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This weekend I ran into Sue and Tim that run Alaska's Extended Life Animal Sanctuary in Nikiski twice at PetCo. I can report that the last little puppy found a good forever (I hope) home. Look at this little baby! This makes me happy and also sad because there are so many animals out there that don't get the care and love they so deserve. Sue and Tim are doing a great job!

Unfortunately there are a lot of people out there with many misconceptions about the importance of spaying and neutering. They erroneously believe such things that neutering a male dog will make him less of a dog, most likely it's a man that is drawing parallels between his own genitals and the dogs. Or that a female dog should at least have one litter in her lifetime. Not true! I got involved in a small discussion with somebody I know last week regarding that issue. No, a female dog should not have at least one litter. I can quote what the Humane Society says about just that.
"MYTH: It's better to have one litter before spaying a female pet." FACT:Medical evidence indicates just the opposite. In fact, the evidence shows that females spayed before their first heat are typically healthier."
Here are some other facts I found,
"Most of the perceived disadvantages to spaying and neutering are false. The most quoted of these are that "your pet will become fat and lazy." It is true that altered pets do not require as many daily calories as an unaltered animal, but obesity is the result of overfeeding and lack of physical activity, not spaying or neutering. Regulating your pet's diet and caloric intake are important to maintaining a healthy weight. There is no medical justification for the misconception that your female pet needs to have at least one litter before being spayed. Surgical sterilization doesn't cause a change in personality, intelligence, hunting ability, playfulness, or affection."
There is a TON of information out there about spaying and neutering. Educate yourself and please DO NOT spread the wrong information because you have misconceptions about the issue.
The other day I got asked TWICE if I want to breed Chhaya. I have lost count on how many times people have asked me that. Chhaya is a beautiful girl, she gets lots of attention. I always decline (of course) plus I add that I do not believe in breeding dogs. I might as well let them know how I feel.

I could had bred Chhaya already several times and made a nice profit from it. But that would had been WRONG. I can not control how her puppies will get treated once I don't have them anymore. Pitbulls are frequently mistreated, abused and abandoned. The shelters are full of pitbulls awaiting adoption or euthanization. I'm sure that Chhaya would had been a wonderful Mommy and that she would have the cutest puppies ever but that is of no importance really. I do not want to contribute to the problem of unwanted and mistreated pets. That is way more important.
Yeah, your dog might be purebred and have papers. So what? That does not mean that you have to make it your mission to breed it. WAKE UP and get your head out of your ass. You are not doing your dog or anybody else any favors by doing that. Chhaya is a pure bred too and she has papers. I am looking at the bigger picture when it comes to Chhaya having puppies, not some immediate gratification and extra money in my wallet.
Look at this pitbull. Somebody (that deserves a bullet in the head I think) did this to it. This is how animals get treated on an everyday basis. If you think that you will be able to find good and responsible owners to all of the puppies in the litter your dog are a fool.
How would you feel if this happened to one of the puppies from that litter? This could had been prevented. By not breeding.


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mandy on :

I would love to adopt another dog or ten. California is over run by chihuahuas. People bought them because they were cute, and when they grew tired of them, just let them go. Assholes.
Oh and spaying dogs before their first cycle helps prevent mammary tumors/cancer, and uterine cancer.

Tatiana on :

Yes....spaying helps preventing all of that.

Mr.B on :

Dear Ms.T,
Thank you for "misconceptions". I did not know that information and you presented it soo - professionally! If newscasters were as good as you - I would watch TV.

Tatiana on :

Last night I was watching some TV and happened to catch a glimpse of a late night show with a guy called Craig Ferguson, he has endless monologues that probably only make sense to him and his audience, a skeleton and a stuffed horse.
How he gets to have his own show is a mystery to me.
I definitely think that I should be given my own weekly show where I can discuss all kinds of important things.....just like I do here in the blog. It would be way better than some of the boring stuff they show on TV, absolutely & guaranteed!

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