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Carrot Top

Since my brother came to the US all the way from Sweden to join me for Burning Man I decided to be in Vegas for a while to show him a good time. So the other day we went to see a movie, Don't Breathe . A scary movie, I love scary movies and haunted houses - all that fun scary stuff. And we also saw Carrot Top. He was really good! If I ever see him out and about again, I saw him at Sambalatte last year, I will tell him that I think his show is really good. I don't know how he kept up the energy for the whole show, I was impressed! And he made coffee references so I suspect he likes coffee plus I spotted him at Sambalatte. Another local Vegas celeb that likes coffee is Penn Jillette, he goes to Madhouse Coffee. And me of course, I can be found at Madhouse Coffee and Sambalatte. ;-)

I ran into my friend Janis at Whole Foods the other day, it's the second time we just by chance run into each other there......we are both Whole Foods addicts. She was drinking some smoothie I had not tried yet so I got it yesterday, only get it if you like coconut since that's what it is.

I was actually not feeling well yesterday. I was cold (chills), then I think I had fever, I felt queasy and very weak. So after dropping my brother off at the Strip I stumbled around Whole Foods like a zombie, got this smoothie and some fruit, went home, put on socks and a hoodie and slept/shivered/felt uncomfortable in general on the couch under a blanket all afternoon and night. Don't know what happened, I haven't been sick for a while now but I feel much better today. Still a bit nauseous but no chills or fever.
It's still hot as hell in Vegas - too hot for me. But now I have to get dressed and run out and get my latte!


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