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There was an earthquake here today! Well, there are many earthquakes on a daily basis all over Alaska but I don't notice all of them. I have felt a few, I think today was the fourth (maybe fifth?) that I actually felt and it was SCARY!
I was downstairs in the hallway walking to the laundry room when the door in the hallway rattled. Like horror movie style rattled like there was a monster in there trying to get out. I got SOOOO scared and screamed out loud. Then I saw the lamps in the living room swaying back and forth, so that's when I made the connection that there was an earthquake happening.
It was a 6.3 magnitude somewhere around Mount Redoubt. Now Mount Redoubt is an active volcano and there are plenty of pics of it in my blog since it is usually visible from the road leading up to my house. Today Redoubt was engulfed in clouds, I did drive to the beach this evening to try and get a good pic of it but you can barely see Mount Redoubt in this pic here. But it's there in the background if you look closely. A pretty blood orange buoy made the pic though!

The tide was low and the sun was setting.

I wore my pretty rain boots.

Earlier I picked up a package. I ordered a pretty necklace from TatiRocks, this is my 6th order from her. I have three body chains, one ring, one pair of earrings and now a necklace.
Picture of the necklace will come up another time.

So Cecil the gorgeous lion that brutally got murdered by some idiot the other day has been making headlines. Some dentist from the US went on a little personal quest challenge hunting expedition to Africa, shelled out a crazy amount of money and can now brag that he shot himself a lion in the most cowardly fashion. What a fucking asshole. If that was my dentist I would stop going to him. Just proof that education and compassion and common sense are not related. Obviously. Complete waste of money. He could not think of anything better to to with the money than to go hunting for a trophy kill? Absolutely disgusting.
I wonder if he feels good about himself now?
Human beings - bringing the end of the world closer every day. No respect for anything, all that matters is you and your ego.

Do me a favor. SIGN this petition!

I have signed three different petitions regarding Cecil the lion now. I don't know if it will make any difference.....but I really hope so.


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Paul on :

Signed. I hope that idiot who killed Cecil will get jail for a long time.

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