana on :

I am actually a horrible judge of character......I am way too naive and think that everybody is nice (but that is not the case). This is what I get for growing up in Sweden amongst "normal"'s here in the US that I have been subjected to people that I have misjudged so badly I wish that I had never crossed their path. It would had spared me many tears and pain.

Now to Burning Man....I rubbed some of the oil in the bottle I got at into my skin already. Nothing happened. No, I would never put that into my coffee. But in general I do think that majority of the people that go to Burning Man would never do anything as malicious as try to harm somebody on purpose.
I was not the only one that got a bottle like that. I will keep it as a memory. I have a small collection of Burning Man gifts now.
I met some Swedes at the camp next to mine. I think they told me they were in college here. But yes, people come from all over the world just for Burning Man. Obviously majority are from the US.....since it is a rather big ordeal and expensive to come all the way from another country to attend Burning Man.
But I shared camp with two girls that came all the way from Australia! I was impressed by them. What a journey!
I also met a girl from Poland, living in London working as a doctor. Her first Burning Man, she loved it.

Yes, there have been fires relatively close to me. Therefore the smoke.....

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