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Kind Of Chilly

Drove down to Sunset Park for a walk with Chhaya today. Kind of chilly but I bundled up and it was so worth it because it was beautiful out. Many of the mountains that surround Vegas are snowcapped right now......this is the time to be here.

Now I'm in bed, listening to music (right NOW George Michael's White Light is playing), Chhaya is snoring lightly next to me. It's about an hour and 45 minutes to was a good day.


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Carla on :

A very beautiful picture of the clouds.... it looks like the sky is on fire. It is sometimes difficult to get a good pic like the ones that you posted.... our eyes see so much more vividly than the camera can take.... I have often tried to take pics of the sunrise, sunset, etc and it is indeed a difficult task most times.
Nicely done!!!

Tatiana on :

Right place, right time and some clouds are needed that can catch the colors from the sun rays.

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