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So to get to Burning Man this year I flew into Portland where I was lucky to find an RV last minute basically AND for a good price, free miles and generator included. RV's are hard to come by for Burning Man, they get snatched up fast and paying $3000 for the week is nothing unusual. Last year I got lucky too and got to be in a huge RV for free! This year I had a 24' Winnie Minnie and I fell in love with it, my next large purchase is going to be an RV.....I've been wanting one for a while. Actually I wish I would had gotten a really nice RV instead of property in Las Vegas but oh live and learn.
Driving from Portland to Gerlach is less than 500 miles and wasn't too bad.

I drove and was the passenger. I LOVE road trips, one of my fave things to do.
Road trips - seeing new things while driving to whatever destination, stopping for yummy food, peeing outside, exploring, hiking and going to hot spring - that's when life is good!
I have many future road trips planned.

Once at Burning Man I used my brand new Fjällräven (which means arctic fox) backpack every day. On it I attached the wooden Burning Man and the vial of Playa dust I got last year plus some other trinkets. So when I came across Deery Lou, a Sanrio character that is super KAWAII I just had to stop and take a pic of my backpack right there. I was really excited!
Yes, all things KAWAII make me excited.

On the way home I really traveled in style once I got to the airport in Portland. My backpack was dusty so I put it in a WalMart bag, that was my carry on. Very stylish! I actually thought that was rather funny. And my hair was total Playa hair (more on that subject later).

Leaving Burning Man (also known as Exodus) was surprisingly easy this year. I left around 7 am Monday morning and basically drove straight out, that was great. Last year I waited in line to get out for at least six hours if not more, I can't remember exactly now.
Tonight I have some serious Burning Man withdrawals. I miss it terribly. I'm bored and I wish I was back at the Playa, dancing is a pic of the sun coming up while I was packing and somberly getting ready to leave.


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Annette on :

I love the bikes especially the one with lights on the wheels. I would have to put little bells like wind chimes on mine :-) I have traveled in an RV and I loved it. If you had one Chhaya could travel with you. Do they allow dogs at Burning Man? You look so happy in your pics. It is obvious you were having a GREAT time!

Tatiana on :

Aren't the bikes so cool?!
Yes....I'm already telling Chhaya about the RV. But no dogs at Burning Man. That's a rule that is strict. And I get it. But Chhaya will enjoy the RV on all the other road trips.
Oh Annette, it was so much fun!

Mumintrollet on :

You could put a camper on your f-250. Instant RV.

Tatiana on :

Guess what?
I HAVE a camper on my truck. Although I am getting rid of that camper (I'm hoping to sell it, it was given to me as a "gift" and needs LOTS of work, not my idea of a camper I want to stay in. I'm not particularly spoiled but I want something a bit a camper is not exactly an RV either. Close but not really.

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